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Catalog # Name Description
1 1978.46.33 Spoon Wooden spoon, carved natural wood, decorative design on handle, burnt line designs, underside of handle marked "Maibramna Rice", yellow-brown color. Color: TN 1978.46.33 (Spoon) image
2 1978.46.37 Flask Small woven leather covered flask, long slender neck, black and green woven leather cap, brown leather strap--slide handle, woven red-brown leather and fringe around flask, fringe dyed black on ends. Color: BK,GR,BR
3 1978.46.84 Sandal Natural cowhide bottoms, brown leather straps on top , brown and white cowhide hair on top. a. Right. b. Left. Color: TN,BR,WH
4 1993.37.4 Slipper Woman's. Black leather on the inside sole of the shoe, decorated with white leather woven along the edges. A single black leather band crosses the top of the foot. It is decorated with red and white leather in "V" and "X" designs. There is no strap around the heel. a. and b. Color: BK,WH,RD
5 2009.2.30 Sandal Pair of thong sandals a. & b. Highly decorative leather work using many colors in the noted style of the Tuareg. Base of sandal is dark brown with stitching around the inside of the sole. Upper sandal is sage green with dark brown leather insets. Toe divider has two small round metal pieces and a small red pompom. The sandals are attached together at the soles. Untanned hide is used for the rounded soles. Goat skin for tops. Color: BR, GR, TN, RD,
6 2010.17.70 bag, bean leather coffee bean bag, patterns etched into the leather pieces dangling in the front, empty bag, indigo dyed leather bottom, sides with red dye and black marks. Diamond shaped, hand stitched, strap to hang or carry, triangle within a triangle pattern on front. Color: RD,BK,BR,GR,YL
7 2010.17.72 bag, pouch hide satchet, drawstring, leather stitching, red tan with ink, stripes, tent or triangle pictures and a sun like picture Color: RD,TN, BK