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1 1968.4 Paddle, Sorority Paddle from the Iowa State Teachers College Shakespeare Literary Society, in which Ruth Welsh, class of 1932, was the treasurer, and Edith Diamond, class of 1933, was a member. The group first convened in September 1884 and had its last meeting in 1981. The group met and held events to discuss the works of Shakespeare and their application to present day life, as well as have readings of his works. ISTC sorority paddle with insignia including "ISTC" and "Shake" at broad end and "Ruth Welsh" and "1931" at handle on same side and "Edith Diamond" on handle on reverse side. Color: BR,BK,GD 1968.4 (Paddle, Sorority) image
2 2010.2.1 Paddle, Fraternal Alpha Chi Epsilon Paddle. The ISTC/UNI chapter of A.X.E. was founded in November 1915 according to the College Eye(School Newspaper). Their colors are purple and white, and they had a strong connection to athletics. They disbanded during World War 2 but reorganized in 1946. Starting in 1957, they worked to get admitted into a national fraternity. In 1965, they joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the largest fraternity in the nation. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is still an active fraternity on campus, their colors are royal purple and old gold. John Bertch, class of 1932, and Robert Brown, class of 1934 are both mentioned on the paddle. Brown was Bertch's advisor in the Fraternity. Bertch went on to work for the Y.M.C.A. at Berkley, and Brown, a World War 2 veteran, ran an insurance company in Waterloo. Rectangular with handle. Fraternal Paddle from the Alpha Chi Epsilon (A.X.E.) Fraternity of the Iowa State Teachers College. Dark Brown wood. Front side in ink is drawn a shield with an eye and the letters AXE. In large black letters is written A.X.E. I.S.T.C. The reverse side states "Dedicated and presented to my honorable advisor ~ Robert A. Brown from pledge John E. Bertch." And a date of October 12, 1931 is also writen. Color: BR, BK, BL 2010.2.1 (Paddle, Fraternal) image
3 2015-6-1 Paddle None 2015-6-1 (Paddle) image
4 2016-2-1 Paddle, Fraternal Lambda Gamma Nu fraternity. This fraternity was first mentioned in the College Eye (school newspaper) on December 5th, 1923 as a new fraternity that was starting on campus. In 1954, they became affiliated with Tau Kappa Epsilon. The last mention in the school newspapers was in 1999 in the Northern Iowan (school newspaper).  The men whose names are on the back of this panel have graduation dates ranging from the class of 1949-1952 and few of which returned to the school for secondary degrees from 1960-1965. The graduation dates of most of the men were able to be found in issues of the Old Gold Yearbook from 1949-1950. These graduation dates are: Harlan B Holm (class of 1950), Bill Brown (class of 1952), Bob (Robert) Wise (class of 1950), Gene Lybbert (class of 1952), John Harrison (class of 1952), Dick (Richard) Eisenlaur (class of 1952), Carroll Eliason (class of 1949), Mac (MacDonald) Greene (class of 1950), Chuck (Charles) Hadley (class of 1951), Norman Kuhlmann (class of 1951), Kenneth Aller (class of 1951), John Young (class of 1951), Tom Swenson (class of 1952), John Sabus (class of 1951), Mark McCartan (class of 1950), Jack Whipple (Class of 1951), Stan Brown (class of 1950), Ken Hadley (class of 1951), Fred McNeal (class of 1950), Tom Stelovich (class of 1950), Bob Peters (class of 1950), Bill Kellogg (class of 1952), Dick Dickenson (class of 1950), Bob Wilson (class of 1952 and 1963), Don Rodgers (class of 1951), Jim Moon (class of 1951), Marlyn "Bud" Lackore (class of 1951), Barnard J. O'Brien (class of 1950), Dick Wischmeier (class of 1951), Max Long (class of 1950), Lloyd Smith (class of 1951 and 1952), Bill Smith (class of 1951), Duane Smolik (class of 1950), Jim Albrecht (classes of 1951, 1956, and 1965), Bob Kemp (class of 1951 and 1960), Jim Rasmussen (class of 1952), Ralph Welsh (class of 1950), Dick Schminke (class of 1950), Joe Ihm (class of 1952), Lowell Cook (class of 1951), and Jim Owen (business office staff). All others on the paddle were unable to be found through yearbooks and other university publications.   Lambda Gamma Nu fraternity paddle. Light wood, some discoloration and chipping. Can see where there was tape on the wood of the handle that was removed, consequently pulling off the varnish. Crack on the top of the paddle. Front painted with the fraternity shield and greek letters. Says “to pledge dad Harlan Holm From Pledge Son Bob Brown. Fall 1949” On the back there is a list of names. “ 1- Harlan B Holm, 2-Bill Brown, 3 – Bob Wise, 4-Gene Lybbert, 5- John Harrison, 6 – Chuck Rijse, 7 – Dick Eisenlaur, 8 – Carroll Eliason, 9 – Mac Greene, 10 – Bob Ryherd, 11 – Glen Saffinnue, 12 – “Chuck” Hadley, 13 – Norman Kuhlmann, 14 – Kenneth Aller, 15 – John Young, 16 – Tom Swenson, 17 – John Sabus, 18 – Don Boo Kelman, 19 –Ray Spencer, 20 – Mark McCartan, 21 – Jack Whipple, 22 – Stan Brown, 23 – Ken Hadley, 24 – Fred McNeal, 25 – Tom Stelovich, 26 – Frank C Whiteley, 27 – Bob Peters, 28 – Bill Kellogg, 29 – Dick Dickinson, 30 – Bob Wilson, 31 – John Sulketion, 32 – Wayne Platte,  33- Don Rodgers, 34 – Jim Moon, 35 – Bill Stanley, 36 – Marlyn “Bud” Lackore, 37 – Barnard J. O’Brien, 38 – Dick Wischmeier, 39 – Dave Funk, 40 – Merle Ratliff, 41 – Dick Skain, 42 – Don Prior, 43 – Max Long, 44 – Lloyd Smith, 45 – Bill Smith, 46 – Duane Smolik, 47 – Jim Albret, 48 – Bob Kemp, 49 – Jim Rasmussen, 50 -  Ralph Welch, 51 – Dick Schminke, 52- Joe Ihm, Lowell Cook, Davey Kim… *ON HANDLE* Ned Haverman, Jim Owen." 2016-2-1 (Paddle, Fraternal) image
5 2020-9-1 Paddle Greek Life at UNI wooden paddle from the 50's and 60's. 2020-9-1 (Paddle) image
6 2020-9-22 Paddle Greek Life at UNI wooden paddle from the 50's and 60's. 2020-9-22 (Paddle) image
7 2020-9-23 Paddle Greek Life at UNI wooden paddle from the 50's and 60's. 2020-9-23 (Paddle) image