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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.30.12 Rope Rabbit skin wrapped around thin fiber string. Fur still on skin. Color: TN
2 00.30.15 Button Raised in center.
3 00.30.16 Ring Made from silver coin by Navajo Indian silversmith.
4 00.30.17 Pendant Silver. 4 pieces chained together, 6-pointed star at one end, arms circled overhead at other end. Color: SL
5 00.30.18 Quirt Southwest. Navajo Indian Quirt New Mexico
6 00.30.212 Pottery Form of a Navajo moccasin. Brown color with black streak. Color: BR, BK
7 00.30.7 Rattle Gourd shape. One end whittled, string at opposite end. Color: ML
8 00.30.8 Doll Brown clay body with dark brown strips across chest and on face, cloth skirt. Long black hair with bangs. Beaded necklace and head ornaments. Female genitalia. Cloth in back is red and short, cloth in front white and gauzy. Both secured by a cloth sash. Color: BR,BL,WH,RD,BK
9 1973.54.1B Purse Purse, part of 1973.54.1A, made of one long strip. Knotted natural color fringe at each end and along each side of handle.
10 1982.11.1 Belt Conchas belt; has 13 worked conchas of silver connected with 13 small wire links. Each silver piece has a scalloped edge with a design in the center; all designs are the same except for the center front link which is a bit larger and has a larger design on it. Color: SL
11 1982.11.4 Necklace Forty silver beads string on a silver chain.
12 1982.11.5 Bracelet Solid silver, 3/8" wide at the widest point. All of the silver is worked except for the very tip of both ends which are smooth. Color: SL
13 1988.24.16 Bracelet None
14 1990.42.33 Bracelet . Made of six turquoise nuggets that are connected by silver metal balls and links. Has a top snapping link. Color: GR,SL
15 1990.42.41 Necklace Green turquoise beads that are round, flat and disk shaped. All are tied together by a white string and increase in size from the connecting link to the center hook.
16 1990.58.37 Bracelet Zuni silver with turquoise, mother-of-pearl, calumet and onyx. Clasp inserts into the bracelet to secure it. Pattern of 3 square stones and 4 hexagonal shapes interconnected, with a rectangular shape as the clasp.
17 1990.58.43 Button Silver conch. Convex with a brass loop soldered inside. a. and b. a. is larger than b.
18 1993.44.4.2 Loom, model Model with woman and child on ground platform. Platform covered in white cotton, tacked on. White wool beneath woman and child. Loom has half-finished rug of brown, yellow and red. Depicts traditional Navajo loom. Woman in purple velour blouse, beaded necklace and metal belt. Blue satin-like dress. Rubber hands. Baby in cradle board attached to loom lying next to mother. Says Navajo on bottom. Color: ML
19 2003.13.10 Doll Small cloth girl doll. Brown long sleeved shirt. Metal belt. Lighter brown vertically striped skirt. Moccasin boots. Beaded necklace and earrings. Black hair tied behind her head. Facial features painted on. Color: BR,BK,WH,GR,BL
20 2003.13.20 Board, cradle Miniature, with doll. Doll covered with white and green printed fabric. Cloth from sides pulled up and tied together to keep doll in place. Arch above doll's head. Arch and base of board made of wood pieces. Color: ML