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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.7.12 Cloth fragment Red and orange plaid. Color: RD
2 00.7.13 Cloth fragment X patterns. Color: GD
3 1968.9.24.1 Hat Two parts. a. Hat band made of tiny shells. Colors are mostly yellow, with some brown and white shells. b. Man's hat. Woven of Pandamus. The hat is flat and natural in color with some black woven in for a design. Color: YL,BR,WH,BK
4 1968.9.24.19 Mat, table Tapa cloth, natural with brown designs and scalloped edges. Color: TN,BR
5 1968.9.24.20 Bag Woven "shopping" bag. Natural in color with some green and orange fibers woven into a design. Numbered on the inside near one of the handles. Color: TN,GR,OR
6 1968.9.24.21 Mat Woven. Oval in shape. Loosely woven, with outer edge more tightly woven. Color: TN
7 1968.9.24.3 Pants Small boy's. Made of tapa cloth (mulberry bark). Pants have suspenders attached. Pants are yellowish gold. Color: YL
8 1968.9.24.4 Dress Little girl's. Made of tapa cloth (mulberry bark). Decorated with hibiscus fringe around the collar; and shells on the collar, on the front, and around the waist. Dress is natural in color, with the fringe being a little darker than the dress. Shells are brown. Color: TN,BR
9 1968.9.24.7 Sarong Pareu (sarong) Red with a beige print. Color: RD,TN
10 1968.9.24.8 Skirt, grass Hibiscus "grass" skirt. Two strings on each end at the top to hold it closed. Color: TN
11 1968.9.8.1 Bellyband For horse. Woven of natural fiber, with 7" fringe on each end. Color: TN
12 1968.9.8.10 Bag Man's mochilla (bag). Open weave, 2 handles 20" long, one on each side with loop set fringe at end. Color: TN
13 1968.9.8.13 Saddle bag Pair (separated). Woven; natural color with one red and one green stripe in one piece woven together along sides with woven braid around top. a. and b. Color: TN,RD,GR
14 1968.9.8.17 Bag, shoulder Man's over the shoulder bag made from tightly coiled twine. Alternating bands of purple, natural and red. No pockets. Handle extends 12" above bag. Color: TN,PR,RD
15 1968.9.9.71 Vest Inside is gold with gold embroidered design. Color: BR,GD
16 1969.30.15 Slip Girl's. Petticoat. Little girl's black, long sleeved, floor length. Double ruffle around the bottom. Hook and eye clasps at back closing. Color: BK 1969.30.15 (Slip) image
17 1969.30.2 Lace fragment Color: CR
18 1969.30.7 Slip Girl's. Embroidered at hem and collar. 2 strips of netting on skirt. 4 buttons at front closure. Color: WH 1969.30.7 (Slip) image
19 1970.16.1 Dress Two-piece; brown. a. Blouse. Leg-o-mutton sleeves. Gathered removable panel on front from collar to waist, attached by hook and eyes. There are three sets of three tucks on each shoulder and brown velvet trim at the neckline and around the edges of the sleeves. Eyes are located on band at bottom of blouse that correspond to hooks found on inside of skirt. Gathered panel of blouse is held together with hook and eyes to the rest of the blouse. If panel is removed, it forms a "dickey". b. Skirt, gored with rows of gathered stitches at the top of a 15" wide flounce. Hook and eye closure at center back. Hook and eyes attach bodice to skirt. Color: BR 1970.16.1 (Dress) image
20 1970.36.14 Blouse Woman's. Black with white narrow stripes. Button closure down the front. 9 whalebone stays on interior. Label inside at neckline. Inside lining fabric different than outside fashion fabric. Small pocket located on left inside breast. Vest-like inset. Inside belt attached at back. Hooks for bustle or skirt in back.Sleeves slight puff at top, narrow at cuff. Diminished basque style with small peplum. Color: BK,WH 1970.36.14 (Blouse) image
21 1970.36.17 Blouse Woman's. Woven crepe fabric. Dress blouse type. Fitted blouse style. Round neckline and half stand-up collar for inset. Revers style collar. Plain except for black embossed designed inset in the front and the collar. Jacket style bodice with long fitted sleeves that slit at cuff. Has double button closure down the front. Boning on interior with cotton lining. Color: BK 1970.36.17 (Blouse) image
22 1970.36.27 Smock Woman's. Tan with black ribbons which tie it shut at the wrists and neck. Color: TN,BK 1970.36.27 (Smock) image
23 1970.36.29 Dress Woman's. Evening type dress. Natural waistline. Full, circular skirt. Short sleeved maroon, decorated with triangles which are made of gold-colored quarter inch squares of metal. Has two zippers, one at the back of the neck and the other under the left shoulder sleeve. Color: PR,GD 1970.36.29 (Dress) image
24 1970.36.35 Suit Woman's. a. Jacket, flowered velvet down both sides of the button front and closing and on the collar and sleeves. The cuffs are also trimmed with black lace. The back has two "tails" as does a tuxedo and on the end of them are yarn balls. Seven whalebone stays on interior; three in middle of jacket are missing. b. Skirt, fluted ruffles at hem. Front, double flounce edged with flowered velvet & fringe. No closures. 2 panels on side front also velvet. Panel detaches. Color: BK 1970.36.35 (Suit) image
25 1970.36.8 Blouse Woman's. Black with gold braid down the front and on the cuffs. Has a stand-up collar with center front hook and eye closures. Comes to a V both in front and in back. Princess seams on back and seams on front create pleating. Also some pleating at center back. Sleeves are full at the top and taper toward the wrist. 15 whalebone stays were originally found on interior; 4 are missing. Color: BK,GD 1970.36.8 (Blouse) image
26 1970.8.7 Dress Infant's. Panel inset in front is highly embroidered in white. Has a drawstring at the neckline as a closure. Completely handmade. Color: WH 1970.8.7 (Dress) image
27 1970.8.8 Tablecloth Reversible. (Velvet and table scarf). Tapestry side has floral design with four brown lions. Flowers are brown, gold and lavendar on a black background. Velvet side is rose colored. Color: BK,BR,GD,LV 1970.8.8 (Tablecloth) image
28 1972.34.5 Doily Lace edging. One of a group of five ( 72.34.5 - 72.34.9).
29 1972.34.6 Doily Lace edging. One of a set of five (72.34.5 - 72.34.9). Color: WH
30 1972.34.7 Doily Lace edging. One of a set of five (72.34.5 - 72.34.9). # on brown wrapper. Color: WH
31 1972.34.8 Doily White textile square, lace edging, cotton material. One of a group of five ( 72.34.5 - 72.34.9). Color: WH
32 1972.34.9 Doily Square; lace edging. One of a group of five ( 72.34.5 - 72.34.9). Color: WH
33 1973.43.100 Scarf, bureau Bordered with lace. Lace insertions and three square lace insertion. Color: WH 1973.43.100 (Scarf, bureau) image
34 1973.43.101 Doily Hem stitched borders. Inner three units of hand-drawn work. 1973.43.101 (Doily) image
35 1973.43.104 Cloth fragment Used as chair back; white with navy blue geometric design. Padded and lined. Color: WH,BL
36 1973.43.110 Blanket, receiving Blue chain-stitch on 2 sides. Color: CR,BL 1973.43.110 (Blanket, receiving) image
37 1973.43.191 Glove Man's. Wristsnap. Color: BR
38 1973.43.5 Dress Woman's. black satin. Sack style dress. Black collar topped with ecru lace. Open down front with black ribbon panel with 18 cloth-covered buttons on panel. Long black ties at neck. Black belt tied at back. Long sleeves gathered at wrists with self ties. Sack style. Color: BK,TN 1973.43.5 (Dress) image
39 1973.43.6 Blouse Woman's. Dress blouse type. Semi-fitted blouse style. Small stand-up collar. Closure down front; six buttons. Sewn tucks; three tucked panels in back. 3/4-length sleeves with slight puff at shoulders and 6 tucks to create cuffs. String ties at both sides of waist line. Color: BK 1973.43.6 (Blouse) image
40 1973.43.74 Doily Lace. Color: White 1973.43.74 (Doily) image
41 1973.51.15 Cloth fragment Quilt piece; one corner has 1/4 of a red circle, with yellow embroidery at edge. Eight rays of various colors and textures lead out. Beyond is a 1/4 circle arc, white embroidery on black. Black goes to other 3 corners & edges. White back. Color: ML,WH 1973.51.15 (Cloth fragment) image
42 1973.51.16 Cloth fragment Quilt piece; 4 sm. squares sewed together at 45 degree angle to lg. square. Central square of 2 prs. isoceles triangles, one tan, other black and red. Around this are 4 parallel bands, each corner ending in a triangle. Purple pieces pinned on. Color: WH,ML 1973.51.16 (Cloth fragment) image
43 1973.51.40 Lace fragment Handmade. Color: WH
44 1973.51.7 Bag, laundry Heavy-weight cotton. Rounded with scalloped edge. White silk 1 1/8" wide ribbon as hanger drawn through from back to front on both sides and tied in a bow on front side at each end of the ribbon. Heavy white cotton embroidery on front. Narrow white spirals one each side and large solid embroidered daisy center front. Color: WH
45 1973.56.1 Dress Two-piece with separate stand-up collar. a. Top of dress. Black chiffon with black sateen inner facing. Closes down front with 20 hooks and 18 eyes. Double chiffon from center to shoulder and around center back. Leg o'mutton sleeves which are a silk foundation covered with chiffon. At end of sleeve is 1/2" tiny ruffle in white grosgrain ribbon with black border. On bottom right had side of top closure is a long, broken, simulated diamond ornament. 29 small "diamonds", (1 small "diamond" missing) and 3 large "diamonds" (3 large missing). Small round neckline finished with black ribbon. Seven stays sewn into interior of bodice. b. Black chiffon skirt. Unlined. Back hook & eye closure. Silk waist band. Gathered at waist onto black ribbon. Down from waistband, spaced at 1" apart are 3 rows of ruching. Approximately 18" from hem are the beginning of three more layers of chiffon, the top being 3/4' wide, the next 1 1/4' wide, and the last 2 1/2" wide. 3" hand stitched hem. 10 1/4" opening. Has been mended just above triple ruffle. c. Chiffon covered silk with linen lining. Hook & eye closure. 4 pleats of chiffon topped with white ruffle trimmed in black. A, B, and C Color: BK 1973.56.1 (Dress) image
46 1973.79.5 Scarf, bureau One and one-half" border around entire edge with 4 1/2" long black tassels. Color: BK 1973.79.5 (Scarf, bureau) image
47 1973.79.8 Scarf, bureau Scalloped edge. Edged with drawn work and embroidery. Hardanger. 1973.79.8 (Scarf, bureau) image
48 1973.80.2.1 Loom Threaded in red. In addition to the two frame rods, top and bottom, are two narrower ones running through red threads and tied together with white and magenta threads on one end and magenta and blue threads on opposite end. Double black thread at top for hanging. Section of woven cloth at bottom of loom. Length of bamboo tacked on back side of loom to top edges of woven material. Color: WH,PR,BK,ML
49 1974.1.7 Dress Two parts. a. Dress with machine embroidery. The entire dress is from the same yardage, about 13" wide and embroidery 7 1/4" deep. The top is made of two pieces, sewed together at center back and with three snaps at front, forming a "V" neckline-front and back. Kimono type 3/4 length sleeves with embroidery at bottom. 1/2" inserted waist band. Skirt has three tiers of flounces and is underlined. Dress was designed to highlight the embroidery. (Number inside waist band.) b. White cotton slip, built up shoulders, some embroidery about neckline. Lace insert at waist. 15" embroidered flounce at bottom of slip. Lace insert at top of flounce. 19" opening down back; seven button holes, two buttons missing. (Number top back opening.) Color: WH 1974.1.7 (Dress) image
50 1974.30.4 Tapestry Purple background with figure: orange feet, legs, head and crown. Black facial features, very pale pink dress, one green arm, one black arm, large brown diamond in center of dress. Color: PR,OR,PK,ML