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51 1991.11.135 Bootie Rose colored single knit bootie. White accents on the top, middle, and bottom. Rose, white.
52 1991.11.136 Bootie Pink bootie with a rabbit in a vest and flowers on the top. Tied With a pink ribbon. Pink, Yellow, Red, Green.
53 1991.11.137 Stockings a-b. Tan cotton children's stockings, long. complete pair. TAN
54 1991.11.138 Stockings a-b. Tan children's stockings, long. complete pair. Thin material. TAN
55 1991.11.139 Stockings a-b. White children's stockings. Mid length. Thin material. Compete set. Cotton.
56 1991.11.140 Stockings a-b. White children's stockings. Mid length. Complete pair. White
57 1991.11.141 Stockings a-b. Long white children's stockings. Complete pair. White
58 1991.11.142 Stockings a-b. Children's stockings. Mid-length. Complete pair. Cream.
59 1991.11.143 Stockings a-b. White children's stockings. Mid-length. Complete pair. White
60 1991.11.144 Stockings a-b. White children's stockings. Complete pair. Mid-length. White
61 1991.11.145 Stockings Single children's stocking. White. Mid-length. White
62 1991.11.146 Stockings a-b. Baby stockings. Thin material, pantyhose-esque. Slightly ruffled tops. White/Cream
63 1991.11.147 Stockings Single red children's stocking. White/silver zigzag details on the top. Red. White/Silver.
64 1991.11.96 Dress Girl's dress. Pink floral print on white cotton. Red scalloped hems on collar and sleeves. Small bow in front at collar. Buttons in back. Label reads, "Alden House Children's Fashions" with illustrations of a boy and girl on opposite sides of the text in blue stitching. White, red, pink, green.
65 1991.11.97 Dress Cream linen dress. Buttons and lace accents down to the waist. There is a belt that ties behind the back. Long sleeved with lace at the hems of each sleeve, collar, and bottom of the dress. Pink floral pattern. Text on label reads, "Cinderella". Cream, Pink, White.
66 1991.11.98 Dress Lilac, satin children's dress with cream lace on the collar and sleeves. Ribbed down the front with snaps in the back. Lilac belt of the same material is attached at the waist and ties around back.
67 1991.11.99 Vest Child's blue vest with silver needlework of flowers starting at the bottom and ending on the shoulders. BLUE. SILVER.
68 1994.14.118 Suit, bathing Toddler's two piece bathing suit. Top is yellow with green ruffling at the bottom. Ties with strings around neck and back. Felt inside, cotton outside. Bottoms are elastic. Front is yellow, back is yellow with green ruffles on behind. Also felt inside. Yellow. Green.
69 1994.14.162 Combination Two part white terriloth outfit for children. Top has ruched collar and sleeves and a pink and blue ABC decal on the front. Bottoms have elastic ruched waist and botties attached that are tied with white yarn.
70 1994.36.1 Dress Baptismal (infant) dress. Machine stitched. Boat neck, cap sleeves. Intricate pattern of panels and rows of tucking, eyelet and embroidery. Scalloped embroidered edges. Color: WH
71 1996.8.14 Kimono Infant's knit kimono. Cream with pink details on the shoulders and sleeves. Tied with pom poms that look like cloth dolls.
72 1996.8.15 Kimono Blue knit children's kimono. Bottom is lined with white ribbon for tie enclosure.
73 1996.8.16 Booties a-b. Cream knit booties with blue knit trim and tied with a light blue satin ribbon. open toed. CREAM. BLUE.
74 2005.12.1 Pinafore Child's white pinafore. Trim around edges of red and blue striped pattern. Same fabric used in a basket applique design on the left side of the pinafore. Basket has pink and blue embroidered flowers coming out the top. Buttons up in back with seven buttons. Stitched by machine. Color: WH,BL
75 2008.2.10 Skirt On the top and bottom, 2 1/4" of bright colors: RD, GR, WH, YL-striped design. Between these section is a muted BR and ivory tones with geometric line pattern. Color: BR, BK, WH, RD
76 2016-24-1A Sock Part of a pair of girl's maroon ankle-high socks with red, white, and blue stripes around the ankle. 2016-24-1A (Sock) image
77 2016-24-1B Sock Part of a pair of girl's maroon ankle high socks with red, white, and blue stripes around the ankle. 2016-24-1B (Sock) image
78 2016-24-27 Undergarment Children's white cotton undergarment. "Montgomery Ward Underwear" written on the tag. Top and bottom fully attached with opening between the legs. Three buttons attached in the center of the chest, with a tie at the neck. 2016-24-27 (Undergarment) image
79 2016-24-28 Shorts Girl's white linen shorts with elastic waist bands. White scalloped trim along the hem. 2016-24-28 (Shorts) image
80 2016-24-29 Shorts Girl's white linen shorts with green trim. Elastic bands sewn in to waistline. 2016-24-29 (Shorts) image
81 2016-24-30A Smock Girl's light pink smock. Meant to be worn over a dress. 2016-24-30A (Smock) image
82 2016-24-30B Dress Green and white plaid girl's day dress. White collar opens in front; back opening covers two metal clasps. Missing one cap sleeve. 2016-24-30B (Dress) image
83 2016-24-31 Shorts Girl's shorts made of green plaid. Elastic band around the waist.  2016-24-31 (Shorts) image
84 2016-24-32 Dress Pink floral dress with cap sleeves. White collar with blue lining, four green button attachments on front, one button missing. Bottom two buttons attach a belt that ties in the back.  2016-24-32 (Dress) image
85 2016-24-33 Dress Girl's day dress. Dress has cap sleeves and a collar with a brown hem. Fabric is yellow with a floral print. Belt made out of the same fabric around the waist. 2016-24-33 (Dress) image
86 2016-24-34 Apron Child's full apron. Apron is multi-colored floral print with a white and red stripe 1-inch on top and bottom. 2016-24-34 (Apron) image
87 2016-24-35 Dress a. Sheer girl's pale pink linen day dress with navy blue polka dots. Sleeveless with large collar; ties in the back. Two metal clasps attach under an opening in the collar at the back of the neck. b. Tie-around belt made out of the same fabric. 2016-24-35 (Dress) image
88 2016-24-36 Dress Girl's day dress. Blue with cap sleeves, large collar, and built in vest and belt. Collar, vest, belt and skirt are made of a blue floral print with white flowers. Top adorned with thin red hem on sleeves, belt, vest and collar. Neck area has three red plastic buttons and a metal clasp. 2016-24-36 (Dress) image
89 2016-24-37A Dress Blue plaid dress with cap sleeves. White collar and attached sleeves with red hem. Pink and white flowers are intertwined with the plaid on the fabric of the dress. Tie in back of same fabric.  2016-24-37A (Dress) image
90 2016-24-37B Apron Girl's white apron with petal shaped hem line. 2016-24-37B (Apron) image
91 2018-18-1 Bib Plain white baby bib.
92 2018-18-23 Socks A and B. Child's white crocheted ankle socks. Folded cuffs; cuffs feature a blue and white pattern with scalloped hem. A single blue and white rosette is on the top of each foot. Sock A has a faded blueish-white ribbon threaded around the ankle for tightening.
93 2018-18-3 Pants Child's pants made out of white fabric. Elastic at leg holes. Waistband features 3 buttonholes on each side; one on each end and one in the middle, though there are no buttons. The legs of the pants are made out of a fabric with a coarser weave that is sewn to the waist section at the top of the thigh area.
94 2018-18-4 Shirt Infant's yellow shirt. Bodice has a triangular shape that opens down center front to create the appearance of a coat. Triangular collar, similar to a Puritan-style collar. Bell sleeves. Lace is around the hems of the bodice, collar, and sleeves. Likely hand-sewn based on irregularities in the size and spacing of some of the stitches.
95 2018-18-5 Bonnet Baby bonnet made out of white fabric. A lace border with a flower design is at the base of the bonnet; a white ribbon is threaded through the eyelets. Base also features two strips of fabric meant to tie together to keep the bonnet around the baby's head; one of these strips is still attached to the interior of the bonnet while the other has come off and is tied to the other strip for safekeeping.
96 2018-18-6 Bonnet Baby bonnet. Fabric, which has been dirtied over time, features embroidered rows of polka dots. A scalloped border made out of this same fabric is at the base of the hat. A circle of the same fabric is also attached to the top of the head area. Thin interior lining. A small strip of lace borders the face opening. A pale blue ribbon in the shape of a bow is sewn to the bottom of the right side.
97 2022-20-1 Dress Child's handmade dress - small flowered fabric.  Made by Mary Allen of Springfield, MA.  Pink and blue stitching can be found around the waist of the garment.  Many stains can be found on the front of the dress.  A large stain can be specifically found on the collar of the dress.  The item is made out of fabric that was designed to have many small flowers.  These small flowers are pink and green in nature.  Lace details can also be found on the sleeves and collar of the dress. Two strips of fabric are attached at the sides that tie together in back. 2022-20-1 (Dress) image
98 2022-20-2 Dress Child's handmade dress - small designs fabric.  Made by Mary Allen of Springfield, MA.  Lace can be found on the sleeves, collar, and waist of the dress.  The design of the garment looks like very small flowers - pink and blue in color.  Two strands of fabric are attached to the waist of the dress that tie in back.   2022-20-2 (Dress) image
99 2023-FIC-31 Bonnet White winter baby bonnet with fake fur like material on the outside and lined with silk. Same silk material makes up the ties. Edge of the bonnet is lined in lacework. 
100 UNIM1986.14.1979.8.3 Nightcap Woman's. 3/4" hem around front; 1/2" hem around bottom. 3 rows of gathering to fit at nape. Ties 3/4' x 10". All of stitiching is hand stitching; no sewing machine stitches. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR