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151 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.1 Slip Child's. Shaped bodice; embroidery. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
152 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.10 Brief Boy's. Elastic waistband, !" wide has red and blue stripe in it. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
153 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.11 Sock Boy's. One only. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
154 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.12 Sock Boy's. Pair. Two horizontal rows of diamond designs on navy blue back ground. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL,RD,WH
155 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.13 Sock Boy's. Pair. Navy and white stripes at top of cuff. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
156 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.14 Sock Light blue sock with navy stripe at top of cuff and 2 vertical rows of 3-diamond motifs. Pair. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
157 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.15 Sock Ribbed. 1 only. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY
158 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.16 Sock Boy's. One only. Ribbed. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR
159 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.17 Sock Boy's. One only. Horizontal bands of brown, yellow, green, tan. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: ML
160 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.18 Sock Boy's. Pair. Black & red stripe near top of cuff. Color: WH,BK,RD
161 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.19 Sock Boy's. Pair. 1 black and 1 brown stripe near top of cuff. "Crew" socks. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,BK,BR
162 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.2 Slip Child's 80% dacron, 20% cotton blend, woven fabric. Princess style, with lace around top and hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
163 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.20 Sock Boy's; pair. One black and one red stripes near top. Sweat socks. Color: WH,BK,RD
164 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.21 Stocking Children's. Color: BK
165 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.22 Mitten Knit cream colored mitten with a novelty pattern. One only.
166 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.24 Dress Infant's white dress. Round neckline. 2 full-length tucks in front and 4 released pleats & yoke in back. Loose, long sleeves with roll back cuffs edged with lace. Straight skirt attached to yoke. Three 1/2" released pleats each side. 3' hem. Center back closure with 5 buttons, hand worked buttonholes. Narrow lace around neck and on cuffs.
167 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.25 Slip Infant's. Buttons at both shoulders. Lace edging at hem. Hand worked buttonholes; 1/2" hem put in by hand. Color: WH
168 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.26 Bib Straight, boxy style with cap sleeves. Center front section is lined with clear vinyl. Pink bias tape trim on white bib. Color: WH,PK
169 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.27 Sleeper White with blue floral print. Flared. Front has 9" zipper. Narrow machine hem at bottom. Kimono sleeves with elastic at wrists. Blue bias facing at neck and wrists. Sketch on catalog sheet.
170 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.28 Undershirt Infant's. Wrap around, with ties. Light blue binding. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,BL
171 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.29 Undershirt Infant's. Coat style front; 5 plastic snaps. 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" tape at each side on interior. 3/4" ribbed neckline. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
172 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.3 Panties Band-leg brief. Lace around legs; purple stitching on satin band. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
173 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.38 Binder Infant's. Cross-grain. All edges unfinished, pinked. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
174 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.39 Binder Stitching at center and 1 5/8" from one end and attaches 3 sets of 7" cotton tapes for fastening. Overcast machine stitch around outside edges. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
175 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.4 Panties Girl's. Two vertical seams in front, from leg hole to elastic band at waist. 1/4' wide elastic around legs. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
176 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.40 Pants, plastic Infant's. Elastic waist and legs. Color: WH
177 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.41 Pants, plastic Elastic at waist and legs. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
178 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.42 Bootie Five pieces feather stitched together; 3-button closing with hand worked buttonholes. Scalloped top edge & opening at outside of shoe. Buttonhole stitch around edges. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR
179 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.43 Bootee Infant's. 5 main pieces held together with feather stitch. Pink buttonhole stitch for buttons and around edges; 3-button closing. Scalloped top edge. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR
180 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.44 Bootee Infant's. Vamp outlined with pink chain stitch. Pink crocheted edge. Pair.
181 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.5 Panties Girl's band leg brief. Nylon knit trim at leg area. Elastic waistband. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
182 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.6 Brief Boy's. Elastic waist 1 1/4' wide has light blue stripe. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
183 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.7 Brief Boy's. maroon stripe through elastic waistband. Waistband 1' wide. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
184 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.8 Brief Boy's. 1' wide elastic waistband; blue & yellow stripe in waistband. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
185 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.9 Brief Elastic waistband 1' wide; red & blue stripe in waistband. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
186 UNIM1987.10 Suit, snow Girl's (age 4 - 6) 3-piece snowsuit: coat, leggings, hat. a. Coat. Slightly flared. Back, princess-style. Full-length. 3-button closure. 2 waist pockets with flaps. Velvet collar with four rows of tape. Straight sleeves. Sketch on catalog sheet. b. Leggings. Same fabric as coat; elastic at waist, with 2 openings on right side. 9" zipper at ankles. c. Hat. bonnet with topstitched visor ; grosgrain ribbon ties. Color: PR
187 UNIM1988.11.109 Petticoat Drawstring center back opening for closure. 4 pin tucks and five inch ruffle on a 10" border at bottom. Three gores front and two gores back in skirt. Dressmaker hem taken a horizotal dart in center front to shorten slip. Widest part of dart is 1/2". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: light wine
188 UNIM1988.11.110 Petticoat Center front placket with adjustable banding both sides of front waistband. Layered border 10 1/2" h has 5 rows all sewn together as one ruffle. 4 gores front and 3 gores back in skirt a total of 7 gores plus gathering to band center front both sides of front waistband for fullness. Hook and eyes each side to adjust waist size, two 1/2" buttons in center front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: navy
189 UNIM1988.11.112 Petticoat 1 button 1/2" dia center back for closure. 5 rows of gathered stitches 5/16" apart with bias cut ruffle 3" w at hemline layered. Three gores in front, back is one piece. Gathered to waistband in back and front side. No gathers in center front. A 4" wide, same bias cut fabric band is above ruffle. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
190 UNIM1988.11.131 Combination Off white, blue and lavendar floral embroidery at neckline. Pink 1/2" w ribbon drawstring on inside neckline. Hemstitched trip around neckline and leg openings. Seam around waist, 1 1/4" w shoulder straps. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK
191 UNIM1988.11.291 Undershirt Machine edging around neckline with machine shell stitch down edging on left side front. 7 buttons, 3/8" diameter. Center front closure, drawstring at bottom. Front is 3" longer than back. Vest has long sleeves. "Maline -TradeMark size 5". Price tag 25 cents. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
192 UNIM1988.11.305 Jacket Navy blue jacket 14" long with 22" waist and 10" long sleeves. Notched reverse collar, set in long sleeves. Back has box pleat in center 9" long starts 4" below neck and has small darts on each side of pleat. Belted in back 3/4" wide x 10" long sewn to side seams. Two 1/2" diameter buttons sewn on 2 piece belt. Center front closure. Double rows of three buttons 3/4" diameter, white flap pockets each side front. Sketch on catalog sheet.
193 UNIM1988.11.306 Overalls Bib overalls with 10 1/2" inseam and 24" wide. Bib overalls have dressmaker button holes on bib and at each side of waist. 1/2" diameter buttons on straps. Two pockets on front; 1 1/4" hem on legs by dressmaker. No back pockets. Sketch on catalog sheet.
194 UNIM1988.11.307 Overalls Bib overalls 22" wide with a 13" inseam. Button holes on bib and each side of waist in front. Pockets on each front side. Buttons on straps are 1/2" diameter. Legs have neckline stitched 1" hem. Sketch on catalog sheet.
195 UNIM1988.11.308 Bonnet Bonnet has box pleat ruffle 3/4" wide all around bonnet. Braid is around edges of bonnet and lining. 18" long ties of same satin as ruffle. 3" diameter at back of head with bonnet pleated around it for fullness for head. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
196 UNIM1988.11.309 Nightgown Nightgown with long sleeves. 11 1/2" at shoulders, 14" sleeves and 32" long. 1/2" stand up collar, yoke front and back, center back three buttons closure, gown is gathered to yoke for fullness. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
197 UNIM1988.11.310 Pajamas 2 piece flannel pajamas. 9 1/2" across shoulders, 9" inseam on bottoms. Blue and white striped. V neckline, long set in sleeves, stripes run vertically except for pocket on right side of top and around the neck and down center. 3 button closure tab. Stripes are 1/2" wide. The changing direction of the stripes add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, WH
198 UNIM1988.11.312 Jacket Double crochet stitch in V shape makes bottom of jacket fuller and with scalloped lower edge of long sleeves and lower edge of jacket. Single crochet chain in white drawstring at neck. White edging of single crochet with picos adds decorative detail. White and mint green in color. Sketch on catalog sheet.
199 UNIM1988.11.313 Bonnet Very thick warm bonnet, looks to be crocheted but at a closer look it seems to be woven. Inside bonnet has pattern running diagonally, outside has vertical and horizontal pattern to weave. 1 1/2" wide shell stitch crocheted edging all around. Satin ribbon ties are 12 1/2" long x 5/8" wide. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
200 UNIM1988.11.314 Bonnet Knitting runs horizontally on top and sides and runs vertically at back of head area. Has knit same as back around neck and front edge of bonnet that turns back. Has 5/8" wide x 8" long ties with bows where tie fastens to bonnet. White six petaled flower embroidered on top of head using same angora white yarn. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH