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51 1980.2.5 Pants U. S. Army enlisted; green cotton, faded; button front; adjustment tabs and buttons at waist; slash side pockets, button flap rear pockets, tear in left front pocket. Color: GR 1980.2.5 (Pants) image
52 1981.27a Military Jacket World War I U. S. Army Infantry. Jacket Color: olive 1981.27a (Military Jacket) image
53 1981.27b Collar Insignia Pin A small round collar insignia pin with "U.S. 110" written on it.
54 1981.27c Collar Insignia Pin A small round collar insignia pin with two crossed muskets and a "K" underneath them.
55 1981.27d Breeches A pair of World War 1 army breeches.
56 1981.27e Shirt A World War 1 army issue shirt.
57 1981.27f Insignia Pin A small metal pin with "A.E.F. 26 Div." written on it. A.E.F. stands for American Expeditionary Forces.
58 1981.27g Overseas Cap A World War 1 infantry cap.
59 1981.27h Belt A tan woven belt, part of a World War 1 infantry uniform.
60 1981.27i Belt Buckle A flip closure style belt buckle, part of a World War 1 infantry uniform.
61 1981.27j Legging A single olive green World War 1 infantry legging with ties.
62 1981.27k Legging A single olive green World War 1 infantry legging with ties.
63 1982.9.7 Uniform Army nurse. a. Dress. Dacron polyester and cotton; front full length zipper and snap closure; collar and cuffs have 6 narrow tucks at the edges; rectangular piece sewn to either side of zipper on bodice (possibly for pinning on ID tag or military insignia; label inside collar reads "14 Short 8410-177-4916"'. Washing and garment information and laundry instructions; fitted at waist, slightly A-line skirt with slash pockets at sides just below waist; soiled, discolored, sewing at right side front waist coming apart; see also 1982.9.003-.006. b. Belt; 2 button closure, tagged "14 short; buttons are missing; heavily stained.
64 1992.22.15 Shorts Military. Front closure: 5 brown buttons. 2 silver buckles. 2 back. 2 side pockets. White ID tag sewn inside back waistband: N. L. Hersey, (MC) USNR. Color: KH
65 1992.35.1 Coat Football player's coat, type worn by donor's sons, pre-1961, at ISTC. Collar lined with fur; side coat with wool; outside coat - heavy material. Dark brown. Good condition; few threads on the bottom are coming undone. "ISTC 7" written on inside in pen. "IOWA TEACHERS" is stenciled in black on one edge of coat closure. Two pockets on each side of the coat, one vertical, one horizontal. Three buttons and three holes on each side, so it can be buttoned either way. Color: BR
66 1993.31.1.1 Jacket Military. Parade dress with four brass buttons with raised eagle motif, four similar, smaller buttons on front; one on each pocket, gold and blue trim on sleeves, maunfacturer's warranty label on inner right breast, monogram above distributor's label on inner left breast, monogram "RJH". Distributor's label reads "Made to Order by Becker's Cincinnati, O - Columbus, 6A". Color: BL,BK
67 1993.31.3.1 Jacket, military Jacket, military; dark green with black trim, silk interior, four silver buttons with eagle motifs, two eagle motif, smaller silver buttons on shoulders, two eagle motif, smaller silver buttons on breast pockets, two eagle motif smaller silver buttons on waist pockets, black and gold monogram patches reading "RJH" attached to inner right breast. Distributor's tag attached to right breast reads "Made to Order by Becker's Cincinnati, OH- Columbus, GA". Division patch reading "1" attached to left shoulder. Color: GR,BK,SL
68 1993.31.3.2 Pants Military; dark green with black trim. Distributor's tag reading "Becker's Uniforms Name O/C Robert Hibbs, No. 18951, Date 5-14-65" attached to rear waistline, warranty label attached to rear waistline, seven belt loops.
69 1993.9.1 Overcoat US Army officer's; wool. Inside tag: Fred W. Lott, Jr. 1st Lt. Sig C.; Lot 81315; size 38. Outside tag: "Wimbledon genuine beaver officer's overcoat". 2 pockets on outside that are attached to a buttoned opening on the inside; one inside pocket with tag in it on the left hand side. 3 buttons & button holes on each side of the coat so it can be buttoned either way. Tapered around waist; flares toward the bottom and back; strap on back with 2 buttons; lined. Color: KH
70 1993.9.2.1 Jacket US Army officer's jacket, wool. Has silver captain's bars and Signal Corps Insignia: crossing red & white flags with a torch in the center; one pin on each side. Airforce sleeve patch: on left sleeve, blue patch with gold wings and white star with a red circle in the center. Service stripes: on left sleeve (4) one for each 6 months of overseas service. Unit crest: blue & gray with hatchet; distinctive unit insignia. Four bars; top (blue); American campaign medal Dec. 7, 1941 - March 2, 1946; bottom (left to right): (yellow): American Defense Service medal (Sept. 8, 1939 - Dec. 7, 1941) (green) European-African -middle eastern campaign medal Dec. 7, 1941 - Nov. 8, 1945- each star represents a campaign. (red) WWII victory Dec. 7, 1941 - Dec. 31, 1946. Front 3 gold buttons down front and a brown one on the bottom; 4 pockets, each with a gold button. tapered in center with metal latches on sides. Gold border on bottom of sleeves. Purchased with commission money in 1942 for being accepted into Cadet School.
71 1995.14.5 Shirt U. S. Army dress shirt; oilive drab buttons on breast pickets, 6 olive drab buttons down the front, 2 on shoulders, 2 on wrists. Color: GR
72 1995.14.6 Necktie U. S. Army dress tie; gold stitching on back. Color: BR
73 1996.32.1 Coat Woman's.Black hair coat. Coat has 4 1/2" collar and closes. Has two pockets at the front of the coat with openings running up and down. Sleeves are rolled at the ends. Single button closure with loop made of same material as coat. Inside is lined with black satin. Two (2) tags inside coat, one at collar reads"Scruggs, Vandervoort, and Barney/St Louis" the other, on the right mid-lapel " 'French Starlight'/Made in France/Exclusively for/Monarch" Color: BK
74 1996.32.8 Coat Woman's. Black lined winter coat with mink collar. Collar is brown and the rest of the jacket is black. Vertical pockets. Three buttons on the front, 1 1/2' diameter. Back has a seam down the center of the back. Entire coat has a "ribbed' texture. Lined. Color: BK,BR
75 2004.7.1 Jacket WAVES navy blue dress uniform jacket. Six panels. Has 1/2'' silver gray trim around cuffs. Silver-gray star embroidered on top of trim: Denotes line officer. Collar lapels have white and blue anchor embroidered on them. Two breast pockets. Four gold buttons with eagle motif. Inside has navy blue satin lining. "Evelyn F. Starkey" label embroidered on inside collar. Inside, label "Made and sold under authority of U. S. Navy" "U. S. Women's Naval Reserve." Picture of anchor. Part of WAVES uniform 2004.7.1-4. Color: BL
76 2004.7.3 Shirt Dress shirt. White long sleeve cotton. Three panels. Six white plastic buttons down front. Inside label (on inside collar) reads "Styled by Terry Chicago (care instructions over) machine wash warm delicate cycle. Tumble dry low. Use cool iron. WPL 10281." Has two safety pins on either side of collar, each pinning a 13'' navy blue tie in place. (a) tie. Navy blue cotton. 2 pieces. Piece attached to either side of blouse collar, under flap, with safety pin. Each piece is 13'' long. The pieces are tapered at the top and get larger at the bottom. The pieces would be tied together as a tie for the uniform. Part of WAVES uniform 2004.7.1-4. Color: WH
77 2016-24-50B Coat US Marine Corps service (alpha) overcoat. Corporal double chevron insignia on both arms. Six buttons attached to the front. 2016-24-50B (Coat) image
78 2017-31-22 Pants Cobalt blue dress uniform pants from Korean War, originally owned by Donald Ackerman. Red vertical stripe on sides.
79 2017-31-23 Jacket Navy blue dress uniform of Donald Ackman from service in Korean War.
80 2018-13-10 Undershirt United States Marine Corps army green short-sleeved undershirt. Aside from missing the brand label it is identical to 2018-13-11.
81 2018-13-2 Pants United States Marine Corps combat utility uniform pants. 50% cotton 50% nylon fabric has tan and brown "Desert" digital camouflage pattern; the Marine insignia and "USMC" are hidden sporadically throughout the pattern. Buttons up center with four plastic beige buttons; these are covered by fabric when worn. Inset pockets below waistband. A large patch pocket is on either leg. Two patch pockets on back.
82 2018-13-3 Belt Woven tan/gold belt, part of a United States Marine Corps uniform. Label on inside of belt reads, "SPEC-OPS. BRAND / MADE IN USA" with a phone number and website below. Black plastic belt buckle. There are no holes in the belt; it is simply slid through the buckle to fasten.
83 2018-13-4 Hat United States Marine Corps "boonie" style hat. Hat is fabric with brown and tan "Desert" digital camouflage pattern. Beige web surrounds the crown like a ribbon. The Marine Corps insignia is embroidered on the front of the hat in brown thread. Wide, semi-stiff brim. Tan chin strap with black plastic adjuster.
84 2018-13-7 Pants United States Marine Corps combat utility uniform pants. 50% cotton 50% nylon fabric has green, black, and tan "woodland" digital camouflage pattern; the Marine insignia and "USMC" are hidden in the pattern near one of the front buttonholes. Buttons up center in front with four plastic army green buttons; these buttons are hidden by a cover when worn. A large patch pocket is on each leg; two more are on rear area. A patch reading "ROSEL" is sewn to the right rear pocket. Size large.
85 2018-13-8 Hat United States Marine Corps "boonie" style hat. Hat is made of fabric with green, black, and tan "Woodland" digital camouflage pattern. Wide, semi-stiff brim. A ribbon of green web surrounds the crown. Marine Corps insignia is embroidered on the front of the hat in black thread. Army green chinstrap with a black plastic adjuster for tightening. Green interior label has "ROSEL" written on it.
86 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.1 Coat Woman's straight, boxy coat with notched collar. 3-button closure and 2 patch pockets with flaps. Set-in full-length sleeves with lengthwise seam along outer edge; 15" diameter at waist. Center back seam with vent. Top stitching on collar, lapel & front edges and at center back seam. Lining is "sunback' type, fleece-backed satin. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR,TN
87 UNIM1986.14.1979.6.1 Coat Mouflon (wild sheep of Sardinia). Straight line, street-length. 5 button closure, bound buttonholes. Partial roll collar. In back, bodice portion is lined with fabric to support skirt. Back and sleeves of mouflon; hangs loose at waist. 3" wide heavy satin ribbon sash set into sides; tie ends fringed. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
88 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.128 Coat Double breasted style purple-gray heavy top coat. Straight - storm coat silhouette. Wide notched collar, three 1 1/4" diameter buttons down each side (6 buttons total). Double breasted center back seam ending in 18" long kick pleat. Vertical side pockets, below knee length. 3 piece belt- detachable. Connected by two 1 1/4" diameter buttons on each side on back, buckles front. 2 piece long sleeves with cuff on top wrist with 3/4" diameter button on outer wrist. No cuff on underside of sleeve. Very heavy lining for warmth. Collar accents coat; stitching on vertical welt pockets. Sketch on catalog sheet.
89 UNIM1988.11.2 Coat Black nubby outershell and black satin full lining. Straight lined coat with tan fur collar (mink), welt packet on each side front. 3 buttons, front closes, fabric covered 1 1/4" diameter with bound button holes. Fur collar has 2 hook and eyes to close at front nect. Set in sleeves with elbow dart. Large snap closes at neck on coat. Four rows on top stitching between button holes and to hemline. Secured bottom button of coat as a conservation measure. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, TN
90 UNIM1988.5.3 Coat Women's black fleece md-length coat. Long sleeves. Interior is lined with black fabric. Buttons down left side with three large silver buttons; button design consists of a crown above two shields flanked by leaves. Rounded sailor-style collar.
91 UNIM1988.8.1 Cape Plain weave olive drab World War II Army nurse's cape. Completely lined with same fabric; almost reversible. Narrow full-roll collar. 1/2' top-stitching around collar, along front edges and hem. 1 tab and button at neck. No openings for arms. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
92 UNIM1988.8.4 Uniform World War II man's military jacket (a) & garrison cap (b). a. Jacket has front closure, 4 plastic buttons. Slightly fitted and flared. Center back seam and 2 princess seams. 1 3/8" wide belt across back. Center back pleat beneath belt. Pointed collar revers. 2 patch breast pockets, 2 welt pockets with flaps. Epaulets with buttons. 2-pc. long set in sleeves. Sgt. stripes. "Red bull" patch on left sleeve. Hash mark for service: III= 9 yr. yellow - 3 yr. combat zone. b. Garrison cap with red braid. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
93 UNIM1994.14.2 Coat round fur collar w/ 1 snap closure; c.f. 3 rows of double breasted 1 1/4'' diameter buttons-6 total; waist darts front; side seam pockets each side; set in long sleeves with elbow dart; dressmaker shortened coat 1''; same fabric bow below collar and above first row of buttons Color: BK