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Catalog # Name Description
1 Metal fragment Bombshell fragment. Illegible label attached.
2 00.70.103b Shell, artillery cap b. Apex or cap.
3 00.70.104a Shell, artillery Three parts. a. Shell, copper around it.
4 00.70.104b Shell, artillery Apex b. Apex, brass.
5 00.70.104c Shell, artillery pellets c. 12 pellets, found inside.
6 00.70.105 Shell, casing Milled brass construction; rimmed base; primer on center base; base stamped, "RS L57 16 S, 65 De VI, Ln"; cylindrical. 00.70.105 (Shell, casing) image
7 00.70.72A Bullet No. 24-8 Bullets and Grapeshot
8 00.70.77 Grenade World War I practice grenade. 00.70.77 (Grenade) image
9 00.70.78 Grenade U. S. Army practice type of World War I & II; one piece cast steel body; cross-sectioned body; hole drilled in bottom & top side; no markings. 00.70.78 (Grenade) image
10 00.70.79 Grenade French hand grenade WWII Fragmentation type; black painted steel body; egg shape; cross-sectioned body; hole in top & bottom, grenade being completely inert; smooth tapered neck. Color: BK April 1942 00.70.79 (Grenade) image
11 00.70.88 Shell, projectile Apex of an 8" shell, cone shaped. No. 24-15 Donated by C.D. Wiler
12 00.70.91b Shell, artillery bottom b. Bottom of Shell 
13 00.70.92 Metal fragment Fragment of a bombshell; large jagged iron piece; badly rusted and pitted;; previously numbered "No. 24-13" (?).
14 00.70.96 Shell, artillery No. 24-14. Brass Cannon Ball found at Fernandino Fla. Spanish War. Presented by Major W.C. Bruyant  00.70.96 (Shell, artillery) image
15 00.70.97 Shell, artillery Solid, from a 6 pound gun.
16 1989.43.827 Bomb, air-to-air "Civil War hand bomb". Oval shaped and hollow. Known as a ketchum grenade after inventor. 1989.43.827 (Bomb, air-to-air) image
17 1992.9.3 Box, ammunition Top handle, side latch, side hinged lid. Used WWII or Korean War to carry 30 mm. calibre ammo for light machine gun, ground operations and aircraft. Rust prominent on portion of the container. Color: GR