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Catalog # Name Description
1 1965.48 Invitation Iowa Wildlife Federation First Annual Governors Awards Banquet. a.Invitation. b. Program with Gov. Hughes photograph and autograph. Color: BR,YL 1965.48 (Invitation) image
2 1969.34 Map Copy of 1968 lithograph of Cedar Falls showing an aerial view of Cedar Falls. Color: TN,BK
3 1970.47.5.35 Booklet "Sea Shells, Corals, Curios, Etc., Iowa Bird Co., Des Moines, Iowa". 32 pp. Color: ML 1970.47.5.35 (Booklet) image
4 1970. Magazine "The Furrow"; May-June 1935. Color: BK,TN,GR
5 1970. Handbill Giant firecracker sale. Color: PK,BK
6 1970.52 Map 1930 census. "Hammond's County Map of Iowa, Copyright by C. S. Hammond & Co., N. Y."
7 1972.43 Map From 1940 census; DX gas station map. Color: WH,BL,RD 1972.43 (Map) image
8 1975.4.186 Advertisement "Ball-Band" Artics snowboots advertisement. "Whatever you need in rubber or woolen footwear you can get in "Ball-Band" the kind that gives more days wear." Ole Houg, Dows, IA. No date given. Unused. 1975.4.186 (Advertisement) image
9 1975.4.49 Map Iowa Road Map. Distributed by Sinclair Gasoline. 1940 census used in population figures. On the front cover there is a man in a Sinclair cap pointing to the bottom of the map. The description he points to says "Look to SINCLAIR for better products and better service. In the background a red Ford is driving on a road with a billboard behind it saying "Road Map and Pictorial Sight Seeing Guide. 1975.4.49 (Map) image
10 1978.2 Booklet "Iowa Drivers' Guide''; 1947. Color: RD,BK 1978.2 (Booklet) image
11 1980.26.4 Map Photocopied; Cedar Falls bird's eye view. Color: BK,WH 1980.26.4 (Map) image
12 1980.44.1 Map Depicts various county boundaries and major cities and towns, quite detailed; map attached to and folds into hardbound brown cloth cover booklet; decorative engraved design on exterior cover, front cover with engraved gold leaf title, "IOWA, A. RANNEY"; interior front cover lists various maps, chart, books, and prints available from A. Ranney Publishing Col, "A. RANNEY, Publisher, 195 Broadway, N. Y." Map is torn at left side. Color: ML 1980.44.1 (Map) image
13 1986.10.1 Newspaper ''Farm Bureau Spokesman,'' vol. 1, no. 1, September 15, 1934. Reproduction. Color: BK,WH
14 1988.33.52 Book "Constitution and Government: Iowa and the Nation," by Hugh C. Moeller and Fred C. Bowersox. "Anna Flom" written in pencil on front cover. Color: Dark tan, black, white
15 1989.43.736 Ticket For "Ruthven Cornet Band, good for one dance." July 14, 1985. Color: PR 1989.43.736 (Ticket) image
16 1990.32 Newspaper "Cedar Falls Record". Page 3 has an article pertaining to "Commencment at the College". Color: WH,BK
17 1991.16.2 Label First premium tag, Kossuth County, 1933. Color: PR,BK 1991.16.2 (Label) image
18 1991.16.3 Label Entry tag, N-2-52-60. Color: BK,WH 1991.16.3 (Label) image
19 1998.24.1 Certificate, stock Full page of certificates to be issued by the Normal Savings and Loan. The page has one large stock certificate at the top of the page and ten smaller certificates from the middle of the page toward the bottom. The large stock certificate has a logo of three buildings which are from left to right: South Hall, Administration Building, and North Hall. At the top of the certificate it says "Organized under the Laws of the State of Iowa." Below the logo it says "20,000 Shares, Authorized Capitol, Two Million Dollars, Incorporated 1892." The certificates each have three sentences with spaces that are to be written in when it is issued. Above the signature spaces in the right bottom corner of the certificate is A. D. 189_ which is to be filled in when issued. The smaller coupon certificates are numbered Coupon 1-10. Color: BK,WH
20 2002.7.140 Magazine The Iowa Magazine section - "The Eighth Wonder" , "How Iowa Counties Were Named" . "How Iowa Counties Were Named" written on the front cover in pencil. Color: WH,BK