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51 1976.24.20 Political Pin, Political Button Lithograph Ford button, with "President Ford" in white letters on a 1 1/4' blue background, with 1/8" white border around outside of button. Curl line reads, "The President Ford committee, Howard H. Callaway, Chairman, Robert C. Moot, Treasurer." and has union label. The 48th United States presidential election in 1976 was won by the former governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter, who was the Democratic candidate. The Republican candidate was the incumbent President Gerald Ford. Gerald Ford came into office when President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 after the Watergate scandal came forth making Ford the only sitting President who had never been previously elected to national office. 1976.24.20 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
52 1976.25.1 Political Pin, Political Button Celluloid Carter button, with black and white drawing of Carter (frontal portrait) in the center of 1 1/4" white circle bordered by 5/16" green circle with white letters reading "Jimmy Carter for President," bordered by 1/4' white circle. Back of button reads, "R.P.M. Assoc,, LaSalle, Ill. 61301, Bdge-A-Minit." The 48th presidential election in 1976 was between the former governor of Georgia Jimmy Carter who was the Democratic candidate and the incumbent President Gerald Ford who was the Republican candidate. The winner Jimmy Carter was the first president elected from the Deep South since Zachary Taylor in 1848. 1976.25.1 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
53 1976.25.3 Political Pin, Political Button One-inch white band across center and "Rapp" in red letters, with blue at top and bottom borders of white band, union label on curl line. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.25.3 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
54 1976.25.4 Political Pin, Political Button "Johnson". Color: WH,GR 1976.25.4 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
55 1976.29.1 Political Pin, Political Button Lithograph button reading "NIXON's THE ONE!" in red letters on white background. Curl line reads "Adcraft Mfg. Co., Chicago 60608." and has two union labels. Color: RD,WH 1976.29.1 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
56 1976.3 Political Pin, Political Button Wm. B. Allison 1908 politcal campaign pin from his campaign for reelection to the U. S. Senate. Central circle with photo of Allison. In white letters on dark blue surrounding photo: "OUR CHOICE FOR SENATOR WM. B. ALLISON." Color: WH,BL 1976.3 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
57 1976.31.2 Political Pin, Political Button I'm a Beck Worker." No mark on curl. Color: WH,BK 1976.31.2 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
58 1976.31.3 Political Pin, Political Button Stylized "P" in white and a stylized "F" in red letters about 5/8" high under which is printed in small white letters "Paul Franzenburg." Union label in white at bottom of face of button. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.31.3 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
59 1976.31.4 Political Pin, Political Button White on blue, reading "HUGHES". Union label on curl. Color: WH,BL 1976.31.4 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
60 1976.31.5 Political Pin, Political Button Picture button reading, "CLARK - U.S. SENATE" in black letters on 3/8" orange border with black and white photo of Clark on white background in center. Union label on curl line reads "AFL-CIO IUDTW." Color: BK,WH,OR 1976.31.5 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
61 1976.6.14 Political Pin, Political Button 1972 "TAPSCOTT" Democratic gubernatorial campaign pin. 1976.6.14 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
62 1976.6.2 Political Pin, Political Button White background, red "NIXON" above blue "AGNEW". "Official Nixon button, Feeley & WHeeler, 370 Lexington, NYC 10017" in small letters around rim. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.6.2 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
63 1976.6.3 Political Pin, Political Button 1968 Nixon presidential campaign pin. Black background with red "NIXON", narrow white border around rim of pin. "Official Nixon button, Feeley & Wheeler, 370 Lexington, N. Y. C. 10017" in very small letters around rim. Color: BK,RD,WH 1976.6.3 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
64 1976.6.4 Political Pin, Political Button Eugene McCarthy presidential nomination campaign pin. Royal blue with white lettered "EUGENE". Color: BL,WH 1976.6.4 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
65 1976.6.6 Political Pin, Political Button 1972 "McGovern" presidential campaign pin. white letters on royal blue backround. Printed in small letters blue on white inside rim, "VOTES UNLIMITED", FERNDALE, N.Y." Color: WH,BL 1976.6.6 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
66 1976.6.7 Political Pin, Political Button "1ST TIME VOTER FOR McGOVERN" presidential campaign pin. White letters on light blue background except "VOTER FOR" light blue letters on white stripe slightly above center. Printed in small letters, light blue on white inside rim, "VOTES UNLIMITED", FERNDALE, N.Y." Color: BL,WH 1976.6.7 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
67 1976.6.8 Political Pin, Political Button "McGOVERN". White letters on orange-red background. "O" in McGOVERN enlarged to female symbol. Printed in small orange red letters letters inside rim, "VOTES UNLIMITED", FERNDALE, N.Y." Color: WH,RD 1976.6.8 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
68 1976.77.10 Political Pin, Political Button Hughes pin. Blue lettering on white background. Color: BL,WH 1976.77.10 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
69 1976.77.12 Political Pin, Political Button McGovern pin. Black lettering on white background with a pink, blue, and yellow background. The United States presidential election was between the Democratic party nomination, Senator George McGovern of South Dakota, and incumbent republican President Richard Nixon. Senator George McGovern ran an anti-war campaign where President Richard Nixon emphasized on a good economy and his successes in foreign affairs. Like the end of American involvement in the Vietnam War and establishing relations with China. Nixon decisively defeated George McGovern by almost 18 million more popular votes which was the widest margin of any United states presidential election. 1976.77.12 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
70 1976.77.4 Political Pin, Political Button Iowans for Carter-Mondale. Green with white lettering. Photos of Carter and Mondale in middle. Color: GR,WH 1976.77.4 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
71 1976.77.5 Political Pin, Political Button For President Ford. Red with white lettering and white outer trim. Color: RD,WH 1976.77.5 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
72 1976.77.6 Political Pin, Political Button Jimmy Carter for President. Green with white letters on outside of pin. Photo of Carter on white background in middle of pin. Color: GR,WH 1976.77.6 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
73 1976.77.7 Political Pin, Political Button For McCarthy. "McCarthy" in blue on white background, "76" white on blue background. Color: BL,WH 1976.77.7 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
74 1976.77.8 Political Pin, Political Button Udall for President, 1976. Lavender with white lettering. Color: LV,WH 1976.77.8 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
75 1976.78.1.1 Political Pin, Political Button "Ford/Dole". 1976.78.1.1 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
76 1976.80.1 Political Pin, Political Button "I'm Bayh Partisan". "I'm" and "Partisan" in white letters on blue background and "Bayh" in blue letters on white background. Color: BL,WH 1976.80.1 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
77 1976.81.1 Political Pin, Political Button "President Ford". White lettering on red background. Color: WH,RD 1976.81.1 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
78 1976.81.3 Political Pin, Political Button "Maree's Husband for Senator in 1976" pin. Iowa Senate. (Mrs. Wm. Hansen) 1976.81.3 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
79 1976.81.4 Political Pin, Political Button "Kay's Dad for Senator, Senator Hansen." Black lettering on red background. Caricature of tiger's head, also in black, on top of pin. Iowa Senate 1976. Color: BK,RD 1976.81.4 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
80 1976.90.10 Political Pin, Political Button "Keep Grassley in Congress." Campaign pin for Iowa 3rd District Republican candidate for Congress. White background with "Keep" and "in" in blue letters and "Grassley" and "Congress" in red letters. Chuck Grassley took office in January of 1981 and remains to be a US Senator from Iowa today (10/20/15). A student of UNI when it was still Iowa State Teachers College, he received both his Masters and Bachelors degrees from here. This pin is in support of Grassley's reelection as a Representative of Iowa's 3rd district. Grassley was a member from 1975-1981. 1976.90.10 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
81 1976.90.3 Political Pin, Political Button "Carter-Mondale". White background with picture of Carter and Mondale inside green outline of Iowa. "Carter" and "Mondale" also in green. Color: GR,WH 1976.90.3 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
82 1976.90.5 Political Pin, Political Button "Carter, Mondale". "Carter", white letters on kelly green background and "Mondale", green letters on white background. "Carter" on top half of button "Mondale" on lower half. Color: GR,WH 1976.90.5 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
83 1976.90.9 Political Pin, Political Button "Rapp" campaign pin for Iowa 3rd District Democratic candidate for Congress. Blue pin with white stripe across the middle and "Rapp" in red letters on that white stripe. Color: BL,WH 1976.90.9 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
84 1976.93.1.1 Political Pin, Political Button White enamelled pin in shape of a shield. In black letters are "Harrison" on top and "Morton" on bottom with a log cabin in between. Shield also has narrow black border. Color: WH,BK 1976.93.1.1 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
85 1976.93.1.3 Political Pin, Political Button "I'm for Fred Harris". Used in 1976 Oklahoma Presidential primary. (Harris lost). Tan with blue hand-printed lettering. Color: TN,BL 1976.93.1.3 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
86 1976.93.1.4 Political Pin, Political Button "La Donna Harris for First Lady." Tan with blue lettering and a circle of blue stars around lettering. Color: TN,BL 1976.93.1.4 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
87 1976.93.1.5 Political Pin, Political Button Round with "Rapp" in red letters on white background on middle of pin and two areas of blue flanking the white on top and bottom. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.93.1.5 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
88 1976.93.1.6 Pin, politicalPolitical Pin, Political Button "Senator Bill Hansen for Senator". Pin is red lettering on white background with one single band of blue, with blue Liberty Bell on it running across the lower third of the pin. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.93.1.6 (Pin, politicalPolitical Pin, Political Button) image
89 1976.93.1.7 Political Pin, Political Button "Udall, President". White lettering on blue background, dark blue background above with light blue background below. Color: BL,WH 1976.93.1.7 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
90 1976.94.1 Political Pin, Political Button Photo of Jimmy Carter in the middle and "Jimmy Carter for President in '76" along outside edge in white letters on green background. Color: WH,GR
91 1976.94.2 Political Pin, Political Button "Jimmy Carter for President in '76". Photo of Carter in the middle and "Jimmy Carter for President in '76" along outside edge in white letters on green background. Color: WH,GR 1976.94.2 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
92 1976.96.1 Political Pin, Political Button White with a green circle 1/4' in from the edge, on which is printed, "Jimmy Carter for President" in white letters. A sketch in black of Jimmy Carter is on the center of the pin. 1976.96.1 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
93 1976.96.2 Political Pin, Political Button "Labor for Carter, Mondale". In upper left side of pin is a lime green area 1 1/8" long with "Labor for" in dark green letters. The upper half of the pin is white with "Carter" in dark green letters and the lower half is dark green with "Mondale" in white letters. Color: GR,WH 1976.96.2 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
94 1976.96.3 Political Pin, Political Button "Udall for President". Dark blue with "Udall for President" in white letters. The "Udall" is much bigger than the lettering of "For President". Color: BL,WH 1976.96.3 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
95 1977.44.3 Political Pin, Political Button Red painted metal, white painted broad arrow design; blue lettering, "Goldwater"; copper straight pin on back.; from 1964 Presidential Campaign. Color: RD,WH,BL 1977.44.3 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
96 1977.54.2 Political Pin, Political Button Red, white and blue, bearing a picture of the Capitol Building and a broom. The button is entitled "Clean Up Congress". Straight pin at the back. Color: RD,WH,BL 1977.54.2 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
97 1977.60.2 Political Pin, Political Button Black with the inscription "John Culver for U. S. Senate" in yellow letters. Color: BK,YL 1977.60.2 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
98 1977.60.3 Political Pin, Political Button Blue painted metal, with the inscription "Birch Bayh '76" in white letters. Color: BL,WH 1977.60.3 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
99 1978.13.10 Political Pin, Political Button Presidential campaign, green and white inscribed "Leaders, for a change". "Carter, Mondale". Straight pin on back. Color: GR,WH 1978.13.10 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
100 1978.13.11 Political Pin, Political Button Litho, "Elect Loveless Governor" (Iowa Democratic candidate). Straight pin on back. Color: RD,WH,BL 1978.13.11 (Political Pin, Political Button) image