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Catalog # Name Description
1 1972.38.5 Figurine, Ephemera Silver- colored plastic replica of the Republican elephant symbol. The underside is white.
2 1972.59.1 Thimble, Ephemera "Bart Schwieger Iowa Senate" written in blue on the white thimble. Color: BK,WH
3 1972.59.3 File, Ephemera Emery Board "Henry C. Wulff, Republican House District 33" written in blue letters on the white side. The reverse side is rust in color. Color: WH,BL,OR
4 1972.59.5 Political Pin, Political Button Black pin with "144" in gold numbers. Contained in a blue plastic case. Color: BK,GD
5 1974.67.2 Keyring, Ephemera Attached to red plastic, reading "Key to Good Government Robert D. Ray Governor." Color: RD
6 1974.67.3 File, Ephemera Emery board - Black on yellow on obverse, with stylized "R" and the inscription "'Bob' Lounsberry for Secretary of Agriculture". Color: BK,YL
7 1975.48.1 Comb, Ephemera "Vote Frerichs for County Recorder". Color: RD
8 1975.48.2 File, Ephemera Emery Board "Vote Minnette Doderer, State Senator". Color: RD,WH,BL
9 1976.25.2 Tie Tack, Ephemera Tietack, political; horseshoes and elephant.
10 1976.6.15 File, Ephemera Emery Board Frank Alexander, Black Hawk County Sheriff".
11 1976.81.5 Patch, Ephemera Blue felt material with white "GOP" letters on the side. Color: BL,WH
12 1976.90.12 File, Ephemera Emery Board "Elect Glaza Clerk of Court". Blue third with "Elect" in black letters, a white third with "Glaza, Clerk of Court" in black letters and a red third of the file without writing.
13 1976.94.5 Pen, Ephemera "Carter/Mondale '76". top half of ball point pen is green, bottom half is white with "Carter-Mondale '76" in green letters. Catalog number on middle silver band. Color: GR,WH
14 1976.94.6 Pencil, Ephemera "Carter-Mondale '76" pencil. White pencil with green letters. Color: WH,GR
15 1978.13.5 Plate Cup plate of "Henry Clay" political campaign commemorative plate, cut with decorative designs, with the name "Henry Clay" and profile head in the center.
16 1980.20.10 Matchbook, Ephemera "MCGOVERN for PRESIDENT '72". (Matchbook only; no matches).
17 1980.20.11 Stamp Stamp "Wallace for President". Object shows picture of the presidential candidate in a black and white photo. Letters are black with a white background. Back of stamp is whte and border has ridges on three sides. Color: WH,BK
18 1980.20.13 Key Chain, Ephemera Two parts. a. Keychain; photo of George Wallace. b. Keychain holder.
19 1980.20.15 Balloon, Ephemera Political, white, "GOP" Color: WH
20 1980.20.28 Portfolio, Bag Navy blue and thin, as if to hold only papers. Front says "Hughes for President" in white letters, and the back is plain. A small, seamed plastic border of the same color runs around the perimeter. Color: BL,WH
21 1980.30.23 Pencil, Ephemera World War Two era; inscription on white enamel paint, "BUY DEFENSE STAMPS AND BONDS, AND BURY THE JAPS ACROSS THE POND." "HELP ELECT DICK CROSNOE CANDIDATE FOR COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT NO. 1", "RUBBER USED FOR ERASERS, NOW USED TO "RUB OUT" JAPS!", photograph of candidate. Color: WH
22 1980.42.1 Tile, Ephemera Political campaign tile, 1980 Jimmy Carter Presidential campaign; white glazed face, 3 1/2' diameter black and white photographs of President Jimmy Carter at center; top and bottom tile edge inscribed in blue lettering, "MUSKINGUM COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY BANQUET" "WITH 'CHIP' CARTER FOR THE PRESIDENT"; reverse embosdsed "1-011", raised rib-like pattern. Color: Bk,WH,BL
23 1980.45.105 Balloon, Ephemera Elongated; Democratic Party Iowa Congressional race; black printed inscription, "BLOUIN Democrat for Congress". Color: WH,BK
24 1983.1 Jewlery, Tie Tack Tie tack for the campaign of Cooper Evans. Still attached to the original contribution request form.
25 1989.43.727 Earring, Ephemera Gold elephants. Flat with "GOP" on the front. a and b. Color: GD 1989.43.727 (Earring, Ephemera) image
26 2020-FIC-101 Coin Coin depiciting Nixon and Lodge, "Win in sixty with Nixon and Lodge", "We don't care how you vote Just so it's republican" on back with image of elephant and G.O.P. copyright 1960
27 2020-FIC-102 Coin Coin depicting Johnson and Kennedy, "Kennedy and Johnson...The best men for the job", "Put a democrat back in the white house Vote Democratic" image of donkey on back, copyright 1960. 
28 2020-FIC-5 Ephemera, Cigarette Eisenhower for President election paraphernalia cigarettes with "I Like Ike" and photograph of Eisenhower. Was never opened and produced by the Tobacco Blending Corporation. 
29 2021-5-1 Ephemera 2020 presidential election sticker for Joe Biden campaign. Round sticker, with "BIDEN" in the center, and "PRESIDENT" underneath. Below this is a CWA Union Label logo, and at the bottom is "www.joebiden.com."
30 UNIM1988.11.304C Political Pin, Ephemera Political stick pin worn on clothing or jacket. Small white elephant pin with red lining or trim. The letters "G.O.P." are in the center of the pin standing for Grand Old Party or to represent the Republican Party. UNIM1988.11.304C (Political Pin, Ephemera) image