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1 00.1.16 Box, exhibit Exhibit box 19. Manufacture of iron. A. Extraction of Iron.
2 00.1.17 Kit Twelve parts. a. Lead glance; silver, bright. b. Balma-slick. small ore, in a bottle; gray. c. Roasted lead ore; dark gray. d. Coke for burning; dark gray. e. Reheating slag ferriferous reducing flux; dark gray. f. Zinc; gray & white. g. Settling cinder; dark gray. h. Lead matt; dark gray. i. Cubrifer's slag lead; gray, smooth. j. Folled lead; gray, bendable. k.Tube lead; gray cylinder. l. Lead oxide; orange brown, in bottle. m. Oxide; orange, in bottle. Color: GY,WH
3 00.1.18 Kit Eleven parts. a. Zinc, blende; gray. b. Balmey silicous; brown. c. Zinc blende-slick; gray powder. d. Coal for reducing in the zinc muffle. c. Zinc blende roasted; brown powder. f. Rough zinc; gray. g. Sheet zinc; gray-dark. h. Galvanized iron - sheet; light gray. i. Zinc white figment. j. Tin - stone; gray/brown. k. Tin - ore; gray. l. Zinc foil; gray sheet, shining. Color: GY,BR
4 00.1.20 Kit, hardness scale Scale of hardness set of 11 rocks.
5 00.1.21 Kit, hardness scale Mohs Scale of Hardness. 11 numbered rocks.
6 00.1.24 Mortar & Pestle Two parts, a. and b.
7 00.1.25 Mortar & Pestle Two parts, a. Mortar. b. Pestle. Color: GY
8 00.7.73 Kit, teaching Exhibit box 26. Chemical manufacture of potatoes. Color: BK,BR,TN,CL,ML