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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.30.169A Sherd, pottery A Brown Pottery sherd, imbedded rocks.
2 00.30.169B Sherd, pottery A Red Pottery sherd, the Front face is red with Burnishing Marks, the back face is black
3 Core Small white core from stone, one side is completely smooth while the other is raised. 
4 Axe Large stone made of pink, red, orange, brown quartzite. Object has dirty spot on bottom which has many small holes. Edges are thinned. 
5 00.30.90 Celt None
6 00.30.91 Lithic Lithic made of quartzite. The shape of the piece looks very much like a projectile point. Edges are rough and appear to be serrated. The tip of the lithic is askew. Lithic appears to be made of one consistent material (beige). One side of the piece has a small discolored divot near the top. There are a few dots of brown that speckle the piece. The other side of the lithic has a bump with a sharp tip near the base of the side. This side also has a small flat chunk missing, located to the left of the bump.  00.30.91 (Lithic) image