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Catalog # Name Description
1 Hammerstone Hammerstone with middle notched all the way around. On the back of the stone there is a large portion that had been taken off.  There is still some recent usage marks. 
2 Grooved Axe 3/4 grooved axe, groove goes right down the middle. One side os completely flat, while one face has been flaked. The groove of the axe is smooth, while the rest is rough. Broken into two pieces. 
3 Grinding Stone Polishing stone shaped to fit the hand. Might have been used to polish axes and smooth carvings. 3/4 grooved, smooth, rounded with a flat bottom that is discolored and gray.  Small chip near the bottom. Collected July 1924 at site 15-3-7. This is object # 9 in Dr. Cable's Record book.
4 Hammerstone Oplonged egg shapped hammerstone that has a smooth surface and is rough around the edges. 3/4 grooth that is slightly off centered.  Various white lines due to working with stone. 
5 Rock White quartzite rock, does not seem to have a purpose. 
6 Hammerstone Multicolored rock with one side somewhat flat. There seems to be a notch to hold the stone to use it as a hammer. Orange and red appear on the rock. 
7 Rock Large rock with no discernerable purpose. There is a ridge on one side which has red stone on one side only. Many small air holes in the rock. 
8 Disk Quarter of a stone disc. 12 notches on the curved side. 
9 Rock Red rock with no discernable use. Rock is dirty but lighter colors can be seen under layers. 
10 Grooved Axe Rough full grooved axe with a large chip on the blade and one side of the axe measuring 1.5cm in length.  Each edge and corner of the axe is squared off instead of being having founded edges.  The axe was found in Estavon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  
11 Bead Red trade bead, chipped, carmel colored through center, some chatter (oval fractures) marks visible. Color: RD (Bead) image
12 Celt Multicolored flint celt. 
13 Tomahawk Multicolored chalcedonic flint tomahawk. 
14 Arrowhead Smooth gray stone arrowhead. Large corner notches, smooth bottom, curved point. 
15 Hammerstone Oblonged egg shape with a smooth exterior.  Red rock with black flecks.
16 Blade Large stone that has been sharpened to have a bladed edge. Easy to hold. 
17 Projectile Point large Tan stone projectile point
18 Projectile Point White stone projectile point
19 Spearhead Flint spearhead, deeply knapped as there are many large grooves in the stone. 
20 Projectile Point large Tan stone projectile point
21 Blade Blade of Quartzite. 
22 Scraper Black stone scraper. Knapped to form blade.
23 Fishing Weight White stone fishing weight with 5 prominent notches for string to be wrapped around before being cast into water. There are many tool marks in the stone. REF is carved into the stone but has been attempted to be scratched off. 
24 Scraper Small scraper made from stone that is pink, white, and gray. 
25 Core Core that is triangular shaped with two of the points being cut straight. One side is mostly smooth with opposite side having 5 ridges. Multicolored with red, orange, yellow, brown. 
26 Hammerstone 3/4 grooved, the groove is very smooth, as is the rest of the object.  One end of the hammerstone is flat and sort of rough,  The groove is a darker black color while the rest is gray and black.  There is a chip on one end of the hammerstone.
27 Hammerstone Grooved hammerstone that shows evidence of being broken, flattened on one side and transformed into a cupstone.  There are two holes used to crack open nuts, one bigger thatn the other for different sized nuts.  
28 Hammerstone Fully grooved hammer stone made of quarts. Both ends are rounded with one being larger. 
29 Hammerstone 3/4 grooved maul.  The band of the groove is darker than the edges of the groove.  The groove is also wider and deeper opposite of where the groove tapers off. 
30 Maul Full grooved maul, the groove itself is not very pronounced but does encirlce the entire piece.  There are red specks throughout the maul, but more predominantley near the groove.
31 Maul Full grooved maul that is not completely centered, but offset to one side.  The groove is also fairly thin around the enire maul, deeper at one end than the other.  One side of maul is completely chipped off, while the other end is put together but has very small chips from use.  
32 Maul Full grooved maul, pieces that are chipped away show lighter shade of stone than the whole piece.  The lighter pieces show use.  The groove is a deep divot through out and slightly offset.  
33 Hammerstone 3/4 grooved smooth hammerstone. The bottom is rough in texture where it's broken in half.  One end of the hammerstone is flat and very smooth while the other end is rough showing evidence of use.
34 00.30.54 Carving Carved sandstone of human figure. 00.30.54 (Carving) image