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Catalog # Name Description
1 Lamp, Gas Gas lamp that is metal and painted to be gold. The colour is tarnished but the stem shows delicate designs of flowers. (Lamp, Gas) image
2 Lamp, Gas Glass globe to a gas lamp. There are grapes and other patterns that are clear on the frosted glass. The bottom of the glass has a lip that curves out to fit on the stand of the lamp. The top of the globe is also open but with a wider and less dramatic lip. (Lamp, Gas) image
3 Lantern, tallow Tallow candles with four sides of glass. The glass is broken on one side and it is dirty or chipped on other sides. The top has holes punched in each of the sides. (Lantern, tallow) image
4 Candlestick Solid brass base plate; riveted finger loop on interior base. (Candlestick) image
5 Measure Circular.
6 1969.39.1 Lamp, oil Oil lamp top.
7 1970.17.12 Lamp Nightlight; battery operated. Has an engraved ribbon and flowers design. The bottom screws off so batteries can be placed on the inside. 1970.17.12 (Lamp) image
8 1971.20 Candlestick Cobra Candelabra. Very delicate and intricate designs on the cobra. The Candle holder has a star or a flower in delicate lines carved on the wax plate.
9 1974.23.77 Lantern, candle Coal miner's. Metal with two clear mica sides. Push up door on bottom. Handle on one side. Small candle in inside corner. Printing on one side says "Miner's Patent Jan. 24th 1865." From Virginia. Patented Jan. 24, 1865. 1974.23.77 (Lantern, candle) image
10 1977.47.109 Candlestick Brass bowl shape, large brass loop handle, cut-out designs on sides, candle holder on inside center.
11 1980.47.2 Lantern, railroad Wire frame body with large wire loop handle, and hinged ventilated top; top of lantern embossed, 'THE ADMAS & WESTLAKE CO. NEW YORK, CHICAGO, PHILA., "ADLAKE", "RELIABLE", rim of top stamped with various patent dates, last being, "APR 1, 1913"; balck painted finish; kerosene tank, burner & wick in bottom of ventilated metal base; tapered clear glass globe, embossed, "I.C.R.R."
12 1989.43.754 Lamp, oil Glass bottom. Have to turn handle to get the wick to come up. "Nutmeg" is printed on the glass.
13 1990.50.3 Candlestick Base screws on and is easily removable to store.