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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.9.2.1 Bag Straw. (# inside lid). 1968.9.2.1 (Bag) image
2 1968.9.5.1 Basket Multi-colored woven basket, red, yellow, green, and violet. Heavy red edge. Color: RD,YL,GR,LV 1968.9.5.1 (Basket) image
3 1968.9.6.2 Basket Small woven basket, natural color trimmed with violet, pink, and green. Has lid, latch, and handle. Color: TN,LV,PK,GR 1968.9.6.2 (Basket) image
4 1968.9.6.4 Bag Colored strips sewed together on a backing of soft brown paper, which lines the bag. Strips form two horeshoe-shaped patterns. Edge strip continues to top to form handle with hole cut out and lined with another strip. Color: BR,YL,GR,PK 1968.9.6.4 (Bag) image
5 1972.18.17 Bag Shopping bag. Natural color straw with rectangles marked off in blue, orange, and green dyed straw woven into bag. Front has 4 large bright flowers embroidered in bulky straw; purple, pink above, and pink, yellow below, all with yellow centers. Leaves green, stems purple. "HAITI" in pink embroidered on front. Natural color straw handles above, 18" each side, straw bottom on one side above, loop opposite side for closing. Lined in cotton fabric. Color: YL,GR,PK 1972.18.17 (Bag) image
6 1988.21.10 Basket Oval, shallow. Straw-wrapped coils with bow-shaped handles on each end. Color: TN,RD,GR 1988.21.10 (Basket) image
7 1990.21.0060 Tray Basketry tray with domed center. Outer rim is edged with an open zig-zag weaving. Color: TN,RD,BL-GR,BK 1990.21.0060 (Tray) image
8 1990.21.0061 Tray Zig-zag weave worked around the rim. Lettering covers one side of interior; a gold star fills the center and a crescent shape decorates the other side of the interior. Color: ML 1990.21.0061 (Tray) image
9 1990.21.0062 Tray Green, red, tan and purple fibre. Color: ML
10 1990.21.0069 Container Colorful basket. Four leather thongs are attached to the outer rim, 3 cowrie shells decorate where leather is sewed to the edge. Rim is edged in red plastic strip. Geometric patterns ring around the basket, separated by strips of solid colors. Outside of basket more ornate than the inside. Color: RD,TN,PR,BL,YL 1990.21.0069 (Container) image
11 1996.30.1 Basket Basically rectangular, woven of 5/8" thin wood slats over woven with twisted cord, interspersed with three horizontal stripes of 5 narrow wood slats. Two parallel braided cord handles. Color: BR 1996.30.1 (Basket) image
12 2003.13.25 Doll Woven straw. Has hat and belt and fingers, all made of straw as well. Color: YL 2003.13.25 (Doll) image
13 2005.2.26 Basket Woven shallow basket in circular shape. Rim decorated with small cowrie shells. Design has 3 stripes of yelllow-dyed straw grass varied with plain tan straw. In center is a 5-petaled flower. Color: TN,YL,PK 2005.2.26 (Basket) image
14 2010.17.0034 Cover, food woven millet grasses and fabric pieces and wool (dyed) tuffs, large bowl shaped
15 2010.4.11 Basket, hanging one smaller round basket (a.), thick rimmed edges with 3 brass or metal chains protruding from sides (12", 3 1/2") underneath of which is a larger round basket (17", 15") (b.) from which an extention of those chains (c.) is attached to its sides, both pieces are then attached to the final extention of metal chains with a small hook at the top, from which to hang them, simple design with a series of star like weavings Color: TN, BRS