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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.100 Fan Decorative; (Black and natural zigzag pattern.) Color: BK, TN 1968.10.100 (Fan) image
2 1968.10.101 Fan Decorative; Black and natural straight line design. Double circular rim below. Color: BK,TN 1968.10.101 (Fan) image
3 1968.10.102 Fan Decorative; Black and natural design of rows of diamond shapes. Color: BK,TN 1968.10.102 (Fan) image
4 1968.10.18 Mat Large. Color: TN, OR, BK 1968.10.18 (Mat) image
5 1968.10.19 Fan Decorative rice fan, Large center square divided into 9 squares. Numbered below edge of mat. Color: BK,TN 1968.10.19 (Fan) image
6 1968.10.511 Fan Rice fan with natural color with 3 strand black cross throught center from side to side. Color: TN, BK 1968.10.511 (Fan) image
7 1968.10.512 Fan, rice Natural color with black and natural (3 strands black alternating with 2 strands natural) cross through center from side to side. Color: TN, BK
8 1968.10.513 Fan Rice fan 1968.10.513 (Fan) image
9 1968.10.514 Fan Rice fan 1968.10.514 (Fan) image
10 1968.10.515 Fan Rice fan 1968.10.515 (Fan) image
11 1970.78.15.25 Basket Storage basket with lid.
12 1973.54.5.2 Platter Woven, circular. Around outer edge small loops are woven in colors of red, black, brown and green. Patterns with color are carried out with each wovern rung. Also has stripes throughout the color going in toward the center of the circle. Quite flat. Color: ML 1973.54.5.2 (Platter) image
13 1978.46.82 Tray Woven;, low outer rim, wrapped edge. Color: PR,GR,TN 1978.46.82 (Tray) image
14 2010.4.15.1 Bowl medium sized multicolored bowl used for utilitarian purposes, light weight, round with teal and violet triangles along the edges and a design of either color in the middle or base of the bowl in a swirl, there is also a loop (small) at one of the edges, possibly to be hung up, made from wild grain stalks and grasses, piece # 1 in set of 7 bowls, from larger set of 12 items Color: GRN, PR, TN 2010.4.15.1 (Bowl) image