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1 00.39.17 Chair Chair of Homer H. Seerly, Presient of ISNS and ISTC from 1886-1928.
2 00.39.18 Sculpture Ceramic copy of the bronze Joan of Arc at Doremy done by Henri Chapu exhibited 1870, c. 1875-90)
3 1985.8.4 Extinguisher Phister No. 3 Fire extinguisher with 3 1/2 gallon cannister of carbon tetrachloride (empty). Cannister is attached to a metal carrier, with fabric straps attaching from the carrier to the front of the cannister that hold the rubber hose. Manufactored by The Phister MFG Co. in Cinncinnati, Ohio. US Patents 1794982 and 1918930.
4 2015-10-85 Paddle Large wooden fraternity paddle with a hole in the top circle. From the TCHS Letterman's Club and these letters are printed in black. 2015-10-85 (Paddle) image
5 2017-25-4 Light TV keg light on folding tripod metal stand with wheels. Spotlight has a metal body with Bardwell & McAllister, Inc., Burbank, CA on badge and name in raised letters in metal. Glass lens is recessed into metal body. Patent #2,083,506 (June 8th 1937) which pertained to the focusing mechanism. Used in Herb Hake Studio