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1 Clipping "Remember the Days Before". Color: BK,WH German propaganda leaflets fired at American troops in a Normandy hedgerow during the June 1944 invasion of France. Picked up near Saint Vith by Lieutenant Bovee. (Clipping) image
2 Sticker, bumper "McCarthy for President". Color: BK,BL
3 1968.9.42.2 Post Card Six sample pieces of sponges fastened onto a post card. Varietes are wire, wool, silk, finger, grass (vase) yellow.
4 1970.65 Sticker, bumper "Gross", blue letters on luminous orange background; 1970. Color: BL,RD 1970.65 (Sticker, bumper) image
5 1971.2.1 Postcard Depicts the gym and tennis court of ISNS, from west of what is now called West Gym. Color: ML 1971.2.1 (Postcard) image
6 1971.2.2 Postcard Unposted; depicting the ISNS gym, the auditoriums and the old administration building. Two horizontal images on face of card. Color: ML 1971.2.2 (Postcard) image
7 1971.4.1 Postcard ISNS. Shows mainly the Auditorium AND Wright Hall, from the northeast.. Color: BK,WH 1971.4.1 (Postcard) image
8 1971.4.2 Postcard ISNS (Iowa State Normal School), # 1732. Color: BK,WH 1971.4.2 (Postcard) image
9 1971.4.3 Postcard ISNS (Iowa State Normal School), color; Auditorium, Administration. Two horizontal images on face of card. Color: ML 1971.4.3 (Postcard) image
10 1971.4.4 Postcard Color; ISNS. No. 2294, ISNS from Southeast. Color: BK,WH 1971.4.4 (Postcard) image
11 1971.7 Postcard Shows Costa Rican oxcart. Side view. Color: RD,GR,YL 1971.7 (Postcard) image
12 1972.19 Card, identification Finance Committee for the re-election of the President, 1972. Color: SL 1972.19 (Card, identification) image
13 1972.33 Stamp Nixon stamps. (25). 1972.33 (Stamp) image
14 1972.38.1 Sticker, bumper White background with red and blue letters, "Democrats for Nixon". Color: RD,WH,BL
15 1972.38.18.1 Booklet For Neil Stadlman, Republican candidate for Secretary of Agriculture. Color: BK,WH
16 1972.38.18.10 Leaflet Nixon neighborhood volunteer folder. Color: WH,BL,RD 1972.38.18.10 (Leaflet) image
17 1972.38.18.11 Leaflet Picture of president Nixon at his White House desk. Campaign information entitled "The Record" is on the reverse side. Color: ML 1972.38.18.11 (Leaflet) image
18 1972.38.18.2 Booklet For Neil Stadlman, Republican candidate for Secretary of Agriculture. Color: BK,WH 1972.38.18.2 (Booklet) image
19 1972.38.18.3 Handbill Robert H. Lounsberry, Republican candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. Reverse side has county serial numbers, population in thousands, and mileage to Iowa county seat towns. 1972.38.18.3 (Handbill) image
20 1972.38.18.4 Handbill On Governor Ray. "Ray for Young People". Color: YL,RD,BK 1972.38.18.4 (Handbill) image
21 1972.38.18.8 Booklet On Republicans; Robert D. Ray for governor; reverse side has county serial numbers. Color: BK,WH 1972.38.18.8 (Booklet) image
22 1972.38.18.9 Handbill Sheet on voting on required unlimited annual sessions of the Iowa Legislature. a. Five duplicates of this sheet, "Vote No Annual Sessions". b. Envelope. 1972.38.18.9 (Handbill) image
23 1972.38.2 Sticker, bumper White background with blue letters stating "President Nixon". Red and blue striped border edge on the top and bottom. Color: RD,WH,BL
24 1972.38.20 Sticker, bumper Red lettered, bearing the words "Re-elect U. S. Senator Miller" on a black background. Color: BK,RD
25 1972.38.21 Sticker, bumper "Stanley Republican for U. S. Senator" in black letters on a white background. Color: WH,BK
26 1972.38.3 Sticker, bumper "President Nixon. Now more than ever." on a white background with a red and blue striped border edge on the top and bottom. Color: RD,WH,BL
27 1972.38.4 Sticker, bumper "Nixon Now" on a white background with a red and blue striped border edge on the top and bottom. Color: RD,WH,BL
28 1972.54.1 Postcard Proposed Campanile of the ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa. It took a 1 cent stamp to mail the card. There is a picture of the proposed Campanile.
29 1972.58.13 Sticker, bumper "McGovern" with red letters on a white background. Color: RD,WH
30 1972.58.14 Sticker, bumper "O'Halloran for State Representative campaign bumper sticker with white letters on a blue background. Color: WH,BL
31 1972.58.15 Sticker, bumper "CLARK U.S. SENATE" Union label lower right, Black lettering, orange background Color: RD,WH,BL
32 1972.58.6 Sticker, bumper "I am for Mc Govern" with white letters on a navy blue background. Color: BL,WH
33 1972.58.7 Sticker, bumper "Iowa wants McGovern" with black letters and a picture of Iowa on a red-orange background. Color: BK,RD-OR
34 1972.59.11 Handbill On Governor Ray. Color: BK,WH,YL 1972.59.11 (Handbill) image
35 1972.59.14 Sticker, bumper "Gov. Ray Republican"; red letters on a yellow background. Color: RD,YL 1972.59.14 (Sticker, bumper) image
36 1972.59.15 Sticker, bumper Blue letters on a white backbround with a red and blue border. "President Nixon". Color: RD,WH,BL
37 1972.59.16 Sticker, bumper "Nixon Now" bumper sticker with blue and red letters on a white background with a red and blue border trim. Color: RD,WH,BL
38 1972.59.8 Sticker, bumper "Nixon - Agnew", with white lettering on a blue and red background. Color: RD,WH,BL
39 1972.59.9 Sticker, bumper "Nixon, Now More Than Ever".
40 1972.63.2 Handbill "Elect Bill Rocap U. S. Senator from American Indpendent Party" campaign literature. A picture of Rocap is on the front. Color: BL,WH 1972.63.2 (Handbill) image
41 1972.78 Ballot For Iowa General Election November 7, 1972 for 18th senatorial district, 36th representative district. Published in The Northern Iowan, November 7, 1972, page 8.
42 1972.79 Card, greeting On a card inscribed at the top, "Flowers from the Holy Land for you at this Birthday Season!" Written on reverse side, "With love and prayers, M. G. and Blanche Griebenow." Color: ML 1972.79 (Card, greeting) image
43 1973.19.1 Postcard Cross & Co. Bookstore, Cedar Falls, IA Color: BK,WH 1973.19.1 (Postcard) image
44 1973.19.12 Postcard Presbyterian Church, Mila, Ia. Small white wooden structure with bell tower in corner of two wings. Color: BK,WH 1973.19.12 (Postcard) image
45 1973.19.15 Postcard Churches of Britt, Iowa, 1914. 5 churches are shown and labeled. Addressed to Miss Florence Sterling, Prairie City, Iowa. Signed by Lydea. September 8, 1914. Color: ML 1973.19.15 (Postcard) image
46 1973.19.16 Postcard Easter postcard, "Easter Greetings". Sparkled cross on cover. Given to Miss Florence Sterling, Cedar Falls, Ia. by M. Heathirs. No date or return address. Color: ML 1973.19.16 (Postcard) image
47 1973.19.17 Postcard Man hooking a giant trout. Reads "I enjoyed every moment at Montevideo, Minn." To Florence from R. No date or address given. Color: BK,WH 1973.19.17 (Postcard) image
48 1973.19.20 Postcard Postcard, 1920. Seven tulips of various colors on front of card. No addresses, dates, or messages on card. Color: ML 1973.19.20 (Postcard) image
49 1973.19.4 Postcard ISNS. Shows Old Gilchrist Hall and old Auditorium, now Lang Hall. Labeled "View under Trees". Color: BK,WH 1973.19.4 (Postcard) image
50 1973.19.7 Postcard ISTC library. Color: ML 1973.19.7 (Postcard) image