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101 1973.41.4.5 Postcard Black and white. Shows two San Blas Island Indian women in native dress in front of hut. in background, 3 sailing boats in front of hut. Written in white across bottom "San Blas Indian Women in Native Dress." On reverse side, "POST CARD CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS. PLACE STAMP HERE." Color: BK,WH 1973.41.4.5 (Postcard) image
102 1973.41.4.50 Postcard Shows view of Panama City from the sea wall; ocean on left and city on right and in background. Written in white on bottom of card is "A View from the Sea Wall, Panama, R.P.'' On back is printed "POST CARD CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS PLACE STAMP HERE." Color: BK,WH 1973.41.4.50 (Postcard) image
103 1973.41.4.6 Postcard Black and white. Shows cart loaded with logs pulled by 2 oxen with driver on top of logs. Written in white across bottom "NATIVE SCENE (OXCART) Ade PANAMA 5-42-3." On reverse side, "POST CARD CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS. PLACE STAMP HERE." Color: BK,WH 1973.41.4.6 (Postcard) image
104 1973.41.4.7 Postcard Black and white. Shows 2 oxcarts each with 2 oxen, loaded with what appears to be bundles of paper. Drivers are standing with pole to drive oxen. Written in white across bottom "Oxcarts in Panama Interior." On reverse side, "POST CARD CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS. PLACE STAMP HERE." On left side "REPRODUCCION PROHIBIDA FOTO FLATAU - PANAMA." Color: BK,WH 1973.41.4.7 (Postcard) image
105 1973.41.4.8 Postcard Shows a horse grazing on a hillside with trees and vbillage in background. Written in white on bottom "Idyllic Panama Interior." and on reverse "POST CARD CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS. PLACE STAMP HERE." On left margin "REPRODUCCION PROHIBIDA FOTO FLATAU - PANAMA." Color: BK,WH 1973.41.4.8 (Postcard) image
106 1973.41.4.9 Postcard Man on horseback herding cattle along a road bordered by fence on left and a row of trees on right. A mountain is in the background. Written in white across bottom is "A scene in the valley of El Valla - Panama." On back of card is "POST CARD CORRESPONDENCE. ADDRESS - PLACE STAMP HERE." Along left side of rear is REPRODUCCION PROHIBIDA FOTO FLATAU - PANAMA." Color: BK,WH 1973.41.4.9 (Postcard) image
107 1973.55.4 Sticker "SKINNY CATS FOR DEMOCRATS". White with blue writing and blue outlined picture of a cat. Copyright 1972 by Democratic National Committee. Printed in a circle on square paper. Color: WH,BL 1973.55.4 (Sticker) image
108 1973.66.1 Postcard ISNS, vertical pennant on a "Digby Post card". Postcard size; on front is a vertical pennant, its wider end has purple felt and its narrower end has gold felt. Centered on the vertical pennant is a white "I". Under this pennant the words "Iowa State Normal school" are printed in black old English lettering. Around this whole thing is a double gold border. On opposite side is a place for the address and stamp. Color: WH,PR,YL 1973.66.1 (Postcard) image
109 1973.77 Card, greeting Christmas. Holy family; Dec. 11, 1973. a. Card. b. Envelope. 1973.77 (Card, greeting) image
110 1973.80.2.3 Postcard Indian weaver. Color: ML 1973.80.2.3 (Postcard) image
111 1973. Postcard Typical oxcart. Color: GR,RD 1973. (Postcard) image
112 1973. Postcard Central Park, San Jose, Costa Rica. Color: ML 1973. (Postcard) image
113 1973. Postcard Typical oxcart; with girls. Color: GR,RD,WH 1973. (Postcard) image
114 1974.22.2 Notebook Of James E. Walmsley, General election, 11/3/64. Front says "Vote for James E. Walmsley". Color: BK,WH 1974.22.2 (Notebook) image
115 1974.54.1 Handbill The Democrats. Yellow paper with black print. Portraits of Democratic presidents on cover, photographs of candidates inside. Color: YL,BK 1974.54.1 (Handbill) image
116 1974.64.3 Sticker "Stanley for U. S. Senate. Yellow letters on blue base cut in the shape of a shoe bottom. Printed on nylon. Color: YL,BL 1974.64.3 (Sticker) image
117 1974.67.5 Sticker White with circle to be removed and displayed. In the center of the circle is a green line caricature of an elephant with trunk raised high and the slogan "Trunks UP!" Color: WH,GR 1974.67.5 (Sticker) image
118 1974.70.1 Print, photographic Richard M. Nixon. On back of photo is written in blue, "Should the President be impeached?" Should he resign?" and "Should he remain in office?"; includes envelope. Color: BK,WH,BL 1974.70.1 (Print, photographic) image
119 1974.74.1 Postcard Watercolor print on front showing 3 birch trees in foreground and a clump of buildings in the background. Printed at upper left is "My Birthday Wish. May all life's pathways be, for you bright and sunny, with skies of blue." Color: ML 1974.74.1 (Postcard) image
120 1974.74.2 Card, greeting Christmas. On front is the UNI seal and the words "Christmas Greetings". Gold print on heavy cream-white paper. 1974.74.2 (Card, greeting) image
121 1974.9.1 Postcard Shows "The Laboratory", ISTC. Sabin Hall, formerly the laboratory school on campus. Color: BK,WH 1974.9.1 (Postcard) image
122 1975.16.1.9 Postcard From caption on reverse:"SCHOOL HOUSE INTERIOR/Geauga County Historical Society/Burton, Ohio 44021/Children come from all over Northeastern Ohio/to see how the pupils were taught the three R's to/the tune of the hickory stick. Built in 1872, it was/last used as a classroom in 1926." Color: ML 1975.16.1.9 (Postcard) image
123 1975.31.22 Postcard Depicts Polish folk dance: MAZUR. By famous Polish artist A. Stryjenska. Color print of a dancing couple. Color: ML 1975.31.22 (Postcard) image
124 1975.31.23 Postcard Depicts Polish folk dance: OBEREK. By famous Polish artist Z. Stryjenska. Color print of dancing couple. Color: ML 1975.31.23 (Postcard) image
125 1975.31.24 Postcard Depicts Polish folk dance: CORALSKI. By famous Polish artist Z. Stryjenska. Color print of dancing couple. Color: ML 1975.31.24 (Postcard) image
126 1975.4.126 Folio "Blackfeet Indians, Glacier National Park, souvenir folder." Pictures of Blackfeet on the reservation at Glacier National Park in Montana. Shown are some individual tribal members and their way of life. From the late 1910s. 1975.4.126 (Folio) image
127 1975.4.90 Clipping, newspaper Of day following election of 1920. Warren G. Harding, President-elect, Calvin Coolidge, Vice-President-elect with photos of both and headline reading: "Lead G.O.P. Cohorts to Wonderful Victory." 1975.4.90 (Clipping, newspaper) image
128 1975.52 Newspaper, article City of Cedar Falls city election from 11/4/75 election. Clipping from the Cedar Falls Record, 11/5/75.
129 1976.24.22 Sticker, bumper "CARTER for President" with union label and the number 13 under the word "for". Paper backing peels off to expose adhesive backing. Color: WH,GR
130 1976.6.10 Political Pin, Political Button 1972 membership for McGovern Million-Member Club. a. Button (pin). "I BELONG MCGOVERN MMM MILLION-MEMBER CLUB. HOW ABOUT YOU?" White above and below red and blue center stripes with blue letters. White lettering on red and blue center stripes. b. Card, white with red, white, and blue patch like center stripes on pin, "McGovern MMM MILLION-MEMBER CLUB." ________HAS MADE A CONTRIBUTION TO MCGOVERN-FOR-PRESIDENT AND IS HEREBY RECOGNIZED AS "ONE IN A MILLION" signed by illegible-named campaign director. c. Card for attachment of above two items. Color: Rd,WH,BL 1976.6.10 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
131 1976.6.17 Postcard Old Administration Building, (now Lang Hall), UNI campus. Color: ML 1976.6.17 (Postcard) image
132 1976.6.18 Postcard Auditorium Building, SCI. Color: ML 1976.6.18 (Postcard) image
133 1976.6.19 Postcard Women's Gym-ISTC. Color: ML 1976.6.19 (Postcard) image
134 1976.6.20 Postcard Men's Gymnasium- SCI. Color: ML 1976.6.20 (Postcard) image
135 1976.6.21 Postcard Commons-SCI. Color: ML 1976.6.21 (Postcard) image
136 1976.6.22 Postcard Baker Hall - SCI. Color: ML 1976.6.22 (Postcard) image
137 1976.6.23 Postcard Regents Hall Complex- SCI, 1961. Color: ML 1976.6.23 (Postcard) image
138 1976.6.24 Postcard Library- SCI, 1964. Color: ML 1976.6.24 (Postcard) image
139 1976.6.26 Postcard "Monument to the Elm," Lutheran Student Center at UNI, 1974. Color: ML 1976.6.26 (Postcard) image
140 1976.7 Postcard Streetcar #381, which ran between Cedar Falls and Waterloo from 1896 to 1958. Purchased for 10 cents by Pauline Sauer for the museum. Color: ML 1976.7 (Postcard) image
141 1976.77.2 Sticker, bumper "Keep Grassley in Congress". Chuck Grassley took office in January of 1981 and remains to be a US Senator from Iowa today (10/20/15). A student of UNI when it was still Iowa State Teachers College, he received both his Masters and Bachelors degrees from here. This bumper sticker is in support of Grassley as a Representative of Iowa's 3rd district. Grassley was a member from 1975-1981. 1976.77.2 (Sticker, bumper) image
142 1976.77.3 Sticker, bumper "McCarthy '76" with white letters on blue background. Color: BL,WH
143 1976.78.1.2 Sticker, bumper "Ford, Dole". "Ford" on left side, white letters on blue background. "Dole" on right side, white letters on red background.
144 1976.78.3 Sticker, Political Sticker- Round sticker attached to a square backing. The backing is white in color while the sticker is blue on top and red below with a white border. On the blue section in white letters is "Ford," while "Dole" is in white letters on the red. There is a white line seperating the two sections. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.78.3 (Sticker, Political) image
145 1976.80.3 Sticker "Jimmy Carter for President" White letters on green background. In center is picture of Carter on white background. Color: WH,GR 1976.80.3 (Sticker) image
146 1976.80.7 Sticker "Your vote will be appreciated, Isabelle Frerichs for Auditor." Black lettering on gold background. Color: BK,GD 1976.80.7 (Sticker) image
147 1976.90.7 Sticker "Ford, Dole" campaign for Republican presidential candidates. "Ford" on top half of seal in white letters on blue background. "Dole" on bottom half of seal in white letters on red background. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.90.7 (Sticker) image
148 1976.90.8 Sticker, bumper "Democrat, Rapp, Congress". For District 3 candidate for the U. S. House of Representatives, from Iowa. Has "Democrat" and "Congress" in white letters on blue background on top and bottom of sticker. "Rapp" in red letters on white background across the middle of the sticker. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.90.8 (Sticker, bumper) image
149 1976.94.3 Sticker, bumper "Carter". Color: WH,GR
150 1976.94.4 Sticker, bumper "Carter/Mondale". "Carter" in white letters on dark green background and "Mondale" on white background in green letters. The bumper sticker is divided in half with the division running from bottom left corner to upper right. Color: WH,GR