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151 1977.46 Postcard Faculty of the ISTC, 1914-15.. The front of the post card, gray in color, is covered with the small photographs of the faculty members. The reverse of the card is an advertisement for a photographer: Veatch, The Picture Man. Color: BK,WH 1977.46 (Postcard) image
152 1977.62 Card, greeting Christmas. a. Card. b. Brown envelope. 1977.62 (Card, greeting) image
153 1978.63.2 Sticker, bumper Round, blue, white lettering, "Grassley works", waxed paper backing attached. Chuck Grassley took office in January of 1981 and remains to be a US Senator from Iowa today (10/20/15). A student of UNI when it was still Iowa State Teachers College, he received both his Masters and Bachelors degrees from here. This bumper sticker is in support of Grassley as a Representative of Iowa's 3rd district. Grassley was a member from 1975-1981. 1978.63.2 (Sticker, bumper) image
154 1978.63.3 Postcard "Application for Absentee Ballot", addressed to "Black Hawk County Commissioner of Elections, Post Office Box 2624 Waterloo, Iowa 50705", white paper card, black lettering, individual information requests. Color: WH,BK 1978.63.3 (Postcard) image
155 1978.63.6 Postcard "Voter Registration By Mail form", addressed to, "County Auditor--Commissioner of Elections, Courthouse, City_____, Iowa, zip code_____" white paper card, black print lettering, individual information requests. Color: WH,BK 1978.63.6 (Postcard) image
156 1978.72 Card, greeting Christmas. Addressed to, "Ms. Pauline L. Sauer, 610 West 28th Street, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613", dated postmark, "Dec. 18, 1978", 15c stamp, red paper envelope; white paper card with small village scene on front, card reads, "Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a world of happiness in the coming year", card signed, "John and Elaine Kamerick", (UNI President) a. Red paper envelope. b. White paper Christmas card. Color: RD,WH 1978.72 (Card, greeting) image
157 1979.20.1 Postcard ISNS, Old Gilchrist Hall and Auditorium Building; postmarked, "June 23, 1911". Color: BK,WH 1979.20.1 (Postcard) image
158 1979.20.10 Postcard Iowa State Teachers College ( ISTC) photograph, Science Laboratory Building; postmarked, "June 9, 1915". Color: ML 1979.20.10 (Postcard) image
159 1979.20.11 Postcard Iowa State Teachers College ( ISTC) photograph, Old Auditorium Building; postmarked, no date. Color: BK,WH 1979.20.11 (Postcard) image
160 1979.20.12 Postcard Iowa State Teachers College ( ISTC) photograph, Campus Drive, Old Auditorium Building and Women's Gymnasium; postmarked, no date. Color: BK,WH 1979.20.12 (Postcard) image
161 1979.20.13 Postcard Iowa State Teachers College ( ISTC) photograph, Library Building; postmarked, "August 28, 1915". Color: ML 1979.20.13 (Postcard) image
162 1979.20.14 Postcard Iowa State Teachers College (ISTC) photograph. Old Gilchrist Hall and Old Auditorium building; postmarked, "January 14, 1910". Color: ML 1979.20.14 (Postcard) image
163 1979.20.15 Postcard Cedar Falls, Iowa residence, "Pub. by C. A. McKee, Cedar Falls, Iowa"; postmarked, "September 8, 1910." Color: BK,WH 1979.20.15 (Postcard) image
164 1979.20.2 Postcard ISNS, Science Laboratory Building and Women's Gymnasium; postmarked October 22, 1911. Color: BK,WH 1979.20.2 (Postcard) image
165 1979.20.3 Postcard View of I. S. N. S. campus and Cedar Falls, Iowa, split-photograph; postmarked, "March 10", no year. Color: BK,WH 1979.20.3 (Postcard) image
166 1979.20.4 Postcard "Y. W. C. A. Rest Room, Iowa State Normal School"; postmarked, no date. Color: BK,WH 1979.20.4 (Postcard) image
167 1979.20.5 Postcard ISNS, colored picture of Old Gilchrist Hall; postmarked, "June 19, 1909". Color: ML 1979.20.5 (Postcard) image
168 1979.20.6 Postcard ISNS, Women's Gymnasium and outdoor tennis courts; postmarked "September 3, 1909". Color: BK,WH 1979.20.6 (Postcard) image
169 1979.20.7 Postcard ISNS photograph, Old Auditorium Building; postmarked, "December 18, 1909". Color: ML 1979.20.7 (Postcard) image
170 1979.20.8 Postcard ISNS photograph, Power plant, greenhouse and women's gymnasium; postmarked, "June 15, 1914". Color: BK,WH 1979.20.8 (Postcard) image
171 1979.20.9 Postcard ISTC Library building. Postmarked "July 1, 1913". Color: ML 1979.20.9 (Postcard) image
172 1979.21.2 Postcard ISNS, "View Under Trees, I. S. N. S.", Old Gilcrhist Hall and Old Auditorium Building; postmarked, "May 4, 1909". Color: ML 1979.21.2 (Postcard) image
173 1979.21.3 Postcard ISNS, "Iowa State Normal School", Old Auditorium Building; postmarked, September 4, 1906". "Made in Germany" in lower left corner. Color: ML 1979.21.3 (Postcard) image
174 1979.21.4 Postcard ISNS, Old Gilchrist Hall (Administration Building); postmark, no date. Color: ML 1979.21.4 (Postcard) image
175 1979.21.5 Postcard ISTC, Hospital Building; postmarked, "November 15, 1917". Color: ML 1979.21.5 (Postcard) image
176 1979.45.2 Postcard UNI Library, taken on a spring or summer morning; back labeled, "University Library, University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613. Color: ML 1979.45.2 (Postcard) image
177 1979.52 Handbill Off-white paper, brown lettering, "Vote Haugebak for Progressive Government, Mayor for Cedar Falls" photograph of Marv Haugebak on front cover; contains information concerning Haugebak's "Education & Experience". Color: WH,BR 1979.52 (Handbill) image
178 1979.56.1 Postcard Queensboro Bridge, New York City. Color: ML 1979.56.1 (Postcard) image
179 1979.56.2 Postcard Bedloe's Island and Statue of Liberty. Color: ML 1979.56.2 (Postcard) image
180 1979.56.3 Postcard Metropolitan Life Insurance Building. Color: ML 1979.56.3 (Postcard) image
181 1979.56.4 Postcard Chinatown, New York City. Street scene. Color: ML 1979.56.4 (Postcard) image
182 1979.56.5 Postcard Yankee Stadium, by Irving Underhill. Color: ML 1979.56.5 (Postcard) image
183 1979.8 Postcard ISNS Syrian student, on obverse labeled "Bedros Apelian, of Kessab, Syria, Student in Iowa State Normal School, Veatch Studio"; reverse labeled "Post Card" addressed to "Mrs. J. Fay, Fulton, Illinois", postmarked "Cedar Falls, Iowa, April 3, 1908, 8-AM", bears green "U. S. A. 1 cent stamp", cancelled. Color: BK,WH 1979.8 (Postcard) image
184 1980.16.6 Postcard "City Park, Cedar Falls, Ia. 2602. Pub. by S.E. Baker"; reverse correspondence dated, "May 27, 1908", addressed to "Miss Grace Skow, Wesley, Iowa"; one cent U.S. postage stamp in upper right corner. Color: BK,WH 1980.16.6 (Postcard) image
185 1980.16.7 Postcard From early 20th century; colored photgraph of ISNS Administration Building, front labeled, "Iowa State Normal School, Cedar Falls, Iowa"; reverse labeled, "Post Card, Made in Germany". Color: ML 1980.16.7 (Postcard) image
186 1980.16.8 Postcard Split picture showing both sides of a room. Face labeled "Y. W. C,. A. Rest roonm, Iowa State Normal School, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Addressed to "Miss Grace Scow Wesley, Iowa. One cent U.S. postage stamp in upper right corner. Color: BK,WH 1980.16.8 (Postcard) image
187 1980.16.9 Postcard From early 20th century; black and white photgraph of ISNS Administration Building and Auditorium, face labeled 1919 Iowa State Normal School, Auditorium and Office Building, Cedar Falls, Iowa; end panel labeled, "Compliments of "The Picture Man," Veatch."; reverse labeled, "Post Card". Color: BK,WH 1980.16.9 (Postcard) image
188 1980.20.23 Card In memory of R F K. 1980.20.23 (Card) image
189 1980.20.35 Postcard Front shows sitting portrait of President Kennedy, illustration of Capitol at bottom, and quote from his inaugural speech at the top. Color: ML 1980.20.35 (Postcard) image
190 1980.20.36 Handbill "It Takes Courage. Wallace Has It. Do You?" Support George C. Wallace For President. Color: Bl,WH,RD 1980.20.36 (Handbill) image
191 1980.20.38 Letter Letter from the White House with enclosures sent to William Cramer. Contains a, b, c, d, and e. A. 6.5"x9.5" Letter dated March 11, 1974 written to William Cramer from Roland Elliot, Special Assistant to the President. States that they were not able to comply with Cramer's request. Blue White House letterhead. B. 4"x2.5" white card To William Cramer With Best Wishes, Richard Nixon. C. 10"x7" Orange envelope addressed to Mr. William L. Cramer 323 Bender Hall UNI Cedar Falls Iowa 50613. Sent from The White House. Purple First Class Do Not Bend stamp. 20 Cent stamp with George C. Marshall's picture. D. 6"x2.5" Check written out to Richard Nixon from William Cramer for 1 cent. E. 3.5"x2.25" Orange envelope. Explains that the White House cannot accept monetary gifts, but that they commend the senders generous spirit. Color: BK,WH, BL, ML 1980.20.38 (Letter) image
192 1980.20.39 Card "Florida Citizens for Reagan". Color: BL,WH 1980.20.39 (Card) image
193 1980.20.4 Sticker, bumper Blue background with white pin stripes 1/2" from both bottom and top margins. Reads "Kennedy 80." Color: BL,WH 1980.20.4 (Sticker, bumper) image
194 1980.20.42 Card, political "I'll support Ted Kennedy, at my precinct caucus." January 11, 1980. Color: WH,BL 1980.20.42 (Card, political) image
195 1980.20.43 Handbill "Iowa Chooses a Leader" . Appeal for support for Ted Kennedy for President at the Iowa Precinct Caucuses, January 21, 1980. Color: BL,WH 1980.20.43 (Handbill) image
196 1980.20.44 Handbill Front contains a 2 15/16" photo of Jimmy Carter shaking hands and the title "Re-elect President Jimmy Carter". Booklet urges people to "vote in your local precinct caucus Jan. 21." Is full of quotes about Carter, and a total of 9 photos of the Carter administration. There is a tear-off stub to make contributions to the re-election campaign. 5 large quotes are in green ink. Paid for by Carter/Mondale Presidential Committee, Inc. Color: WH,BK,GR 1980.20.44 (Handbill) image
197 1980.20.47 Handbill Tri-fold. Front contains photo of Jimmy Carter 2 3/4" x 2". Below, in green ink, states "Re-elect President Carter: It's a Matter of Values." Inside brochure has 5 headings and 3 pictures. When fully opened top of paper reads in green ink "Not since the New Deal has any President compiled in so short a time, so comprehensive and enduring a record in both foreign and domestic policy." Bottom left corner holds picture of Walter Mondale. Bottom right corner contains stub asking for election donations. Back of booklet holds a picture 3 1/16" by 3 11/16" long of Jimmy Carter. Below picture is written propaganda on values. Written in green is "Re-elect President Carter. It's a matter of values." Color: WH,BK,GR 1980.20.47 (Handbill) image
198 1980.20.49 Postcard "I Support the President". Nov. 20, 1972. Appeal for campaign support for Pres. Jimmy Carter for re-election. Color: WH,GR 1980.20.49 (Postcard) image
199 1980.20.50 Card, Envelope Card and envelope. a. Card, embossed with Presidential seal thanking Mr. Bill Cramer for a Christmas card sent to the Carter family. Card is preprinted with Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter's signatures. b. Envelope is plain with the words "The White House" printed in blue in left-hand top corner. Color: WH 1980.20.50 (Card, Envelope) image
200 1980.20.51 Letter Letter and envelope. a. Letter. Letterhead from Carter/Mondale Presidential Committee, Inc. 1413 K Street NW, Washington, D. C. 20005. Written on January 14, 1980. Content urges William Cramer to participate in local caucus. Return address is green ink and there is a green border 1/4" in from edge of paper. Signed by Jimmy Carter. b. Envelope. Return address is the same as on the letter head, and in green ink. Mailed from Washington, D. C. Contains canceled 15 cent stamp. Cellophane window on bottom. Post marked January 16, 1980./ Color: WH,GR