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351 1980.9.4.4 Postcard Historic building. Color: ML 1980.9.4.4 (Postcard) image
352 1980.9.4.5 Postcard Statue of Lenin. Color: ML 1980.9.4.5 (Postcard) image
353 1980.9.4.6 Postcard Historic column or landmark. Color: ML 1980.9.4.6 (Postcard) image
354 1980.9.4.7 Postcard Building and street scene. Color: ML 1980.9.4.7 (Postcard) image
355 1980.9.4.8 Postcard River excursion boats. Color: ML 1980.9.4.8 (Postcard) image
356 1980.9.4.9 Postcard River excursion boat. Color: ML 1980.9.4.9 (Postcard) image
357 1982.8.1 Sticker, bumper Black and gold, "FULTON DEMOCRATIC FOR GOVERNOR". Color: BK,GD 1982.8.1 (Sticker, bumper) image
358 1984.6.166 Postcard "Souvenir of Camp Dodge" photos. Includes a set of various photographs of Camp Dodge in Des Moines, IA. Says "Folks at Home" in ink on the front.
359 1984.6.32 Card, greeting Die-cut lithographed; in envelope. Contains little poems and a small note. 1984.6.32 (Card, greeting) image
360 1984.6.35 Card Printed: Eugene Borah "May many friends complete your joy". 1984.6.35 (Card) image
361 1984.6.36 Card Printed: Eugene Borah "Across your path may sunbeams play". Color: ML 1984.6.36 (Card) image
362 1984.6.37 Card Lithographed, printed "Hope sustain thee ever". Color: ML
363 1984.6.38 Card Lithographed: Orville G. Brimmer "Only happy hours".
364 1984.6.39 Card Lithographed Harry E. Borah.
365 1984.6.40 Card Lithographed Harry E. Borah.
366 1984.6.41 Card Lithographed; Sammy G. Gould.
367 1984.6.42 Card Lithographed; Sammy G. Gould.
368 1986.4.100 Postcard Public School, Hummelstown, PA. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.100 (Postcard) image
369 1986.4.106 Folio Souvenir folder of Glasgow, Montana with 10 photos. 1986.4.106 (Folio) image
370 1986.4.118 Postcard Mitchell School, 1910, Mamie Lamb, Teacher. Group of 16 students, including Aletha Jacobs. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.118 (Postcard) image
371 1986.4.120 Postcard Bolties School, 8 miles north of Waterloo: students. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.120 (Postcard) image
372 1986.4.121 Postcard Bolties School, 8 miles north of Waterloo: students. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.121 (Postcard) image
373 1986.4.122 Postcard Bolties School, 8 miles north of Waterloo: students. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.122 (Postcard) image
374 1986.4.123 Postcard Cedar Township picnic, June 6, 1914 south of Waterloo. "Mother", "Self (Aletha Jacobs)". Color: BK,WH 1986.4.123 (Postcard) image
375 1986.4.124 Postcard Cedar Township picnic, June 2, 1915, schools (group of students and teachers; "supt." "self" [Aletha Jacobs] identified). Color: BK,WH 1986.4.124 (Postcard) image
376 1986.4.125 Postcard Teachers and 8th grade graduates, Cedar Township, Black Hawk Co. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.125 (Postcard) image
377 1986.4.126 Postcard June 2: Aletha Jacobs with students, Cedar Township picnic. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.126 (Postcard) image
378 1986.4.127 Postcard May 24. Cedar No. 6 Black Hawk Co. (Aletha Jacobs with 9 girl students). Color: BK,WH 1986.4.127 (Postcard) image
379 1986.4.96 Postcard Bice home May 21, 1918. Aletha's Aunt Carrie Bice was killed in this tornado (Photo postcard showing destroyed house). Color: BK,WH 1986.4.96 (Postcard) image
380 1986.4.97 Postcard House destroyed in tornado, May 21, 1918. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.97 (Postcard) image
381 1986.4.98 Postcard Miss Hulda Schultz sitting on horse.. Born March 25, 1894, Died Nov. 6, 1910. From Mrs. Fred Schultz. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.98 (Postcard) image
382 1988.24.17 Postcard Chief Littlecreek standing at the source of the Mississippi - Itasca. Color: BK,WH 1988.24.17 (Postcard) image
383 1988.36 Postcard Auditorium and office building. ISNS. Color: BK,WH 1988.36 (Postcard) image
384 1989.15.1 Postcard Auditorium Building, ISTC. Color: ML 1989.15.1 (Postcard) image
385 1989.15.2 Postcard Bartlett Hall, ISTC. Color: ML 1989.15.2 (Postcard) image
386 1989.15.3 Postcard New Library, ISTC. Color: ML 1989.15.3 (Postcard) image
387 1989.15.4 Postcard ISTC auditorium. Color: ML 1989.15.4 (Postcard) image
388 1989.15.5 Postcard Cedar Falls National Bank. Color: ML 1989.15.5 (Postcard) image
389 1989.43.538 Postcard Picture of a girl on the front; says "Birthday Greetings" and has a one cent stamp on it. Color: ML 1989.43.538 (Postcard) image
390 1989.43.548.8 Postcard Postcard created from object # 1989.43.548.6. This card was never used. 
391 1990.44.36 Postcard Photograph. From A. B. Alderman to his brother, Grover, who was then at the ISNS. Postmarked 4 March, 1909. A. B. is working at his rolltop desk. Color: BK,WH 1990.44.36 (Postcard) image
392 1990.44.47 Postcard Everett Alderman on the 14th of November, 1908. He was 6 years old and is shown pulling a sled in a yard with very little snow in it. Color: BK,WH 1990.44.47 (Postcard) image
393 1992.4.10 Card, greeting Picture card presented to Clarence Rhum by Leora, "With Loving Wishes and Happy Hope." Color: ML 1992.4.10 (Card, greeting) image
394 1992.4.9 Card, greeting Color: ML 1992.4.9 (Card, greeting) image
395 1992.9.2 Magazine ''The Saturday Evening Post''. Dec. 14. Special memorial edition, John F. Kennedy. 84 pp. Color: ML
396 1994.10.20 Postcard Night street scene with flags.Trolley tracks are visible. Signs include "drugs"; "Flower Shop" and "Graham". Written under picture, "Maine St." in black ink; "Date?" in blue ink. Color: BK,WH 1994.10.20 (Postcard) image
397 1994.10.21 Postcard Depicts about 17 men and women in a train car; aisle and mat running down middle of car. Large windows on sides and back of car, light bulbs over each window. Three men in back are standing, others are seated in dark wicker chairs. Men are wearing suits and ties; women are wearing long dresses and large hats. Written in black ink on white border under picture "Wynegar" with an arrow pointing to the first man on the fight. In blue ink "Forrest Wynegar on train to view Texas land did not buy." and an "x" by the face of the same man. On back the printed words "seeing Denver"can be read; the rest is obscured. Color: BK,WH 1994.10.21 (Postcard) image
398 1994.10.25 Postcard Depicts a man and woman facing each other with a silver horseshoe partially encircling them. The man has dark hair, is wearing a black jacket with tails - a red flower on the lapel; a white shirt, red striped tie, green pants, and black shoes. He is holding a pink rose behind his back. The woman has long dark hair swept up, is wearing a long white dress with long sleeves and a high collar; and brown high button shoes. She is holding a four leaf clover and hanging on to the man's lapels. Two green and gray birds are sitting at the lower center of the horsehoe, a cluster of flowers tied on with a ribbon is near one end of the horseshoe. One flower has fallen to the ground "To my Valentine" is printed in black in the upper left corner. Back has Cedar Falls, Iowa postmark from 10 A. M. February 16, 1909. Postmark resembles United States flag, has a green one cent stamp of Benjamin Franklin. Addressed to "Alice Wynegar, City (c/o F. Wynegar, Main St.). Message reads "from Orwell". Color: ML 1994.10.25 (Postcard) image
399 1994.10.26 Card, greeting Depicts boy and girl from behind looking at a yellow moon. A branch with pink flowers and green leaves extends over their heads. Boy has arm around girl, girl has her head on his shoulder. Boy has brown hair, is wearing a blue and white plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up; red suspenders with a yellow fastener; a brown belt; gray pants with two slash back pockets and a white patch on the seat. Girl has braided yellow hair tied with a red ribbon; is wearing a white dress with small pink hearts and larger red hearts on it; red collar, cuffs, and waistband. She is holding a pink rose in her right hand. The two are seated on a round green area. Printed in black under them is "Next to Myself I Like You Best". Two red hearts with a yellow arrow through them are below that. Top border is gold, bottom border is a red stripe with gold beneath it. Sides have a slight wave to their cut. Color: ML 1994.10.26 (Card, greeting) image
400 1994.10.27 Postcard Depicts a cartoon image of a young girl looking at a quarter moon. Are also four yellow stars in the sky. Girl has a few yellow curls, showing, wearing red and white hat, white shirt, blue vest, blue plaid skirt, gray shoes with red trim. A green umbrella with a yellow tip is to one side of her. Green tress and a yellow fence are behind her. Artist names, Mabel Luice Attwell is printed in lower right corner. Background is black, then yellow border, border of white with a larger area at bottom then border of white around all. Printed in brown on yellow section "With Heart That's True I'll Wait For You". Color: ML 1994.10.27 (Postcard) image