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1 00.39.30 Certificate Certificate: "United States Department of Commerce Weather Bureau Certificate of Authority for Dr. E. J. Cable, cooperative observer, to take official meteorological observations at Cedar Falls as directed by the chief of the United States Weather Bureau. Cooperation began Sept. 1., 1929." Signed by F. W. Reichelderfer, Chief of Bureau and Charles D. Reed, Direct Supervising Official.
2 00.39.8 Report card Blank instructor's report on Efficiency of Students. Marked on the back with the number 6. 00.39.8 (Report card) image
3 1970.17.22 Booklet "What Is Music?". Magazine called "The Humboldt Library of Science". Dated Nov. 15, 1890. Color: BR,BK,WH 1970.17.22 (Booklet) image
4 1970.17.23 Booklet "Instruction in Art in the United States'', by Walter Sargeant, 1918. Color: BK,WH 1970.17.23 (Booklet) image
5 1970.17.26 Booklet "Expressions on Education'', April, 1913. United States Bureau of Education. Color: BK,WH 1970.17.26 (Booklet) image
6 1971.11.50 Decal Local - State - NEA. Color: BK,WH,RD 1971.11.50 (Decal) image
7 1971.5.2 Leaflet " An Indian Prayer" Yellow with orange design and black print. Color: YL,OR,BK 1971.5.2 (Leaflet) image
8 1972.30.11 Diploma State diploma, June 5, 1890, for Carrie B. Hickman in Des Moines.
9 1973.0071 Bulletin Volume XV, number 3, June, 1924. Issued quarterly. Unusual Views of the Campus. Published by ISTC 12 plates with 24 pictures in black and white, with captions. Printing both on front and back cover. Color: BR,BK,WH 1973.0071 (Bulletin) image
10 1973.19.0006 Booklet ISTC library handbook. Color: BK,WH 1973.19.0006 (Booklet) image
11 1975.0029 Program Fiftieth commencement of the ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa, May 28 to June 1, 1926. Program is purple with gold lettering and trim. Color: PR,GD 1975.0029 (Program) image
12 1975.14 Prayer Poem is on the back side of a pamphlet entitled "First Step...to a Better Life." a. Pamphlet b. Envelope
13 1975.4.127 Booklet "Yell book for Dows High School, 1917-1918''. Consists of cheers for athletic events. Put out by Boys Athletic Association. 1975.4.127 (Booklet) image
14 1975.4.128 Booklet "Dows High School yell book for 1921-1922''. Consists of cheers for athletic contests. Put out by Student Acitivity Club. 1975.4.128 (Booklet) image
15 1975.4.189 Announcement Meservey High School, Tuesday Evening, May 23, 1922. Baccalaureate Sermon May 21, 1922. Announcement for Esther Reeverts. 1975.4.189 (Announcement) image
16 1975.4.41 Booklet "Plain Talks on Teaching or, pedagogy for our rural schools", by J. M. Richardson. 35 pp. Color: black and cream 1975.4.41 (Booklet) image
17 1975.4.46 Booklet "Poetic Gems. Gleaned from World's Best Poetry". Depicts a quill in an inkwell. "Published by the Ohio Printing Company" 8 pp. Color: Black and cream 1975.4.46 (Booklet) image
18 1975.4.68 Book "Stories from the Olden Time''. (Junior Pupils book for work and study.) Henry H. Meyer, Editor. Paperback, 40 pages. Color: Blue and cream. Has a pressed lily? flower in between pages 24 and 25- be cautious. 1975.4.68 (Book) image
19 1976.68.0005 Program ISTC Souvenir Program of the Fiftieth Commencement of the Iowa State Teachers College. Cedar Falls, Iowa, May 28 to June 1, 1926. Color: PR 1976.68.0005 (Program) image
20 1976.72.0002 Letter Letter and Biology Club constitution; Sent to donor on October 4, 1976 by Pauline Sauer, Museum director, regarding Biology Club pin donated on September 30, 1976 asking for clarification of note attached to pin. In letter is hand-written reply "Enclosed is the Constitution and By-Laws. I remember nothing more except that part of our initiation was to handle a snake!" b. Biology Club constitution and by-Laws. Three pages in length. Listed on last page are names of charter members on January 26, 1926. 1976.72.0002 (Letter) image
21 1976.73.0002 Program Fiftieth Commencement of the ISTC. May 28 to June 1, 1926. Purple with gold lettering. Color: PR 1976.73.0002 (Program) image
22 1977.45.0001 Program Summer, July 29, 1977. Has large UNI logo at the center of the cover. Print and logo are lavender. Gold cover. Color: GD,PR 1977.45.0001 (Program) image
23 1979.48.0007 Magazine "Bulletin of the ISTC'' General Information; Vol. L No. 4, October, 1949; white paper cover; twenty-four (24) pages of black and white photographs and printed information. Color: BK,WH 1979.48.0007 (Magazine) image
24 1979.61.0001 Booklet "Plant Studies in Agriculture, by William Harold Davis, ISTC, published July, 1913; brown paper cover; 32 pages. Color: BR,BK,WH 1979.61.0001 (Booklet) image
25 1979.63.1 Booklet "Better Say: a book of helpful suggestions for the corrrect use of English words and phrases, compiled by James C. Fernald, L. H. D. 34 p. Color: GR 1979.63.1 (Booklet) image
26 1979.63.5 Booklet "Science Guide for Elementary Schools: Earth Tremors". Vol. VI, No. 2, November, 1940, by Carlos S. Mundt, California State Department of Education, Sacramento; dark green paper cover; 29 pages, illustrated with black & white photos. Color: GR,BK,WH 1979.63.5 (Booklet) image
27 1980.33.0001 Script ISTC. "The Spirit of Fifty Years", illustrated with silhouette of boy clutching a sword, standing before sun ray design; inside front page stamped, "DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN, STATE COLLEGE OF IOWA CEDAR FALLS, IOWA" dedicated to, "DAVID SANDS WRIGHT"; title page entitled, "The Spirit of Fifty Years", "A PAGEANT BY James Hearst", "DESIGNED TO COMMEMORATE THE FIFITIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDING OF IOWA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, CEDAR FALLS, IOWA MAY 29, 1926"; sixty (60) pages; list of directors and contributors at end. Color: BR,OR,BK,WH 1980.33.0001 (Script) image
28 1984.6.0141 Paper "Math Problems made by Teachers of Beginning Classes in Arithmetic in Army Service made in AEF University". Color: WH,BK
29 1984.6.25 Booklet "Easy Lessons in Drawing and Painting" by J. F. Ingalls. Color: BR,TN 1984.6.25 (Booklet) image
30 1986.4.338 Program Freshman program "My 8th Grade May 11 - 1921" written on by hand. Color: WH,BK 1986.4.338 (Program) image
31 1986.4.339 Program Kallonian-Alethean Program, March 7, 1922, Dows High School. 1986.4.339 (Program) image
32 1986.4.340 Patch Triangle, "Alethean March 30, 1922.", has green string tied through punched hole on shortest side. 1986.4.340 (Patch) image
33 1986.4.522 Leaflet Orange High School Song, circa 1916. Typed in three verses on a 11" x 8.5" sheet. 1986.4.522 (Leaflet) image
34 1988.32.12 Flashcards Printing on one side and cursive writing on the reverse side. The stack starts with the word "and" and consists of 17 cards. 1988.32.12 (Flashcards) image
35 1988.32.13 Flashcards Word cards with drawing of object, printed word of object, and cursive spelling of object, the exact same on front and back. First card in pile starts with the word "auto" and there are 12 cards in the group. 1988.32.13 (Flashcards) image
36 1988.32.14 Flashcards Number cards with numbers spelled out on one side and written in numbers on the back side. The pile starts out with the number "one" and there are 18 cards. 1988.32.14 (Flashcards) image
37 1988.32.15 Flashcards Consist of a picture of an object with the name written below the picture. Beneath the name is the letter(s) of the word that is being emphasized. The first card in the pile is "ball" and there are 28 cards in the pile. 1988.32.15 (Flashcards) image
38 1988.32.16 Flashcards Consist of a picture of an object with the name written below the picture. Under the name is written the part of the word that is being emphasized. For these cards, vowel sounds are the important part of the words. There are 10 cards in the stack with the first one being "apple". 1988.32.16 (Flashcards) image
39 1988.32.17 Flashcards Made up of a picture of an object, the name of the object, and the part of the word being emphasized. The first word in the stack is "chair" and there are 19 cards in the stack. 1988.32.17 (Flashcards) image
40 1988.32.18 Flashcards Consist of a picture of an object, the name of the object, and the part of the word that is being emphasized. The stack starts with the word "nail" and there are 20 cards. 1988.32.18 (Flashcards) image
41 1988.32.19 Flashcards Consist of a word written flush on the left hand side and nothing on the right hand side. Some of the cards have another word written on the back. The first word in this group is "and". 1988.32.19 (Flashcards) image
42 1988.32.20 Flashcards Consist of words and part of words. There are 83 cards in the group, with the first word being "ace". 1988.32.20 (Flashcards) image
43 1988.32.21 Card, flash Each card has a word printed on the front and a different word on the back. In the upper left hand corner of each card is a number and in the upper right hand corner is the word that appears on the reverse side. These cards have been arranged in sequential order. The first card in the group is "Mamma" and there are 24 cards. 1988.32.21 (Card, flash) image
44 1988.32.22 Card, flash Each has a drawing and under the drawing a sentence with one word underlined. This underlined word then appears all by itself on the back of the card. There are 9 cards in all and the first has a drawing of a boy carrying three books. Example; Jack has three books. (three underlined). Reverse side: three. 1988.32.22 (Card, flash) image
45 1988.32.23 Flashcards Titled "Fact and Story Primer". This is written in the upper right hand corner along with a number. The stack is currently in a random order with "Tibby" being the first card on the stack. There are words on both the front and back of the cards with different numbers located in the corners. There are 32 cards. 1988.32.23 (Flashcards) image
46 1988.32.24 Flashcards Drawing of a clown face with an open mouth. There are 3 cards in the mouth that slide back and forth. The letters b, d, and p are printed on the sliding cards. 1988.32.24 (Flashcards) image
47 1988.32.25 Flashcards Drawing of a house that has the letters "at' printed on the house to the left of the door but to the right of the window. The window has 4 cards that can swing down and which have different letters printed on them. This allows the creation of the words "cat, mat, bat, fat". 1988.32.25 (Flashcards) image
48 1988.32.26 Flashcards Drawing of an elf holding abord that has the letters "en" printed on it. To the left of these letters are two slots that allow for paper to be moved back and forth. The paper has letters printed on it which allow for the creation of the words "Then, then, When, when". 1988.32.26 (Flashcards) image
49 1988.32.27 Flashcards Contains the letters "h" and "t" printed in the middle of the card with a space between them. Another piece of paper slides back and forth through this space. The paper has the letters "a, o, i" printed on it. This allows for the creation of the words "hat, hot, hit". 1988.32.27 (Flashcards) image
50 1988.32.28 Flashcards Has one long piece of paper with three short pieces hooked on the left side. The short pieces are placed above the longer piece. The longer piece has the word "fill" printed on it and when one of the above short pieces of paper swings down it covers the "f" and creates a new word with the letters printed on the short paper. This creates the words "still, chill, drill". 1988.32.28 (Flashcards) image