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1 00.39.30 Certificate Certificate: "United States Department of Commerce Weather Bureau Certificate of Authority for Dr. E. J. Cable, cooperative observer, to take official meteorological observations at Cedar Falls as directed by the chief of the United States Weather Bureau. Cooperation began Sept. 1., 1929." Signed by F. W. Reichelderfer, Chief of Bureau and Charles D. Reed, Direct Supervising Official.
2 00.39.8 Report card Blank instructor's report on Efficiency of Students. Marked on the back with the number 6. 00.39.8 (Report card) image
3 1972.30.11 Diploma State diploma, June 5, 1890, for Carrie B. Hickman in Des Moines.
4 1973.19.0006 Booklet ISTC library handbook. Color: BK,WH 1973.19.0006 (Booklet) image
5 1976.72.0002 Letter Letter and Biology Club constitution; Sent to donor on October 4, 1976 by Pauline Sauer, Museum director, regarding Biology Club pin donated on September 30, 1976 asking for clarification of note attached to pin. In letter is hand-written reply "Enclosed is the Constitution and By-Laws. I remember nothing more except that part of our initiation was to handle a snake!" b. Biology Club constitution and by-Laws. Three pages in length. Listed on last page are names of charter members on January 26, 1926. 1976.72.0002 (Letter) image
6 1976.73.0002 Program Fiftieth Commencement of the ISTC. May 28 to June 1, 1926. Purple with gold lettering. Color: PR 1976.73.0002 (Program) image
7 1979.61.0001 Booklet "Plant Studies in Agriculture, by William Harold Davis, ISTC, published July, 1913; brown paper cover; 32 pages. Color: BR,BK,WH 1979.61.0001 (Booklet) image
8 1980.33.0001 Script ISTC. "The Spirit of Fifty Years", illustrated with silhouette of boy clutching a sword, standing before sun ray design; inside front page stamped, "DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN, STATE COLLEGE OF IOWA CEDAR FALLS, IOWA" dedicated to, "DAVID SANDS WRIGHT"; title page entitled, "The Spirit of Fifty Years", "A PAGEANT BY James Hearst", "DESIGNED TO COMMEMORATE THE FIFITIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDING OF IOWA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, CEDAR FALLS, IOWA MAY 29, 1926"; sixty (60) pages; list of directors and contributors at end. Color: BR,OR,BK,WH 1980.33.0001 (Script) image
9 1984.6.0141 Paper "Math Problems made by Teachers of Beginning Classes in Arithmetic in Army Service made in AEF University". Color: WH,BK
10 1986.4.338 Program Freshman program "My 8th Grade May 11 - 1921" written on by hand. Color: WH,BK 1986.4.338 (Program) image
11 1986.4.340 Patch Triangle, "Alethean March 30, 1922.", has green string tied through punched hole on shortest side. 1986.4.340 (Patch) image
12 1986.4.522 Leaflet Orange High School Song, circa 1916. Typed in three verses on a 11" x 8.5" sheet. 1986.4.522 (Leaflet) image
13 1988.33.101 Diploma "Diploma" for eight years of school, dated the fourth day of June. Awarded to Julius Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
14 1988.33.87 Certificate, attendance For being "Neither Absent Nor tardy", dated the 6th day of April. Awarded to Alma Funnemark.
15 1988.33.90 Certificate, attendance. "DIPLOMA OF HONOR" for being "Neither Absent Nor Tardy", dated the 23rd day of November. Awarded to Esther Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
16 1988.33.93 Diploma Eighth grade; dated the fourth day of June. Awarded to Esther Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
17 1988.33.94 Diploma "DIPLOMA, CERTIFICATE OF GRADUATION" dated the 22nd day of July. Awarded to Esther Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
18 1988.33.97 Certificate, attendance. "Diploma of Honor" for being "Neither Absent Nor tardy", dated the 11th day of February. Awarded to Julius Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
19 1988.33.98 Diploma "Diploma, CERTIFICATE OF GRADUATION", dated the 22nd day of July. Awarded to Julius Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
20 1989.16.0001 Pamphlet "1936 THE IOWA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE CELEBRATES ITS SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY 1876." unp. Color: CR,BR 1989.16.0001 (Pamphlet) image
21 1989.32.3 Diploma "Hudson High School", belonging to Edith A. Ehret, dated June 4, 1903. Color: WH,BK
22 1989.42.8 Diploma From "Floyd County Schools"; given to Emily Bannor on June 7, 1924. Color: WH,BK
23 1990.44.33 Magazine "Pitt Panther". Student published at the University of Pittsburg, Vol. XII, No. 2, November, 1926. Color: ML
24 1992.4.11 Card, greeting Picture card, "Reward of Merit" presented to Clarence Rhum by Hall. Color: ML 1992.4.11 (Card, greeting) image
25 1996.22.19 Book "Activity book''. Has four pictures of different girls and boys on the front cover. In the upper left hand corner of each picture a month is listed. The four months shown are January, April, July, and October. Two pictures are underneath each of the four pictures and the background is orange. In the upper left hand of the corner there is a picture of a boy and a girl and reads: "For Boys and Girls: 8 to 12". 64 pages. Regularly costs 39 cents; sticker on cover shows it sold for 34 cents. Color: OR,WH,BL,YL 1996.22.19 (Book) image
26 1996.22.22 Book "Highlights Handbook of Party Plans". The front cover has sections of white, red, and black. The black section has the title of the magazine, while the red section shows a boy blowing up a balloon in front of a girl. A small red section says that there are "fifteen successful party plans for all seasons, selected especially for children in the elementary grades." White sections have spots of black and orange. Black cover of similar design with two boys and two girls, on of whom is blindfolded. 31 pp. Color: BK,RD,WH 1996.22.22 (Book) image
27 1996.22.26 Stencil "Glass Wax Christmas Stencils - for decorating windows and mirrors". In the upper right hand corner it says "34 all new designs! 59c." a. Front cover. Shows a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes looking at a stencil Santa design. She is holding a Santa stencil in her right hand and a pink and yellow sponge in her left hand. The stencil design is on the window and a Christmas tree can be seen in the background and to the left. b. - k. Stencil sheets with 34 designs total on the 10 stencil sheets. Color: GR,WH,RD
28 1996.22.27 Stencil "Tree 24 holiday stencil designs". a. cover of package. Shows a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes next to a girl with brown hair and blue eyes looking at the stencil designs on the windows. The stencil designs on the window are all from Christmas. The sponge is missing from the front cover, but was on the left side of the front of the package. The back cover shows all the small designs that are included in the package. b. Stencil with designs. Folds open. 39 c written in black crayon. Color: RD,BL,TN,YL 1996.22.27 (Stencil) image
29 1998.7.1 Diploma Diploma given to Marie Edmonds from the Public Schools of Pocahontas County on May 28, 1912. The diploma was given at Pocahontas and is signed by Lena M. Olson, a teacher, and the county superintendent of schools, Wallie P. Jensen. A gold seal with green and pink ribbon is in the front lower left corner. The top of the front of the diploma has "Iowa Common School Diploma" written on the stationery. On that stationery is a design of three women, one leaning and holding a harp, another holding a wreath and a camera, while the third is seated. On the ground at their feet are the tools of the artist, a globe, maks from the theatre and palm branches. Diploma is white in color while lettering is in black. "Mary E." is written on back lower left corner. Color: WH,BK,GD
30 2001.11.27 Manuscript "Little Orphan Joe." 5 typed pages. Was used as a program for Christmas. Handwritten directions and editing added in pencil. Blue string binds the pages together. Back is cardboard. On back of the cardboard are some directions written in ink. Color: BL,WH,BK 2001.11.27 (Manuscript) image
31 2001.11.32 Manuscript "The Story of the Shepards". Single typed sheet. Three holes punched along the side. "Earl" written in pencil in the left upper corner. Has handwritten (red) editing. Staple. Color: WH,BK
32 2004.1.1 Certificate, Teaching Faded in three parts. On the inside it says, "State of Iowa State Teachers Certificate Second Grade." Goes on to state that on Aug. 20, 1921, Mabel L. Meyer graduated from Iowa State Teachers College with the primary education diploma. Signed by the President, Board of Educational examiners. T. E. Mc Clanahan. Back has 3 stamped areas with "Harry McVickers" stamped on it. Also reads "This certificate is registered and valid for", but is not filled in. Color: BK,WH,GD,PR 2004.1.1 (Certificate, Teaching) image
33 2004.17.0040 Newsletter "The Iowa State Teacehrs College/Cedar Falls, Iowa." Cover Shows photo of Bartlett Hall. Titled "Entrance to West Lobby." Back has "Loyalty Song of I. S. T. C.' 2 pp. Color: CR,BK,GY 2004.17.0040 (Newsletter) image
34 2004.17.0050 Booklet Shows photos of the campus of the University of Iowa including inside and outside of buildings and students in classrooms and plays. 8 pp. 21 pictures. Color: BK,WH 2004.17.0050 (Booklet) image
35 2004.17.0053 Program "Eighty-Ninth Annual Reunion" "For Alumni and Faculty of/ University of Northern iowa/ Cedar Falls." Inside has itinerary for May 20, 21, 1972. Back cover reads "Officers of the UNI Alumni Association." 2 pp. Color: WH,BK 2004.17.0053 (Program) image
36 2004.17.0057 Booklet "First United Presbyterian Church/ Jesup, Iowa." Cover also shows a depiction of a cross. Below it is "1856-1968". First page has the church directory, second page is program for Easter Sunday, 3rd page has "An Historical Sketch," and 4th and 5th pages have "Christian Symbolism." Color: WH,BK 2004.17.0057 (Booklet) image
37 2004.17.0065 Program "The Spirit of Fifty Years/ A Pageant/ by James Hearst/ to Commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of/ IOWA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE/ CEDAR FALLS, IOWA" 4 pp. Color: BK,WH 2004.17.0065 (Program) image
38 2004.17.0082 Program Program for Sunday service. Lists that day's sermon, and also for the whole week. Color: BK,WH 2004.17.0082 (Program) image
39 2004.17.0088 Program Has schedule for the day, and the events for the rest of the week. Four pages. Color: BK,WH 2004.17.0088 (Program) image
40 2004.17.0092 Program Easter evening Service. Includes details about the sermon. 4 pp. Color: BK,WH 2004.17.0092 (Program) image
41 2004.17.0098 Program Lists day's sermon and the activities for the week. Color: BK,BL,CR 2004.17.0098 (Program) image
43 2004.17.0163 Program, theater "Religious Pateant/ THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD/ Hippodrome Dairy Cattle Congress/ Saturday, october 31, 1925: 8:15 o'clock." Cover photo of one of the scens in the pateant. Back: "THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD" 'SCENES'. 'PERSONNEL'. 2 pp. Color: YL,BK,GY 2004.17.0163 (Program, theater) image
44 2004.17.0205 Newsletter "The Alumnus/ University of Northern Iowa" Title located at top of cover which has centered black and white picture of two students in silhouette staring at the student union. 31 pp. On cover, donor has written in ink, at top of picture "Nicki King - writer." Back of newletter is addressed to Mrs.Lena McNeil/ Center Point/ iowa 52215." Color: WH,BK 2004.17.0205 (Newsletter) image
45 2004.17.26.0001 Program "Iowa State Teachers College/Cedar Falls/ Spring Term/Commencement/ Graduation of Second Section/Class of 1922/ Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees/ Conferd, May 30, 1922. Color: WH,BK 2004.17.26.0001 (Program) image
46 2004.17.32.0002 Newspaper The College Eye Picture Section, pp 5 - 8. Contains pictures of campus, campus activities, and people on campus. Inside pages contain explanation of Library Reading Room murals. Color: WH,RD,BK
47 2005.13.1 Tablet "Big Chief" paper tablet. Red cover with a black and gold illustration of a Native American. Color: RD,BK 2005.13.1 (Tablet) image
48 2005.5.1 Diploma Grammar school diploma for Norman Durham. Printed with name and date written in hand. Signed by the principal of Filmore School and the superintendent. Color: WH,BK
49 2005.5.2 Diploma Degree for Minnie Durham in the Palmer method of business Writing. Signed by the author. Color: WH,BK
50 2005.5.30 Diploma Grammar School diploma for Minnie Durham. Fillmore School, Cedar Rapids. Printed with name, date, and school. Written by hand. Signed by Principal and Superintendent. Color: WH,BK