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51 1972.82 Program Homecoming. Lists the schedule of events plus the members of the home-coming committee. The theme of the homecoming was "Reach Out". The inside of the program has purple lettering on white paper. The outside of the program is gold, tan, and white in a swirled stripe effect. "Reach Out" is lettered in purple across the top. "1972 UNI Homecoming" is lettered in purple along the left side. A girl with her arms stretched upward is along the right side. Color: WH,PR,GD
52 1972.87 Card, greeting UNI. Christmas. "Peace on Earth". a. Card. b. Envelope. 1972.87 (Card, greeting) image
53 1972.9.1 Program Testimonial Dinner for Dr. J. W. Maucker, President of UNI,1950-1970, University Union, April 30, 1970. Color: YL,BK 1972.9.1 (Program) image
54 1972.9.4 Mat, place From testimonial dinner for Dr. J. W. Maucker, President of UNI, 1950-1970, University Union, April 30, 1970. Photos of President Maucker and family.
55 1973.19.23 Card, membership ISTC Booster card folded to make 4 pages. Gold-colored cardboard with drawing of two football players on front. Card opens up to reveal fight songs and yells. On front with football players is "Who-ra! who-ree! right there are we, Who'll win--you'll see I. S. T. C." Compliments of Cross & Company. 1973.19.23 (Card, membership) image
56 1973.19.3 Music, sheet Words to Cap and gown song. Written in ink at bottom: " B.A's sang this song the morning that they lead the chapel exercises." ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1973.19.3 (Music, sheet) image
57 1973.19.5 Program ISTC commencement exercises program. 1973.19.5 (Program) image
58 1973.25 Bookmark Yellow with black printing. Color: YL,BK 1973.25 (Bookmark) image
59 1973.33.19 Card Two cards, each with the listing of the members of the class of 1916. Black print. 38 names. a. b. ISTC. 1973.33.19 (Card) image
60 1973.46.8 Sticker 1972-73 UNI parking permit "B" sticker. Under large B is the number 1900. black print on clear sticky paper. Sticky paper protected with covering sheet of clear paper. Color: WH,BK 1973.46.8 (Sticker) image
61 1973.51.46 Announcement, graduation For the Senior Class of ISTC on Friday, May 28th to Tuesday, June 1st, 1920, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Book contains eight pages, one protector sheet for 1st page and is bound in leather cover. Cover has four holes punched on left hand side and leather strip is laced through all layers of book, to bind the book shut. On front cover is pressed the college emblem and the date, 1920. 1973.51.46 (Announcement, graduation) image
62 1973.51.47 Bulletin ISTC. The Alumni Register. Volume XXIX, Number 3, July 1928. Book contains 168 pages. Cover is plain yellowish colored paper with black printing. a. 4-page list of class of 1913 "For Whom We Have Addresses". Color: YL,BK 1973.51.47 (Bulletin) image
63 1973.6 Ticket White with black lettering, with number 3. It was good for C 280 on the main floor of the auditorium. ISTC. Color: WH,BK 1973.6 (Ticket) image
64 1973.66.2 Booklet "Iowa State Teachers College Bulletin", May 1919. Volume XIX. #4. Issued quarterly. Contains photos of ISTC. Contains a map of the campus and on the last page is a list of facts concerning the Teachers College. Back cover says "DAILY RECORD PRINT CEDAR FALLS, IOWA." Color: GY,BK 1973.66.2 (Booklet) image
65 1974.7 Program For ISTC Commencement. 1974.7 (Program) image
66 1974.72 Bag Hy-Vee; with the UNI Panthers 1974 football schedule on one side and 1974-75 basketball schedule on other side. Brown paper with printing in purple and yellow. Twin-sak, double strength bag. Color: BR,PR,YL
67 1974.9.2 Menu Alumni breakfast; ISTC Monday, May 30, 1921. 1974.9.2 (Menu) image
68 1974.9.3 Speech ISTC Baccalaureate; Sunday, May 29, 1921. 10 pages. Color: BK,WH 1974.9.3 (Speech) image
69 1974.9.4 Program Graduation of second section, class of 1921, ISTC. 6 pages. In an envelope. Color: BK,WH 1974.9.4 (Program) image
70 1975.19 Catalog Bulletin of the Iowa State Teachers College, 1950-51, vol. LII, No. 1, January 1951. 183 pp. Maps. Information regarding ISTC enrollment. A fold out map of campus is located in the back cover. White, soft cover with red ink on it and on the spine. "Miss Betty Lou Niemeir" is printed at the top of the catalog and is written beside the word "Bulletin". b. single white sheet of paper with a map of campus. Buildings arenumbered and names of buildings are below the map. Color: WH,RD 1975.19 (Catalog) image
71 1975.30 Directory, telephone 1924-25 for ISTC; students and faculty. Light tan with black lettering and trim. Color: TN,BK
72 1975.53 Card, greeting Christmas. Card has a white front with black sketch of campanile; printed across the bottom is "University of Northern Iowa 1876-1976". 1/2 of inside of card is gold with white lettering. Message is "Best wishes during the Holiday Season and in the Coming Year", signed "John and Elaine Kamerick". a. Card. b. Envelope. Color: BK,WH,GD 1975.53 (Card, greeting) image
73 1976.107 Card, greeting Christmas. a. Red paper Christmas card. On outside of card is a tan paper photo of a statue entitled "Impact of Experience" by Ted Egri, sculpure outside library, N. W. corner, and the following "The University of Northern Iowa devotes one half of one per cent of the new building cost to works of art designed to complement the building. "Impact of Experience: was commissioned for the exterior of the library." Inside of card is inscription "May the Peace and Joy of Christmas abide with you throughout the coming year, John and Elaine Kamerick". b. Red envelope, postmarked Dec. 16, 1976. Color: WH,RD 1976.107 (Card, greeting) image
74 1976.24.3 Program "UNI DOME Ground Breaking Ceremony, West Campus, July 26, 1974, 2:00 p.m. University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa." 4 pp. Color: BK,YL 1976.24.3 (Program) image
75 1976.24.7 Napkin Purple lettering on white, "UNI, 1876-1976". Color: WH,PR 1976.24.7 (Napkin) image
76 1976.35.2 Coaster "Panther Lounge 'IT'S NICE TO HAVE YOU HERE'" in purple at top and "'Home of the Dome' CEDAR FALLS, IOWA" in purple at bottom. In center is a purple and gold drawing of the UNI-Dome with a smiling panther in a sweat suit walking on his hind legs on top of dome. All on white background. Color: WH,PR,GD 1976.35.2 (Coaster) image
77 1976.44 Diploma Two parts. Two parts. a. Diploma.To Dorothy Marston Waters, June 9, 1914. ISTC Bachelor of Arts in Education degree. b. memo from John Nicol explaining how the diploma was found and where.
78 1976.53.3 Handbill Football schedule; 1976; UNI. 1976.53.3 (Handbill) image
79 1976.68.10 Card Shaped like a bell, gold ribbon attached, stating "Wear this on August 13th Only", then a picture of Seerley and his name printed below. On reverse side printing says "I have helped buy The President's Bell" with picture of the bell. ISTC. Color: WH,GD,PR 1976.68.10 (Card) image
80 1976.68.11 Yearbook The Alpha-Philo Year Book 1927. ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa. 1976.68.11 (Yearbook) image
81 1976.68.2 Magazine "The Hokum". ISTC Magazine. Homecoming number. volume 1, Number 1, October 24, 1925. Color: YL,BK 1976.68.2 (Magazine) image
82 1976.68.3 Magazine "The Hokum". ISTC Magazine. Winter number. volume 1, Number 2, February, 1926. Color: BK,WH 1976.68.3 (Magazine) image
83 1976.68.4 Booklet "The Students' Handbook of Iowa State Teachers College. 64 pages. Published by Student Council. 1925-26. Color: BK,WH 1976.68.4 (Booklet) image
84 1976.68.9 Program Opening Recital Campanile Chimes, Sunday, September 19, 1926, Campanile, ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Permanently attached card with picture of President Seerley and facts about the college. Color: BK,WH 1976.68.9 (Program) image
85 1976.69.2 Coupon ISTC, Fridays, Book of coupons for chapel attendance, Spring term 1928. 1976.69.2 (Coupon) image
86 1976.69.4 Card, information Department of Education, ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Gives information on the faculty and school. Color: BK,WH 1976.69.4 (Card, information) image
87 1976.69.6 Receipt ISTC, Dec. 1, 1926. $16.00 tuition per year. Color: BK,WH 1976.69.6 (Receipt) image
88 1976.69.7 Letter Sent to donor in regards to Forensic League meeting, ISTC, by W. W. Brindley, Professor of Public Speaking. Dated October 1, 1927. Color: PR,WH 1976.69.7 (Letter) image
89 1976.71 Booklet ''Student Handbook for ISNS''. 78 pp. Illus. In b/w. Letters in gold across the front. Contains information regarding campus organizations, helpful hints, and local advertisements. Red soft cover has "I. S. N. S.": stamped in gold ink. Color: GD
90 1976.72.1 Program For alumni breakfast, ISTC, June 4, 1928, 8:00 a.m. White cover with gold lettering. Color: WH,GD 1976.72.1 (Program) image
91 1976.73.0008 Print, photographic ISTC. Photo of Campus.
92 1976.73.10 Program ISTC, Iowa Asociation of Secondary School Principals, Conference on the Teaching of Secondary School Subjects. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.10 (Program) image
93 1976.73.11 Program Conference for classroom Teachers in elementary and rural schools. Saturday, April 25th, 1942. ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.11 (Program) image
94 1976.73.12 Program Conference on the Teaching of Secondary School Subjects. Friday and Saturday, April 24-25, 1942. Conference Theme: Education in Wartime. ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.12 (Program) image
95 1976.73.4 Booklet "Bulletin of the State Normal School". Vol. 1 October, Number 2. Issued quarterly, published by ISNS. Tan cover with black letters. Color: TN,BK 1976.73.4 (Booklet) image
96 1976.73.5 Booklet "Bulletin of the State Normal School". July 1906, Vol VII, Number 2. Issued quarterly, published by ISNS. 48 pp. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.5 (Booklet) image
97 1976.73.6 Booklet "Bulletin of the State Normal School". July 1906, Vol. VII, Number 2. Issued quarterly, published by ISNS. 48 pp. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.6 (Booklet) image
98 1976.73.7 Program ISNS Program Of the Recitations for the School Year, 1908-09. Supplement No. 2, Bulletin IX, No. 1. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.7 (Program) image
99 1976.73.9 Booklet "Student Life", ISTC. (A pictorial story of four years of student life). Gold cover with black lettering. Volume 33, Number 3, June 1932. 32 pp. Color: GD,BK 1976.73.9 (Booklet) image
100 1976.74.1 Program Centennial Commencement, 1876-1976. UNI Spring Commencement, May 15, 1976. Gold background with purple lettering. Color: GD,PR 1976.74.1 (Program) image