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1 Coffeepot Hinged dome lid, riveted top knob; tapered neck; large decorative handle, top thumb notch; curved long-necked spout; ribbed mid-band; base repaired & replaced by tin plate. (Coffeepot) image
2 Teapot Pewter Teapot with wood handle (Teapot) image
3 Teapot Pewter Teapot - lid handle is broken off. (Teapot) image
4 Teapot Pewter Teapot. Hinged shallow dome lid, riveted top knob; tapered neck; small decorative loop handle, top thumb notch; small curved neck spout; ribbed midsection; base repaired using tin plate. 1830s (Teapot) image
5 Pot Late 18th century pewter pot or kettle with attached handles (Pot) image
6 1998.20.10 Pitcher Water Pitcher with round base and neck, with a long mouth or spigot and a rippling "pie crust" rim around the mouth. Handle attached at top with two bolts. Two line grooves that curve outward circle the mouth and come to a point under the spigot. Designs of flowers and leaves carved into pitcher on sides. Color: BK 1998.20.10 (Pitcher) image
7 1998.20.6 Kettle Round. Has 2 lines drawn near opening, and 2 more lines drawn on the base. Gold tinted where extremely worn. Has a 3" handle that is open on top; looks like a trench. Color: BK,OR 1998.20.6 (Kettle) image
8 2000.1.1 Coffeepot Coffee Urn - Small tea pot rests atop heat shield on an urn with lid. Urn sits on tray with a bow. a. Urn. Hollow metal chamber surrounds a central cylinder which protrudes from lid. Cut design near base. Main chamber rests on footed, scalloped platform. Two handles on opposite sides of urn (brass accented with wood). Brass spigot on front side with key-like stopper. b. Curcular lid with central opening which caps the hollow chamber. Two wooden handles mounted on brass opposite each other; pivoting vent handle moves to cover hole. Stamped impression in Arabic opposite vent. c. Heat shield rests on protruding central cylinder. Three series of three cut-out designs matching those on urn base. Out-turned up. d. Teapot. 2 1/2" high, 4 1/2'[' long at spout and handle. 2 3/4' diameter lid attached to handle with cotton string. e. 3 5/8" diameter bowl with base designed to sit below spigot of urn. Out-turned up. Stamped Arabic impression in bottom of bowl. f. Asymmetrical tray. Rectangular area where urn sits; oval in area where bowl sits. Color: SL,BR,WH 2000.1.1 (Coffeepot) image
9 2010.17.50 Container Spice Box - Small metal canister with lid (a & b) lid has a large sun or flower pattern, bottom is plain 2010.17.50 (Container) image
10 2010.17.77 Pitcher Small creamer pitcher with 'lily' shaped spout and simple knobbed lid 2010.17.77 (Pitcher) image