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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.30.197 Dish Flatted dish. Cracked; swastika-like design inside. Color: BR
2 00.30.216 Bowl Bowl has design on inside and chip 3" long out of one side. Broken in 3 pieces. bowl a. Largest piece b. and c.
3 00.30.239 Bowl White bowl with bottom of outside brown. Color: WH, BR
4 00.30.259 Bowl Bowl with black and red geometric designs. Color: WH
5 1971.8.4.1 Bowl Bowl:Orange-tan in color, with brown and reddish brown designs. Designed band is just under the rim. Consists of triangular shapes. On inside lip of rim are four more triangular designs. Inside of bowl is creamy tan. Color: OR,BR,RD
6 1971.8.4.2 Bowl Bowl:tan in color with band of petal-like designs, in brown. Inside of bowl is the same color.
7 1983.24.3 Pot Tall vase shape pot with triangle designs. Tan and black. $16 dollar sticker inside rim.
8 1984.11.8 Bowl Glazed bowl. Stylized geometric designs on exterior. Brown, black and white paint used to make designs. Chipping and wear visible throughout. Color: BR,BK,WH
9 1989.43.42 Pot Brown pot, designs over white. The mouth has a 1" diameter. Color: BR,WH
10 1993.44.9.14 Pitcher Handmade wedding pitcher. Double spout; handle rests between both spouts. Geometric designs glazed on exterior.
11 1993.44.9.4 Dish Terracotta Handmade dish. Brown and light brown glazes; stylized swirl at center, stylized three lobed leaf, netting, and triangle on exterior, taped label reading "Hopi. E. Johnson". Color: BR,TN
12 1993.44.9.5 Vase Wedding vase with two spouts; twisted handle rests between both spouts. Geometrical design on body of the base. Cylindrical base, off-white glaze with additional glazes of brown and black. Handmade.
13 1993.44.9.8 Pot Hand fired pot, rim extends inward 1/2". Geometric designs on exterior include angles, lines, also freeformed designs of half circles. Smooth, glazed exterior, rough unglazed interior. Color: BR,TN