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Catalog # Name Description
1 2009.2.5 Bowl Small black bowl with small handle and lip. Indentations around top below lip. Egg-shaped swirls are drawn on to the surface for decoration. Color: BK
2 2009.2.6 Bowl Medium size bowl with rounded bottom and three horizontal lines etched into the clay. Color: BK, RD
3 2010.4.1 Bowl Flat base pottery with 2 handles and a wide circular top opening, 6" in circumference. One ridge which comes out 1 inch. Between top and outermost edge is detail as well as handles, 1.5" tall. Detail consists of indented lines horizontally of 2", vertile lines of .5", and rows of indented dots. Total dots 11, 12, 16, 18, 12 sets.
4 2010.4.2 Bowl Rounded base pottery with a 4" opening. Detail is under first inward curve and right after most indented curves, 1.5 inch from top opening, only on outside. Detail is banners of slanted-left, .25" in height. 3 banners in total. 2010.4.2 (Bowl) image
5 2010.4.3 Teapot A circular teapot with a handle and a spout. Top opening 3.5". Straight top to 2 curved tiers. 1st tier is 2" high with 1 banner of dots. Banner has 2 wide ovals on one side and 3 on the other, contains dots. 2nd tier is 5" in height with 3 ovals of dots on both sides.
6 2010.4.4 Teapot Flat bottom tea kettle with curved top handle and 1 side spout. 1.25" opening at top and stopper. Pot divided into top oval and bottom oval. Top has designs of lines, triangles, and dots. From top, dots by opening, then lines and triangles with dots, then slanted .5" lines. 2010.4.4 (Teapot) image
7 2017-17-12 Jug A water jug with two spouts and a handle in between them. Made of clay stained red. 2017-17-12 (Jug) image
8 2019-FIC-4 Pot Black African ceramic pot with incised decoration in a curved pattern around the belly. Suspected to be from Cameroon.