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Catalog # Name Description
1 Pyrite Four concretions round & knobby - starting to deteriorate; 1` "log" of crystals to 1/4" in matrix. Supposed to be 13 specimens
2 Pyrite Massive, tarnished.
3 Pyrite Pyrite in black tourmaline.
4 Pyrite Granular aggregates (ore). ! thumbnail with quartz.
5 Pyrite Concretions, some decomposition similar to (CS 428 4).
6 Pyrite Interesting cluster of darkened crystal cubes.
7 Pyrite Iron pyrites, fossil?
8 Pyrite Similar to but listed in old notebook as "astrocarpus" ???
9 Pyrite Stalactite
10 Pyrite Stalactite
11 Pyrite Stalactite
12 Pyrite Stalactite
13 Pyrite Stalactite
14 Pyrite Stalactite
15 Pyrite Stalactite
16 Pyrite Stalactite
17 Pyrite Stalactite
18 Pyrite Stalactite
19 Pyrite Stalactite
20 Pyrite Stalactite
21 Pyrite Stalactite
22 Pyrite Massive with one side covered with cubes to 1/4". Other scattered crystals; some striated faces.
23 Pyrite Parts of cubic crystals, brassy.
24 Pyrite Mass of crystals on quartz crystals.
25 Pyrite Small pocket of 1/8" cubes. Color: GD
26 Pyrite Miniature shows pyritohedral crystals; hand is compact aggregate
27 Pyrite One specimen has cubes of pyrite to 3/8" on quartz crystals. Other, massive pyrite in matrix. a. and b.
28 Pyrite Crystal faces on one side of rock layer.
29 Pyrite Thumbnails mostly massive; miniature has crystals at one end.
30 Pyrite Scattered crystals in iron matrix. Poor crystals on quartz.
31 Pyrite None
32 Pyrite Cubic crystals to 3/8" scattered among quartz crystals; tiny crystls with calcite on matrix
33 Pyrite Vial contains decomposed materail; 1 large partial strated crystal on pyrite matrix
34 Pyrite One massive; other has striated crystals to 3/8" on an end.
35 Pyrite Crystals on quartz crystals to 1/4".
36 Pyrite Massive pyrite, one side coverd with 3/8" quartz crystals with larger pyrite (1/2") on quartz.
37 Pyrite Dubic crystals with iron-stained quartz crystals on massive pyrite & quartz matrix
38 Pyrite TN's - pieces of cubic crystals; miniatures - clusters of crystals
39 Pyrite Granular aggregate.
40 Pyrite Crystals on small quartz crystals. Massive pyrite with pyrite & quartz crystals in vug at one end.
41 Pyrite Partial crystals.
42 Pyrite Cabinet - cluster of striated crystals ; massive pyrite with quartz; massive - showing some crystal faces
43 Pyrite Brown cubic crystals from 1/8" x 1/8" - 3/8" x 3/8"
44 Pyrite Crystal clump.
45 Pyrite Brassy, striated crystals in pocket of granular pyrite
46 Pyrite Vial contains decomposed material; 1 cluster of crystals
47 Pyrite Granular aggregate with some quartz.
48 Pyrite Scattered pyrite in light gray matrix.
49 Pyrite Granular aggregate.
50 Pyrite Pyrite finely disseminated in galena(?).