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Catalog # Name Description
1 Calcite Geode.
2 Calcite Geode.
3 Calcite Pirolitic geode.
4 Calcite Calcite crystals in coal.
5 Calcite Bituminous shale matrix; lined with dog-tooth spar.
6 Calcite Carboniferous shale bearing dog-tooth spar; Catalog says 3 specimens.
7 Calcite Crystals in coal material.
8 Calcite With curved calcite crystals.
9 Calcite Crystals on carboniferous limestone.
10 Calcite Drusy iridescent calcite crystals on black limestone.
11 Calcite Crystals on limestone.
12 Calcite Dog-tooth spar.
13 Calcite Pocket within calcareous tufa.
14 Calcite From a seam of coal; Iron pyrite stain on one side.
15 Calcite Limestone bearing calcite crystals.
16 Calcite Carboniferous; Calcite crystals.
17 Calcite Satin spar.
18 Calcite Satin spar.
19 Calcite None
20 Calcite With iron disseminated, decomposed marcasite present
21 Calcite Calcite. Dysaralite.
22 Calcite Concretions; "From a layer just above ferrous sand running into blue Kansanan Clay, and west up into Iowa ten or more feet above it. Now a line of gravel which I had considered B. G. After a while this calcareous matter moves out and underated layers of for. sand takes its place."
23 Calcite Concretion about a root
24 Calcite Vein, in coal.
25 Calcite Vein filling.
26 2006.15.0104 Calcite (with Hematite) Small in size piece of brown calcite with a light hematite coating (violet and iredescent color) with a cluster of dog-tooth spar calcite along inner edges of rock, vitreous metallic luster, 4.5 on hardness scale Color: Brown