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Catalog # Name Description
1 Talc Talc schist.
2 Vermiculite Soft, corky like sheets. Color: BR
3 Hemimorphite None
4 Hemimorphite None
5 Talc Massive. Color: GR
6 Vesuvianite None
7 Zinnwaldite Zinnwaldite is a very rare member of the mica group and is not well known even by mineral collectors. Zinnwaldite is darker colored than typical muscovite but lighter than phlogopite or biotite The dark color and density in the three iron containing micas increase with an increase in the iron and magnesium content. Zinnwaldite is difficult to distinguish from the other micas at least by ordinary methods and lacallity and enviroment are keys to identification. It is limited to special granites and their pegmatites. Zinnwaldite, like other micas, has a layered structure of lithium iron aluminum silicate sheets weakly bonded together by layers of potassium ions. These potassium ion layers produce the perfect cleavage. Zinnwaldite is rarely available to collectors but some nice specimens with apatite are now on the market showing nice tabular crystals.
8 Vesuvianite None
9 Epidote None
10 Epidote None
11 1970.47.1.0043 Talc Sawed triangular piece. Color: WH
12 1970.47.1.0263 Talc Color: PK
13 1970.74.0016M Talc Consists of parallel. Color: WH
14 1970.74.0198M Vesuvianite None
15 1970.74.0312M Epidote None
16 1970.74.0393M Epidote None
17 1970.74.0740M Vesuvianite Crystals; essonite on pargasite.
18 1970.74.0749M Talc Foliated; massive. Color: GR
19 1970.74.0766M Talc Assoicated with pyrite & actinolite. Color: GR
20 1970.74.0838M Epidote Crystals on quartz and massive epidote..
21 1970.74.1160M Vesuvianite Crystals in scheelite.
22 1970.74.1228M Talc None
23 1970.74.1239M Epidote In hornblend schist.
24 1970.74.1499M Hemimorphite Hemimorphite crystals, geothite.
25 1970.74.1669M Talc Variety of talc known as steatite usually desiribed as compact, felted and light gray. Specimen also contains "serpentine". Color: PR
26 1987.3.0039 Epidote None
27 1990.53.0088 Hemimorphite Small prismatic crystals on limonite, also partially iron coated. Color: BK
28 1990.53.0092 Hemimorphite None
29 1990.53.0103 Epidote None
30 1990.53.0162 Talc Foliated massive, small pyrite cubes. Color: GR
31 1995.36.0036 Talc Scam of translucent talc. Color: GR-WH
32 1995.36.0039 Vermiculite Scaly aggregate. Color: BR
33 2006.15.0006 Mica Zinnwaldite A 450 gram shiny mica specimen. The silver is metallic in luster and the pink looks more waxy. Color: Pk SL