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Catalog # Name Description
1 Obsidian Impure.
2 Obsidian None
3 Pitchstone Var. Pitchstone.
4 Obsidian None
5 Proxenite None
6 Perlite Var. Perlite.
7 Norlite None
8 Phonolite None
9 Obsidian With phenocrysts.
10 Melaphyr None
11 Minette None
12 Nephelinite Var. Eloteolite.
13 Nephrite Amphibole. Jade.
14 Obsidian None
15 Maukanite None
16 Obsidian Var. Pitchstone.
17 Pyroxenite Or Hornblendite.
18 Porphyry, hornblende Hornblende, diabase porphyry.
19 Quartz Massive.
20 1970.74.0434M Granite None
21 1970.74.0479M Obsidian Snowflake obsidian. Heel, larger snowflakes.
22 1970.74.0482M Obsidian Snowflake obsidian.
23 1970.74.0602M Obsidian Gold sheen obsidian. Glued.
24 1970.74.0673M Obsidian Color: RD
25 1970.74.0685M Pumice None
26 1970.74.0827M Obsidian Gold sheen obsidian.
27 1970.74.0830M Obsidian Silver sheen obsidian.
28 1970.74.1577M Llanite None
29 1973.0032 Porphyry, dacite Dactite porphyry.
30 1973.0073 Obsidian Perlite. Apache tear embedded in perlite. Smoky gray with glassy effect in some places. Color: GY
31 1973.42.0002 Monzonite Porphyritic.
32 1973.42.0014 Quartz, monzonite None
33 1978.46.0038 Pegmatite Tin ore, mica and quartz. Color: GY,BK
34 2006.15.0002 Obsidian, Snowflake 67 gram snowflake obsidian specimen with several well developed pea-sized crystals visible Color: BK WH
35 2006.15.0046 Obsidian Small in size specimen of Obsidian, uneven ridges, one smooth face, dull to vitreous luster, 5-6 on hardness scale, mineraliod Color: Black
36 2006.15.0047 Obsidian Very small piece of obsidian, uneven ridges, resembles glass, dull to vitreous luster, 5-6 on hardness scale Color: Black
37 2006.15.0049 Obsidian Medium in size chunk of obsidian, two polished faces, black with reddish orange fusion on top, somewhat porrus in places, dull to vitreous luster, 5-6 on hardness scale Color: Black
38 2006.15.0053 Obsidian Small in size "Apache Tear" var. of obsidian, same composition just shaped in a ball, black with cracks and uneven ridges, polished, dull to vitreous luster, 5-6 on hardness scale Color: Black