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Catalog # Name Description
1 Iron Specular iron ore.
2 Concretion, iron Mud cracked.
3 Shale, kerosene Wollongongite.
4 Iron Iron nodule made up of 8 spheres
5 Geode Bituminous-bearing.
6 Concretion, lime None
7 Concretion, Hematite In clay matrix.
8 Nodule, lime Sun cracked.
9 Fulgarite None
10 Concretion, hematite None
11 Concretion, lime None
12 Nodule, iron Broken.
13 Fulgarite None
14 Gothite None
15 Gilsonite None
16 Nodule, iron Disintegrating. With clay stone nucleus. Shows glacial polishing.
17 Fluorspar None
18 Iodyrite None
19 Geyserite Geyser eggs of calcite.
20 Geyserite Geyser formation.
21 Kaolin None
22 Kaolinite, fariniform None
23 Graphite Anthracitic graphite.
24 Jet Massive Color: BK
25 1966.0014 Concretion Spherical iron concretion, 1/2 quite smooth, other 1/2 rougher.
26 1966.0015 Concretion Irregularly-shaped iron concretion.
27 1970.45.0001 Ironstone Ironstone chert with iron.
28 1970.74.0138M Geode Agate center.
29 1970.74.0540M Jasper Contains cross-fractures sealed with quartz, and micro hematite mineralization in the form of irregular lamiunae and enhedral growths in porous zones.
30 1970.74.0558M Jaspilite Jasper, hematite, quartz.
31 1970.74.0594M Jasper None
32 1970.74.0596M Geode Thunder egg.
33 1970.74.0707M Jasper None
34 1970.74.0892M Jaspilite Jasper and Micaceous hematite.
35 1970.74.0924M Jasper None
36 1970.74.1015M Geode Agatized coral.
37 1970.74.1066M Jasper None
38 1970.74.1088M Flint Rainbow flint rock.
39 1972.15.0010 Gypsum None
40 2006.15.0092 Quartz var. Agate (Silicate Group) Small in size half of agate "Thunder Ball Egg" one polished face, dark blue center with lighter blue circle and an oddly shaped formation of a translucent crebace in center extending to a side, globular shaped with a tear drop shaped cluster of presumably quartz underneath, vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale Color: Blue/Brown
41 2006.15.0093 Quartz var. Agate (Silicate Group) Small in size half of agate "Thunder Ball Egg" host rock green, star like formation or shape, one "eye" of chalcedony, bands of chalcedony around (blue) and in center (semi-translucent color) vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale Color: Brown/ Blue
42 2006.15.0094 Quartz var. Agate (Silicate Group) Medium in size specimen of agate, one polished face, rough outer rock with bands and clumps of chalcedony (white and red) with small crystal formations occurring in middle of some clumps, small red inclisions of iron (tiny vein like lines) vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale Color: Red/Translucent
43 2006.15.0142 Quartz var. Agate Small in size half specimen "Thunderball Egg" type of agate, one polished face, gold and iron red colored specs and such inside rock with translucent swirls beneath, clusters look like damp powder, vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale Color: Gold, Red