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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.0132 Drum Wooden drum with ropes along the side to supply tension to drum head. There is mixed fabric around the drum head and the rope attaches 2/3 down the side of the drum. 1968.10.0132 (Drum) image
2 2005.2.0013 Drum Barrel drum that has a circular, round base that is wider than the body of the drum. One side of the drum has a handle that is designed to be a curved snake/reptile figure that has etchings on its body as decoration, The other side of the drum also has a handle, but it is a leather top that is attached to two triangular raised reliefs at opposing sides. Drumhead is a stretched animal skin that is attached to drum with wooden pegs. Carvings cover the drum, some in a triangular pattern, others in a circular pattern. 2005.2.0013 (Drum) image
3 2017-17-14 Drum Double ended drum, skin covers both ends, attached and tightened with cord that extends vertically around the entire exterior. 2017-17-14 (Drum) image