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Catalog # Name Description
1 2013.2.0001 Mask Mask. Rectangular-shape. Large square eye openings, long broad nose and open mouth cut away. Covered with white circular dots. Holes of various sizes around the perimeter. 2013.2.0001 (Mask) image
2 2013.2.0003 Mask Ceremonial mask with elongated with pronounced forehead, oval-shape eye openings and abstract-shape broad nose with pierced nostrils. Protruding mouth is pierced through in square-shape form. Holes pierced through around mask for raffia attachments. Dots and stars on surface. 2013.2.0003 (Mask) image
3 2013.2.2 Mask Mask. Egg-shape with circular eye openings, elongated nose with pierced nostrils and square open mouth exposing three animal teeth. Kaolin linear marks down both sides of face, across forehead and perimeter. White strip across upper portion of the mouth. Fiber raffia attached around chin. Four dots below each eye in square shape form. Two holes pierced through for fiber wrapping to the head. 2013.2.2 (Mask) image
4 2015-3-7 Mask, Maniema An old wooden mask in an oval form having round pierced eyes, long narrow nose, open round mouth, and linear scar down the length of the nose. The reverse side of the mask exposes years of use. There is repair to the eye sockets and traces of white kaolin on the face. Raffia straw is attached to the perimeter of the mask. Light wood dating to the early to mid 20th Century. 2015-3-7 (Mask, Maniema) image
5 2021-19-23 Mask This mask comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, made from the Pende people. The mask is attached to a burlap cloth twice that wraps around the chin with string in drilled holes located on sides of mask, and on top of the head covering the entirety of the top. Straw and string is also used to secure it down. The mask features two downturned jutting eyes with slits. Two ears with no details added are on the sides of the mask. The nose protrudes and has two large nostrils. The mouth is open and the inside has been carved by a drill. The mask is painted half brown, half white.  2021-19-23 (Mask) image