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1 2014-4-5 Mask A small round soft wood mask with strong facial features. The eyelids are large and pronounced exposing slit eyes, a narrow nose and small open mouth. The ears are extended outward and pierced. The face has traces of white kaolin and blue indigo coloration appears below the eyes. The backside of the mask exposes soot covering from age.  2014-4-5 (Mask) image
2 2015-3-4 Staute, Zande Related Wooden female standing figure on a professional wooden base. Her legs are spread apart and very short, her arms are suspended to her sides. The shoulders are square with a very thick neck and an oval-shaped head. The circular eyes are deep-set with a narrow nose and closed slit mouth. Her coiffure is double braided and sweeping behind the head. The figure is brown in color and in good condition. The figure dates to the mid to late 20th century. 2015-3-4 (Staute, Zande Related ) image
3 2017-26-12 Mask Originating from the Ivory Coast, the Dan monkey mask, known as a Kaogle, is constructed of wood with fiber. The mask is characterized by deeply set triangular eyeholes; a low, prominent forehead, triangular distended cheekbones, and an angular protruding lower jaw. The corners of the mouth hang exaggeratedly dowwards. Harmoniously composed by the voluminous forehead and the tension created by the frontal ridge and the mouth, the great balance and expression point to the highest requirements of the Dan art dedicated to beauty.The multiple layers of holes around the perimeter are an illustration of the long use, as is the patina of the wood. The Dan monkey mask is among the more primitive examples of the northern Dan style. A woven cord is attached to the reverse. 2017-26-12 (Mask) image