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1 1975.4.23 Book "Howes Comic School Speaker" (Choice Selection of Comic and Humorous Pieces Suitable for Scholars of all Ages.) Paperback. 102 pages plus 8 pages of ads. Distributed by School Publishing co., Darrowville, OH. Cover green with black print includes two human caricatures and one elephant. Handwritten in pencil on front cover page "Miss A. G. Jacobs". Color: Green, black
2 1984.6.112 Book "The Boy's Own Book" by Camerlynck - Guernier & G. H. Camerlynck; H. Didier, Editeur. Illus in b/w. 195 pp. For teaching English grammar to French speaking boys. Also has little stories in English . The first 30 pages not attached to binding. Color: Faded red, black, tan
3 2001.4.1 Book "Along the Way: Easy Growth in Reading", Hildreth, Gertrude, 181 pp. Cover has young girl and woman sitting across from each other at a table on a train. Woman is handing a book to the child who has folded arms.Blue lettering on white on red background. Spine worn, front leaf torn, last two pages torn out. On the title page "SECOND READER LEVEL ONE". Author is from Teachers College, Colunbia Univ., co-authors: Allie Lou Felton, Mabel J. Henderson; Alice Meghan. Illustrated by: Erick Berry, Fredrick C. Chapman. Contents include: Pets, Indians, Rides, Winter and the Woods, Good Time Stories. Color: RD,WH,BL
4 2001.4.2 Book "Enchanting Stories:Easy Growth in Reading", Hildreth, Gertrude, 182 pp. Cover has blue windmill on tan background. On title page, "THIRD READER LEVEL TWO". Author from Teachers College Columbia University. Co-authors: Allie Lou Fenton, Mabel J. Henderson, Alice Meighen. Illustrated by Jacob Bates Abbot and Henry C. Pitz. An impressed seal from St. Mary's School, Storm Lake Iowa is in Lower right corner. Contents: Animal Tales; Halloween and Christmas; In the Land of Brownies and Giants; Princes and Palaces; In Faraway Lands. Color: BL,TN,RD
5 2001.7.2 Book "Busy Little Brownies", Banta, N. Moore. 128 pp. Illustrated by Dulin, Dorothy. Cover - two 'brownies' dancing, yellow trees in lower right. Spine torn, stained, front leaf torn. Contents - short stories about fairies. Color: GY,BK,YL
6 2001.7.4 Book "Bunny Bright Eyes", Smith, Laura Rountree. 128 pp. Illustrated by Dunlin, Dorothy. Cover - Rabbit at table with writing tools. Contents - 12 chapters about Bunny Bright, 3 chapters about Cotton-tail stories. Color: GY, BK, RD
7 2002.5.34 Book "Let's Play Outdoors" by Juliet Scott Miller. 34 pp. Children's book of games and rules for playing outside. Color cover with children playing hide and seek. Yellow and brown lettering on the cover. Small picture on back cover. Two stamps on the inside o
8 2006.5.6 Book "Jean Mitchell's School" by Angelina W. Wray. Has green cover with black writing and a brick school house. Copywright 1901. Color: GR
9 2010.20.4 Book "In Storm and Sunshine" by Horace Buckley et al. 152 pgs. A compilation of short stories aimed at early elementary school children. Color illustrations throughout. Some stories are folowwed by activities. Color: BL,YL,GR,OR,BK
10 2011.2.8 Book "In the Child's World", by Emilie Poulsson, 443 pgs., has various stories and lesson plans for early elementary students, has some illustrations to go with stories, topics vary from different things in nature to various jobs people have Color: RD, GD, BK, WH
11 2016-FIC-168 Book Jean Mitchell's School by Angelina W. Wray. Cover is red with black text and an image of a schoolhouse outlined in black. Edges and corners are worn. Binding is weak, but pages are all attached. A piece of paper is glued on the front interior cover that says, "Property of Frederika School Library Book No. 150." Book is 244 pages excluding the appendix. 
12 2018-10-1 Book "Latin Grammar" rural school textbook written by Charles E. Bennett. 280 Pages. Signed on the inside cover "Katherine Lewis F.H.S. '20' and "Lois Tennell F.H.S." Copyright 1895 and 1908, last reised March 1915.
13 2018-10-10 Book "Reading with Phonics," written by Julie Hay and Charles E. Wingo. 128 pages.
14 2018-10-11 Book "The Quins' Book" primer written by Jean Ayer un 1937 and published by Thomas Nelson and Sons. 114 pages.
15 2018-10-13 Book "We Live on a Farm" primer written by Ernest Horn in 1940 and published by Ginn and Co. 144 pages.
16 2018-10-14 Book "On Four Feet" primer written by Macmillan and published by Gates, Huber, and Salisbury. 159 pages.
17 2018-10-15 Book "The Painted Calf" primer by Macmillan Co. and published by Gates, Hubert, and Salisbury. 49 pages.
18 2018-10-16 Book "The Surprise Box" primer by the Macmillan Co. and published by Gates, Huber, and Salisbury. 49 pages.
19 2018-10-17 Book "Joyful Stories" primer by Clarence R. Stone and published by Webster Publishing Co. 154 pages.
20 2018-10-18 Book "The Easy Road to Reading" first primer by Carrie J. Smith and published by Lyons and Carnahan. 144 pages.
21 2018-10-19 Book "The Riverside Readers" primer by James H. Van Sickle and published by Houghton Mifflin Co. 128 pages.
22 2018-10-2 Book "The Wonderworld of Science, Book Six" written by Warren Knox, George Stone, Morris Meister, and Dorothy Wheatley. 288 pages.
23 2018-10-20 Book "The New Fun with Dick and Jane" primer by William S. Gray, A Sterl Artley, May Hill Arbuthnot and published by Scott, Foresman, and Co. 160 pages.
24 2018-10-21 Book "Fuzzy Tail", Our Animal Books primer written by Arensa Sondergaard. 134 pages.
25 2018-10-22 Book "Get Ready to Read" written by William H. Burton, Clara Belle Baker, and Grace K. Kemp. 48 pages.
26 2018-10-23 Book "Get Ready to Read" written by William H. Burton, Clara Belle Baker, and Grace K. Kemp. 48 pages. Blue Cover.
27 2018-10-24 Book "Billy and His Family", A Social Studies Readiness Book, written by Alta McGuire. 35 pages.
28 2018-10-25 Book "See and Do: written by Paul Witty and KAte Kelly. 48 pages.
29 2018-10-26 Book "Ride Away" written by Emmett A. Betts and Carolyn Welch. 48 pages.
30 2018-10-27 Book "Fall is Here," written by Bertha Morris Parker and Mabel O'Donnell. 36 pages.
31 2018-10-28 Book "Here We Go," written by Bertha Morris Parker and Mabel O'Donnell. 48 pages.
32 2018-10-29 Book "My New Friends" written by Donald Durrell and Helen Blair Sullivan. 62 pages.
33 2018-10-3 Book "McGuffey's First Reader" written by Van Antwerp Bragg and Co. 78 pages.
34 2018-10-30 Book "Winter is Here" the Basic Education Series, written by Bertha Morris Parker. 35 pages.
35 2018-10-31 Book "My Little Green Story Book" primer by the Ginn Basic Readers. 64 pages.
36 2018-10-32 Book "My Little Red Story Book" primer by the Ginn Basic Readers. 52 pages.
37 2018-10-33 Book "My Little Blue Story Book" primer by the Ginn Basic Readers. 72 pages.
38 2018-10-34 Book "Play with Jimmy" primer by Follett Publishing Co. 24 pages.
39 2018-10-35 Book "Laugh with Larry" primer by Follett Publishing Co. 48 pages.
40 2018-10-36 Book "Good Times with Our Friends" primer by Scott, Foresman, and Co. 128 pages.
41 2018-10-37 Book "My Little Green Story Book" primer by Ginn and Co. 64 pages.
42 2018-10-38 Book "High on a Hill" primer by Row, Peterson and Co. 48 pages.
43 2018-10-39 Book "Skip Along" primer by Row, Peterson and Co. 48 pages.
44 2018-10-4 Book "Second Reader" written by Harriette T. Treadwell and Margaret Free. 191 pages.
45 2018-10-40 Book "Happy Days with Our Friends" primer by Scott, Foresman, and Co. 95 pages.
46 2018-10-41 Book "Jim and Judy" primer by the MacMillan Co. 154 pages.
47 2018-10-5 Book "Correct English Introductory Course," Written by William Tanner. 562 pages.
48 2018-10-6 Book "Reading and Literature Book One: New Edition," written by Melvin Haggerty and Dora Smith. 632 pages.
49 2018-10-7 Book "Reading and Literature Book Two: New Edition," written by Melvin Haggerty and Dora Smith. 632 pages.
50 2018-10-8 Book "Nicodemus and Little Black Pig", written by Inez Hogan.