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1 Book "Nursery Rhymes" or Rhymes for the Nursery" Published by J.H. Francis, Boston; C.S> Francis, New York. Book consists of classic nursery stories with hand colored drawings. Red cover with gold gilded title
2 1975.4.2 Book "Recitations, Plays and Tableaux for Boys and Girls'' (Best and most Captivating Selections in Poetry and Prose from World-Renowned Authors for Public and Private Exhibitions.) Editor, Publisher, and city unknown. 278 pages. Color plates, b/w drawings. Handwritten in black ink on front cover page "Aletha Jacobs/Rowley/Iowa" and handwritten in black ink on next cover page "Miss Aletha Jacobs/ Rowley, Ia./Jan. 1903". Cover has multicolors printed with 5 circus performers and a vignette in upper right corner with young woman and lower right corner with a young couple. Color: GR,RD,GY
3 1975.4.25 Book "The Best Christmas Book.'' Edited by Joseph Sindelar. Paperback. 190 pages. No illustrations. Recitations, Dialogues, Exercises, Plays, Drills, Action Pieces, Tableaux, Pantomimes, Songs & Music, Facts. Cover yellow with red and green print. Two children in pajamas, one peeking around corner at Christmas tree. Originally $.40. Handwritten in green ink on cover "Miss Jacobs, Dows, Ia. 1921". Handwritten in blue ink on cover page "Mrs. Hutchison". Color: YL,GR,RD
4 1975.4.26 Book "Best Primary Recitations." by Winifred A. Hoag. Booklet, paperback. 88 pages. Cover shows a young boy sitting and reading. Color: tan, green, black
5 1975.4.66 Book "Outlines and Exercises in English Grammar," by Nellie B. Wallbank. 129 pages; no illus. Paperback. Subject matter serves for the assignment of all classwork, to be used with advanced grammar. Black ink stamped on front & back of brown soft cover. On top, front cover "Aletha Jacobs" is written in pencil.
6 1986.4.293 Book "Latest Edition Websters Self-pronouncing Vest Pocket Dictionary.". 194 pp. Clear and concise definitions, correct accentuation and full markings of all difficult words.
7 1988.25.3 Book "A Christmas Carol," by Charles Dickens. Color: BK,WH
8 1989.28.10 Book "The Palmer Method of Business Writing," by A. N. Palmer. Color: BK,WH
9 1989.42.1 Book "The Palmer Method of Business Writing" by A. N. Palmer. Color: BK,WH
10 1989.42.2 Book "The Palmer Method of Business Writing," by A. N. Palmer. Written on the first page is "Irma Van Hauen Feb. 25 - 1936." Color: BK,WH
11 1996.13.40 Book "SO YOU ARE TEACHING IN THE KINDERGARTEN". Cover is white with black print. Two hands are on the cover with each reaching out for the other. Author is Betts Ann Roth, Associate Professor of Teaching, Malcolm Price Laboratory School. 53 pp. Published by Extension Service, UNI. Color: BK,WH
12 1996.13.44 Book "Games and Activities for Early Childhood Education", published by Teachers Publishing Division, Macmillan Co. Orange and white cover with many drawings of children doing different things. Print is black and back cover is orange. Authors are Guy Wagner, Laura Gilloley, Betts Ann Roth, and Joan Cesinger. 151 pp. Color: WH,OR,BK
13 2001.11.1 Book "The Merriest Christmas Book" by Ada Clark, Julia M. Martin, Carolyn Barr, Ella B. Johnson and others. Front cover has a picture of three children (elves?) dressed in red. Green backgroundl 160 pp. Content is plays, exercises, dialogues, acrostics, drills and songs. "Julia Rosendaal" written on front page. Color: GR,RD,WH
14 2001.11.19 Book "Christmas Plays and comedies". Beckley-Cardy Company, Chicago. By Elizabeth F. Guptill, Noel Flaurier, Rebecca Stratton, Lucille Crites and others. 106 pp. Color: BK,WH,RD
15 2001.11.2 Book "The Giant Christmas Book" by Lenore Hetrick. Contains recitations, songs, readings, pantomimes, drills, novelties, pageants and plays. 282 pages. Blue cover with an illustration of children and Santa. Color: BL,WH,BK
16 2001.11.20 Book "The Star Christmas Book," by Ada Clark, Marie Irish, Beatrice Casey and James Rowe. Yellow cover with an illustration of three carolers. 112 pp. "Agnes Hatfield" written on cover page. Inside cover has handwritten instructions for a school(?) program. "Julia Rosendaal" written on front cover. "Agnes Hatfield' written on front page. Color: YL,BK,WH
17 2001.11.21 Book "Thirty Christmas Dialogues and Plays" by Marie Irish, Clara J. Denton, Laura R. Smith. Dontains recitation selections for primary, intermediate and higher grades. 175 pp. "Julia Rosendaal'; written on front page. Color: BL,BK,WH
18 2001.11.22 Book "Merry Christmas in all the Grades; a Collection of New Ideas for Christmas," by Lenore K. Dolan. 84 pp. "Agnes" written in pencil on cover page, top right. Color: WH,BK
19 2001.11.3 Book "Christmas Celebrations." Contains drills, acrostics, dialogues and exercises, readings, recitations, songs and tableaux. 160 pp. Says "Vera Vos Rosendaal' on front page. Assorted authors, such as Marie Insh.
20 2001.11.4 Book "The Primary Christmas Book" by Marie Irish. 118 pp. Contains recitations and monologues, exercises, songs, drills, dialogues, plays, pantomimes and tableaux. Says "Agnes Hatfield to Julia" ("Rosendaal) on cover. Color: GY,GR,WH
21 2001.11.5 Book "The Favorite Christmas Book", "Julia Rosendaal" written on page 13. 115 pp. Unknown author or editor. Color: WH,BK
22 2001.7.7 Book "Going to School in Animal Land", Cowles, Julia Darrow. 126 pp. Ilustrated by Dulin, Dorothy. Cover - owl, duck, frog, bear and crescent moon. Last page has advertisement. Contents - stories with animals. Color: GY,BL,YL
23 2002.5.13 Book "The Weavers Children" by Eva Ekins. 208 pp. Beige/gray cover with blue and black ink and black ink on the spine. Some black and white illustrations. Label pasted on the inside of the front cover listing the vol. #, price, school, township, and rules for book care. Color: TN,BL,BK
24 2002.5.20 Book "Philip of Texas - a story of sheep raising in Texas" by James Otis. 155 pp. Some black and white illustrations. Yellow cover with black and brown printing. Label pasted on the inside of the front cover listing the vol. #, price, school, township, and rules for book care. Color: YL,BR,BK
25 2002.5.39 Book "Newspapers" by Martha F. Sager. Unit Study Book #609. 36 pp. Orange paper cover with black and white lettering and details. Book has many black and white photos and illustrations. "Hazel Gordisson" written in black ink on front cover Color: OR,BK,WH
26 2002.5.46 Book "Kitty Mittens" by Annie Chase. 32 pp. Instructor Literature Series - No. 31. A collection of short stories with black and white illustrations. Pink cover with black print and a picture of a cat. "Mizz Hazel Jordson" written in pen on cover. Color: PK,BK,WH
27 2002.5.52 Book "The Museum Comes to Life", by Maribelle Cormack and William P. Alexander. 207 pp. Yellow cloth bound cover with black print. Illustration on front cover - a lynx or other large cat. Black and white illustrations on front and back inside cover pages. Black and white illustrations throughout. Label pasted on the inside of the front cover pages listing school district, township, vol. #, price and rules for book care. Color: YL,BK
28 2002.7.287 Book "The Finer Things of Life". The Rosemary Booklests. Compilation of famous quotes. includes a bookmark.
29 2005.11.28 Book "The Palmer Method of Business Writing," by A. N. Palmer. On inside cover is "The Palmer Method of Business Writing, a series of Self-teaching Lessons in Rapid, Plain, Unshaded Course - Pen Muscular Movement, Writing." 94 pp. On front of book written lightly is "Alice Zoe Brewster." On inside cover page at top is written in pencil, "Miss Dorothy Montgomery." On back cover is also written in ink "Alice Zoe Brewster, Iowa Falls, R F D, Iowa." Color: RD,WH
30 2006.5.7 Book "First Book for Little Folks" by Rebecca S. Pollard. Copywright 1898. The cover is covered with grey fabric that has been sewn on. Color: Gy
31 2010.8.3 Book "Roads To Follow" the New Basic readers by Helen M. Robinson, Marion Monroe, A. Sterl Artley, Charlotte S. Huck. 256 pgs. With color illustrations throughout. On cover there is a boy building a model ship with supplies scattered on the table. Background mostly orange. Title yellow letters on white. Color: OR, WH, YL, BL
32 2016-FIC-145 Book Boston Collection of Kindergarten Stories written and collected by Boston Kindergarten Teachers. Cover is green with the title written in black. There are some stains on the cover. Edges and corners are frayed. Binding is weak, but pages are attached. Council Bluffs Library information is attached on the interior front cover and first page. The last check out date was May of 1971. The library's accession number for the book was 40571. There are some stains and tears throughout the pages. Drawings are on the last page. Book is 179 pages.
33 2016-FIC-183 Book Christmas Plays for One and All by Agnes Curtis. Cover is brown with orange text and a Chirstmas tree. There is a stamp that says, "Crete Public Library Crete, Nebraska." Edges and corners are worn. The top right corner of the cover is torn. The front cover is held together with tape. Pages are still attached together. A stamp that says, "UNI Museums University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0199" is above the title on the first page. "#2806" is written above the stamp. "Crete Public Library Crete, Nebraska" is crossed out in purple crayon on the last page and back cover. Book is 183 pages. 
34 2017-22-16 Book The New Basic Reader titled "More Roads to Follow". Written by Helen M. Robinson, Marion Monroe, A. Sterl Artley and Charlotte S. Huck. 2017-22-16 (Book) image
35 2017-22-17 Book Book four of the Open Highways Readers. Written by Helen M. Robinson, Marion Monroe, A. Sterl Artley and Charlotte S. Huck, William A. Jenkins and Ira E. Aaron. 2017-22-17 (Book) image
36 2017-22-18 Book Book five of the Open Highways Readers series. Written by Helen M. Robinson, Marion Monroe, A. Sterl Artley and Charlotte S. Huck, William A. Jenkins and Ira E. Aaron. 2017-22-18 (Book) image
37 2017-22-19 Book The 1962 edition of The New Basic Readers series titled "Just Imagine!". Written by William S. Grey, Marion Monroe and A. Sterl Artley. 2017-22-19 (Book) image
38 2017-22-20 Book The 1955 edition of The New Basic Readers titled 'More Times and Places". Written by William S. Grey, Marion Monroe, A. Sterl Artley and May Hill Arbuthnot. 2017-22-20 (Book) image
39 2017-22-21 Book The New Guess Who book written by Helen M. Robinson, Marion Monroe and A. Sterl Artley. 2017-22-21 (Book) image
40 2018-20-1 Book Open Highways Reader Book 5 guidebook, by Marion Monroe, Helen M. Robinson, A. Sterl Artley, William A. Jenkins, Ira E. Aaron, and Samuel Weintraub. Published in 1966. 480 pages.
41 2018-20-10 Book The New Basic Readers, Book 2 Part 1. Also titled Friends Old and New. Written by Helen M. Robinson, Marion Monroe, and A. Sterl Artley. Published in 1963. 'Property of Independent School District of Waterloo' on inner cover page in black ink. 230 pages.
42 2018-20-11 Book The New Basic Readers, Book One. Also titled More Fun With Friends. Written by Helen M. Robinson, Marion Monroe, A. Sterl Artley, Charlotte S. Huck, and William A. Jenkins. Published in 1965. 'Property of Cedar Rapids Community School District' stamped on inner front cover in black ink. 192 pages.
43 2018-20-12 Book The Palmer Method of Business Writing by A.N. Palmer, 1928. Inner cover has 'Robert Nelson, 7th Grade, Washington School' written in pencil. 95 pages.
44 2018-20-13 Book Story of Iowa, written by W.L. Wallace, 1931. Iowan history book, written to conform with 'the laws of the 44th General Assembly.' A library sticker on the inner front cover states that this book was bought in 1938 for $0.45 by a Library Fund in Iowa County for Marge H. Goodman. Unknown if it was a library fund for a specific district or the County Board of Education. 82 pages. 2018-20-13 (Book) image
45 2018-20-14 Book Teachers' Handbook of Methods in Penmanship Instruction by Pearle I. Mallory, 1929. Teaches the 'Palmer Method' of handwriting. 64 pages. 2018-20-14 (Book) image
46 2018-20-15 Book World Geography: A Complete Outline Study, by Ruth E. Nelson and Mabel B. Nelson. Published by Klipto Loose Leaf Company. Undated, but most likely published in late 1938 or early 1939 based on text that references the 1938 Munich Accord but does not mention the 1939 invasion of Poland. The book has 'Miss Marjorie Hall' written on the cover in blue ink. 100 pages. 2018-20-15 (Book) image
47 2018-20-16 Book Gantvoort's Music Reader for Rural and Village Schools, by A.J. Gantvoort. Published in 1897.  216 pages. 2018-20-16 (Book) image
48 2018-20-17 Book Eighth Grade Question Book, by Oscar Warp, eleventh edition. Contains questions on agriculture, arithmetic, bookkeeping, civil government, drawing, English composition, geography, grammar, history, mental arithmetic, music, orthography, penmanship, physiology, and reading.  Undated, but based on history questions relating to Czechslovakia and World War One, likely 1918 to early 1920s.  Inner cover has, "Miss Hollis Jeanette Steele, Eleroy, Ill." written in black ink. 2018-20-17 (Book) image
49 2018-20-19 Book Little Plays for Christmas, written by Ada Clark, Margaret Kibbe, Rebecca Rice, Alice Whitson Norton, and Anna Williams Arnett. Published 1928. Has "Marjorie L. Hall, 1945-1946" written on the cover in blue pen. Likely used at Tucker School / District No. 4 in Greene Township. 2018-20-19 (Book) image
50 2018-20-2 Book The Open Highway Reader, Book 4 guidebook, written by Marion Monroe, Helen M. Robinson, A. Sterl Artley, William A. Jenkins, and Ira E. Aaron. Published in 1965. Has 'Ruth Goodman, 1968' written in red pencil on inside cover. 479 pages.