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1 00.39.25 Card,commemorative "In Appreciation, Emmet J. Cable, a gift has been made to the Teacher Appreciation Fund of the Iowa State Education Association in your honor." etc. "Book of Memories...Salisbury House". 00.39.25 (Card,commemorative) image
2 00.39.27 Magazine "The Alumnus", 1940. ISTC. Dedicated to the memory of Dr. O. R. Latham, third president. Color: BK,WH 00.39.27 (Magazine) image
3 00.39.33 Program MacBride, Thomas Huston (President of the State Univesity of Iowa), "The Teacher and the State," address before the graduating classes of the Iowa State Teachers College, June 9th,, 1914, Supplement to Bulletin, Volume XV, Number 1. ISTC. 00.39.33 (Program) image
4 00.39.38 Card, souvenir "Bartlett Hall Public Opening", Dec. 10, 1924. ISTC. Color: ML 00.39.38 (Card, souvenir) image
5 1968.24 Program Spring Commencement, UNI. Color: BK,TN 1968.24 (Program) image
6 1972.12 Program Spring, June 4, 1971. UNI Commencement. White pages with black lettering. 51 pages. Color: WH,BK 1972.12 (Program) image
7 1972.13 Program Eighty-Eighth Annual reunion for alumni and faculty of UNI, Cedar Falls, May 30, 1971. White with black lettering; small picture of campanile on front. Color: WH, BK 1972.13 (Program) image
8 1972.26 Chip, wood From UNI Founder's Elm. Mounted on a piece of parchment-like paper with a descriptive text. Color: EXCE 1972.26 (Chip, wood) image
9 1972.30.3 Leaflet Group photograph of alumni who graduated fifty or more years ago (1890 or before) and who attended the annual Alumni-Faculty Reunion dinner, June 2, The names and years of graduation of the individuals are given below the picture. Mrs. Carrie Hickman Cowan, '90 is included. On the reverse side is part of an article about the reunion. ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1972.30.3 (Leaflet) image
10 1972.4.1 Program "Tutor Ticklers of 1930". ISTC Auditorium, February 13, 14 at 8:15 P. M. Color: BK,WH 1972.4.1 (Program) image
11 1972.4.2 Magazine "The Alumnus of Iowa State Teachers College" Seerley Memorial Edition. April, 1933. ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1972.4.2 (Magazine) image
12 1972.9.1 Program Testimonial Dinner for Dr. J. W. Maucker, President of UNI,1950-1970, University Union, April 30, 1970. Color: YL,BK 1972.9.1 (Program) image
13 1973.19.3 Music, sheet Words to Cap and gown song. Written in ink at bottom: " B.A's sang this song the morning that they lead the chapel exercises." ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1973.19.3 (Music, sheet) image
14 1973.19.5 Program ISTC commencement exercises program. 1973.19.5 (Program) image
15 1973.33.19 Card Two cards, each with the listing of the members of the class of 1916. Black print. 38 names. a. b. ISTC. 1973.33.19 (Card) image
16 1973.51.46 Announcement, graduation For the Senior Class of ISTC on Friday, May 28th to Tuesday, June 1st, 1920, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Book contains eight pages, one protector sheet for 1st page and is bound in leather cover. Cover has four holes punched on left hand side and leather strip is laced through all layers of book, to bind the book shut. On front cover is pressed the college emblem and the date, 1920. 1973.51.46 (Announcement, graduation) image
17 1973.51.47 Bulletin ISTC. The Alumni Register. Volume XXIX, Number 3, July 1928. Book contains 168 pages. Cover is plain yellowish colored paper with black printing. a. 4-page list of class of 1913 "For Whom We Have Addresses". Color: YL,BK 1973.51.47 (Bulletin) image
18 1974.7 Program For ISTC Commencement. 1974.7 (Program) image
19 1974.9.2 Menu Alumni breakfast; ISTC Monday, May 30, 1921. 1974.9.2 (Menu) image
20 1974.9.3 Speech ISTC Baccalaureate; Sunday, May 29, 1921. 10 pages. Color: BK,WH 1974.9.3 (Speech) image
21 1974.9.4 Program Graduation of second section, class of 1921, ISTC. 6 pages. In an envelope. Color: BK,WH 1974.9.4 (Program) image
22 1976.24.7 Napkin Purple lettering on white, "UNI, 1876-1976". Color: WH,PR 1976.24.7 (Napkin) image
23 1976.35.2 Coaster "Panther Lounge 'IT'S NICE TO HAVE YOU HERE'" in purple at top and "'Home of the Dome' CEDAR FALLS, IOWA" in purple at bottom. In center is a purple and gold drawing of the UNI-Dome with a smiling panther in a sweat suit walking on his hind legs on top of dome. All on white background. Color: WH,PR,GD 1976.35.2 (Coaster) image
24 1976.68.2 Magazine "The Hokum". ISTC Magazine. Homecoming number. volume 1, Number 1, October 24, 1925. Color: YL,BK 1976.68.2 (Magazine) image
25 1976.68.3 Magazine "The Hokum". ISTC Magazine. Winter number. volume 1, Number 2, February, 1926. Color: BK,WH 1976.68.3 (Magazine) image
26 1976.68.9 Program Opening Recital Campanile Chimes, Sunday, September 19, 1926, Campanile, ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Permanently attached card with picture of President Seerley and facts about the college. Color: BK,WH 1976.68.9 (Program) image
27 1976.69.4 Card, information Department of Education, ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Gives information on the faculty and school. Color: BK,WH 1976.69.4 (Card, information) image
28 1976.72.1 Program For alumni breakfast, ISTC, June 4, 1928, 8:00 a.m. White cover with gold lettering. Color: WH,GD 1976.72.1 (Program) image
29 1976.73.10 Program ISTC, Iowa Asociation of Secondary School Principals, Conference on the Teaching of Secondary School Subjects. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.10 (Program) image
30 1976.73.11 Program Conference for classroom Teachers in elementary and rural schools. Saturday, April 25th, 1942. ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.11 (Program) image
31 1976.73.12 Program Conference on the Teaching of Secondary School Subjects. Friday and Saturday, April 24-25, 1942. Conference Theme: Education in Wartime. ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.12 (Program) image
32 1976.74.1 Program Centennial Commencement, 1876-1976. UNI Spring Commencement, May 15, 1976. Gold background with purple lettering. Color: GD,PR 1976.74.1 (Program) image
33 1976.87.11 Card, museum Iowa State Normal School, Museum of Natural History card. On back is handwritten message "From Boulder, East of New Hartford". ISNS. Color: CR 1976.87.11 (Card, museum) image
34 1976.95.3 Sticker Gummed seal, ISTC. Round, with purple letters and circles printed on gold background. Iowa State Teachers College seal is in the middle. Made of stong paper. Color: PR,GD 1976.95.3 (Sticker) image
35 1976.98.10 Program ISTC commencement program for First Section, Class of 1928 (Fifty-Second year). To be held in college auditorium on March 12, 1928 at 7:15 p.m. Color: BK,WH 1976.98.10 (Program) image
36 1976.98.12 Program Two parts. a. "The Revelers", Something New in Music". ISTC February 7, 1928 to be held in the Auditorium. This item is a four page pamphlet telling a little bit of the history of "The Revelers" and also listing the records made by "The Revelers" and appearing under the Victor label. b. ISTC "The Revelers", Famous Victor and Radio artist, presenting a program to be held in the College Auditorium on February 7, 1928 at 8;15 p.m. This is a program of the concert. Color: BK,WH 1976.98.12 (Program) image
37 1976.98.13 Program "Will Rogers, America's Greatest Humorist" program. "Auspices Waterloo Y's Men's Club". This pamphlet is a two page document that deals with the presentation to be given in the ISTC Gymnasium , Cedar Falls, Iowa on February 24th at 8:15 p.m. And tells of Will Rogers' history and how he became famous. Mr. Rogers picture is on the front page. No year was given for the program. Color: WH,BK 1976.98.13 (Program) image
38 1976.98.3 Program Homecoming, 1926, ISTC. Advertisements are the major feature in the program. There are two photos, one of "Capt. Harry Macon" and the other of "1926 Tutor Football Squad 1927". Color: WH,BK 1976.98.3 (Program) image
39 1976.98.6 Program ISTC. "Thomas Wilfred in a Clavilux Recital". "With this instrument that has made possible the use of light as a Fine Art through the control of form, color and Motion". Recital program that was given on February 5, 1926. Color: BK,WH 1976.98.6 (Program) image
40 1976.98.7 Program ISTC presents "The Coffee Miller Players in She Stoops to Conquer" by Oliver Goldsmith. Program of performance to be held on Saturday, February 19, 1927 at 8:15 p.m. This program was to be held in the college auditorium. Color: BK,WH 1976.98.7 (Program) image
41 1976.98.8 Program ISTC presents "The Coffee Miller Players in Love in Livery, a comedy by Marivaux. Program of performance to be held on Friday, February 18, 1927 at 8:15 p.m. This program was to be held in the college auditorium. Color: BK,WH 1976.98.8 (Program) image
42 1976.98.9 Program ISTC "Icebound; A Drama in Three Acts by Owen Davis". Presented by Iowa Beta Chapter of Theta Alpha Phi. Program of performance to be presented Octover 21, 1927 in the college auditorium. Color: BK,WH Theta Alpha Phi is an honorary dramatic fraternity that seeks to promote interest in the dramatic arts and foster a love for the arts. The group was established on the campus in 1923 and was formally recognized as the Beta Iowa chapter. The group still exists to the present day and has consistently produced theater productions and held events on campus for nearly 100 years. 1976.98.9 (Program) image
43 1977.37.1 Program UNI Commencement. Gold stock paper, with 40 pages of graduation information. Bears the University seal, as well as the date, "May 14, 1977" on the front cover. Color: GD,PR 1977.37.1 (Program) image
44 1977.60.10 Booklet Announcing "The New Proposed Uni-Dome Multi-purpose Coliseum...and Auditorium-Union." Black cover picturing the UNI Dome and Auditorium complex. Color: BK,WH
45 1977.60.9 Magazine ''SIGNATURE''; UNI Student magazine, Winter of 1976. Contains student poetry, music and stories. Color: GD,RD 1977.60.9 (Magazine) image
46 1978.32.4 Program Four parts. a. "ISTC, Class Day Program, Saturday, May 30, 1925." Lists the agenda and persons involved. b. "Graduating Exercises", program, "Iowa State Teachers College, Forty-Ninth Commencement, Graduating Exercises, Tuesday Morning, June 2, 1925". Lists the day's agenda and those persons involved. c. "Spring Term Commencement", program "June 2, 1925." Booklet, containing 8 pages of names of graduating students, and their achieved degree or award. "Iowa State Techers College, Spring Term Commencment, Graduation of Second Section Class of 1925". d. "Class Poem, 1925 Iowa State Techers College". Poem written by Margarette Ball Dickson and dedicated to President Seerley. Pictured at top of paper are author, campanile and President Seerley. Poem entitled, "The Heart of the Campanile". 1978.32.4 (Program) image
47 1978.35 Program Commencement, UNI, May 13, 1978. 39 pages. b. spring program Color: GD 1978.35 (Program) image
48 1978.45.2 Program UNI "Summer Commencement", "July 28, 1978", gold paper cover, lavender colored logo and lettering, fifteen pages. Color: GD,LV 1978.45.2 (Program) image
49 1979.25.1 Program "Spring Commencement"; gold paper cover, purple lettering, 47 pages. Color: GD,PR 1979.25.1 (Program) image
50 1979.43.1 Booklet "Let Our Students Do the Talking", pictorial study of UNI student life, with comments by students; black and white and color photographs, fourteen pages, paperbound. Color: BK,WH 1979.43.1 (Booklet) image