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1 00.39.32 Magazine "Bulletin of the State Normal School". II, 2, pp. 1-217. October. "State Normal Manual for Public School Teachers." by Wilbur H. Bender, Ph.B., Supervisor, Advanced Training Department, Iowa State Normal School, Cedar Falls, Iowa. 217 pp. Illustrated with b/w photos & engravings. Subject matter consists of lessons given in the Training Dept. by the Supervisor of the Advanced Grades. Gray cover paper with black typeset print. Paperback, Color: GY,BK
2 00.39.34 Bulletin "Bulletin of the Iowa State Teacher College Extension Division"  Blue construction paper for a cover Volume XIX, Number Three from April, 1919. 00.39.34 (Bulletin) image
3 00.39.35 Bulletin "Bulletin of the Iowa State Teachers College, Extension Division, The Teaching of Citizenship"  Volume XXI, Number Four with a brown construction paper cover from December of 1920. 00.39.35 (Bulletin) image
4 1965.34 Card, registration ISTC. 1965.34 (Card, registration) image
5 1971.4.6 Placecard For Mr. Frank Mimocks from 25th Reunion 1890-1915. Tied at end with purple and gold ribbon. Has signed photo of Homer H. Seerley on the back. Color: BK,WH 1971.4.6 (Placecard) image
6 1972.54.2 Bulletin "The Library." Volume XVIII, number III, issued quarterly and dated June, 1927. Published by ISTC. Contains floor plans of the library & a description of various murals & some of the museum displays. Color: TN,BR,WH 1972.54.2 (Bulletin) image
7 1973.19.23 Card, membership ISTC Booster card folded to make 4 pages. Gold-colored cardboard with drawing of two football players on front. Card opens up to reveal fight songs and yells. On front with football players is "Who-ra! who-ree! right there are we, Who'll win--you'll see I. S. T. C." Compliments of Cross & Company. 1973.19.23 (Card, membership) image
8 1973.25 Bookmark Yellow with black printing. Color: YL,BK 1973.25 (Bookmark) image
9 1973.46.8 Sticker 1972-73 UNI parking permit "B" sticker. Under large B is the number 1900. black print on clear sticky paper. Sticky paper protected with covering sheet of clear paper. Color: WH,BK 1973.46.8 (Sticker) image
10 1973.6 Ticket White with black lettering, with number 3. It was good for C 280 on the main floor of the auditorium. ISTC. Color: WH,BK 1973.6 (Ticket) image
11 1973.66.2 Booklet "Iowa State Teachers College Bulletin", May 1919. Volume XIX. #4. Issued quarterly. Contains photos of ISTC. Contains a map of the campus and on the last page is a list of facts concerning the Teachers College. Back cover says "DAILY RECORD PRINT CEDAR FALLS, IOWA." Color: GY,BK 1973.66.2 (Booklet) image
12 1975.19 Catalog Bulletin of the Iowa State Teachers College, 1950-51, vol. LII, No. 1, January 1951. 183 pp. Maps. Information regarding ISTC enrollment. A fold out map of campus is located in the back cover. White, soft cover with red ink on it and on the spine. "Miss Betty Lou Niemeir" is printed at the top of the catalog and is written beside the word "Bulletin". b. single white sheet of paper with a map of campus. Buildings arenumbered and names of buildings are below the map. Color: WH,RD 1975.19 (Catalog) image
13 1975.30 Directory, telephone 1924-25 for ISTC; students and faculty. Light tan with black lettering and trim. Color: TN,BK
14 1976.68.10 Card Shaped like a bell, gold ribbon attached, stating "Wear this on August 13th Only", then a picture of Seerley and his name printed below. On reverse side printing says "I have helped buy The President's Bell" with picture of the bell. ISTC. Color: WH,GD,PR 1976.68.10 (Card) image
15 1976.68.4 Booklet "The Students' Handbook of Iowa State Teachers College. 64 pages. Published by Student Council. 1925-26. Color: BK,WH 1976.68.4 (Booklet) image
16 1976.69.2 Coupon ISTC, Fridays, Book of coupons for chapel attendance, Spring term 1928. 1976.69.2 (Coupon) image
17 1976.69.6 Receipt ISTC, Dec. 1, 1926. $16.00 tuition per year. Color: BK,WH 1976.69.6 (Receipt) image
18 1976.69.7 Letter Sent to donor in regards to Forensic League meeting, ISTC, by W. W. Brindley, Professor of Public Speaking. Dated October 1, 1927. Color: PR,WH 1976.69.7 (Letter) image
19 1976.73.4 Booklet "Bulletin of the State Normal School". Vol. 1 October, Number 2. Issued quarterly, published by ISNS. Tan cover with black letters. Color: TN,BK 1976.73.4 (Booklet) image
20 1976.73.5 Booklet "Bulletin of the State Normal School". July 1906, Vol VII, Number 2. Issued quarterly, published by ISNS. 48 pp. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.5 (Booklet) image
21 1976.73.6 Booklet "Bulletin of the State Normal School". July 1906, Vol. VII, Number 2. Issued quarterly, published by ISNS. 48 pp. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.6 (Booklet) image
22 1976.73.7 Program ISNS Program Of the Recitations for the School Year, 1908-09. Supplement No. 2, Bulletin IX, No. 1. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.7 (Program) image
23 1976.73.9 Booklet "Student Life", ISTC. (A pictorial story of four years of student life). Gold cover with black lettering. Volume 33, Number 3, June 1932. 32 pp. Color: GD,BK 1976.73.9 (Booklet) image
24 1976.87.7 Notebook Miniature sample "500" notebook, compliments College Store, Inc., Cedar Falls, Iowa. Cardboard cover of yellow with green trim. 80 sheets. Color: YL,GR 1976.87.7 (Notebook) image
25 1976.95.1 Card, registration Of Kenneth Stolze. Registration for Mr. Stolze for Spring semester 1927. ISTC. Color: BK,CR 1976.95.1 (Card, registration) image
26 1976.98.2 Tag, identification "Welcome Homecomers" tag. ISTC homecoming tag, made of cardboard. Purple with "Welcome Homecomers" on one side, in gold letters, and "Beat Buena Vista" on the other side, also in gold letters. At the top of the tag is a hole and through the hole is a gold string. Color: PR,GD 1976.98.2 (Tag, identification) image
27 1976.98.4 Booklet "ISTC Lecture and Entertainment course, Season 1927-28". This is a schedule of entertainment in the Men's Gymnasium from October 17 through the second week in May. Prices are quoted as are time and dates for the performances. Color: WH,BK
28 1976.98.5 Program "Motion Picture Program - Fall Term, 1927, ISTC" Motion Picture shows from September 17 through December 3 on Saturdays. Shows began at 6:15 and 8:15 p.m. each Saturday evening. Admission for students was by activity ticket and adults cost 20 cents and children ten cents. Color: WH,BK
29 1977.60.8 Program UNI. "Bicentennial-Centennial" Semester program. The Spring, 1976 program announces the many events proposed in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the University and the 200th Birthday of Our Nation. Color: RD,WH,BL 1977.60.8 (Program) image
30 1978.32.5 Letter Hand printed, to Mrs. Wynegar from Herbert V. Hake, dated 3/26/70. White paper, with drawing of Herb Hake in upper left corner. Note advises Mrs. Wynegar of dates and time of radio broadcast she had recorded with Mr. Hake. Note signed: "Herbert V. Hake". Color: BK,WH 1978.32.5 (Letter) image
31 1978.43 Magazine "ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Bulletin, Supplement to Vol. XIV, No. 4., April 1914, Issued quarterly". 32 p. of photos showing I. S. T. C. campus. Color: GR 1978.43 (Magazine) image
32 1978.5.1 Bulletin April, 1910" Contains 24 pages of ISTC campus photographs. Color: BR WT BK 1978.5.1 (Bulletin) image
33 1979.46 Magazine "A Book of Views'', Volume 37, No. 3, June, 1937; twenty-eight (28) pages, black and white photographs concerning the programs and acitivities at the college, paper cover illustrated with photograph of campanile at dusk. Color: BK,WH 1979.46 (Magazine) image
34 1979.48.11 Magazine "Bulletin of the ISTC'': General Information; October, 1952 Cedar Falls, Iowa, Vol. LIII, No. 4; campus photos on front; 24 p. of b. & white photos and general information. Color: GR,WH 1979.48.11 (Magazine) image
35 1979.48.3 Magazine "Bulletin of the ISTC'': Training the Commercial Teacher of Tomorrow: Volume XLII, No. 4, April 1, 1941; blue and photo illustrated paper cover; 20 pages of photographs and printed information. Color: BL 1979.48.3 (Magazine) image
36 1979.48.6 Magazine "Bulletin of the ISTC'' General Information; Vol. L No. 4, October, 1949; white paper cover; twenty-four (24) pages of black and white photographs and printed information. Color: BK,WH 1979.48.6 (Magazine) image
37 1979.48.8 Booklet "A Future for You, Stimulating Creative Expression: Art Education, ISTC.. Cedar Falls, Iowa; Vol. 37, No. 4, part I, Oct. 1936; photo of art student painting on cover; 16 p. of b & w photos information. Color: BK,WH 1979.48.8 (Booklet) image
38 1980.25.20 Letter Single page, from "IOWA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. HOMER H. SEERLEY, PRESIDENT", "OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF FACTS CONCERNING THE QUALIFICATIONS OF PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS"; dated, "Cedar Falls, Iowa, Mar. 29, 1901." addressed, "To the School Board, Boone, Iowa."; letter concerns the character, scholarship, training, and experience of Miss Hilma Peterson; signed, "H. H. SEERLEY, Prest." Color: GR,BK
39 1980.36.4 Ribbon Purple and gold striped satin material; black inked inscription, "Not Dead by a Long Shot", referring to a statement made by President Homer Seerley concerning the future of Iowa State Teachers College (accompanying letter); worn by ISTC students. Color: PR,GD,BK 1980.36.4 (Ribbon) image
40 1981.20.1 Schedule For ISTC. Dated "Sep 12 1917", made out to Amanda Rummells, Junior college course. Hole on bottom of card; registered for six (6) courses. 1981.20.1 (Schedule) image
41 1981.20.2 Receipt For ISTC. "Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa No. 312, Sep 12 1917, $5.00" made out to Amanda E. Rummells, tuition fee for fall term, stamped, "Paid, Iowa State Teachers College".
42 1986.4.532 Clipping, Newspaper Nov. 7, 1920; teachers take airplane ride. 1986.4.532 (Clipping, Newspaper) image
43 1986.5 Booklet ISNS, July, 1906, Vol. VII, No. 2. Color: BK,WH 1986.5 (Booklet) image
44 1989.33.2 Constitution ISTC. "Preamble, Constitution and By-Laws of the Eulalian Literary Society". 1989.33.2 (Constitution) image
45 1989.43.806 Book "Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice,'' 87 pp. Color: RD,WH 1989.43.806 (Book) image
46 1990.36 Booklet ''UNI Student Guide booklet for 1971-1972''. The back cover has UNI 2 cents postage markings along the bound edge. 98 pp. Color: YL-GR,WH 1990.36 (Booklet) image
47 1991.18.2 Statement, absence Notes that Elizabeth Fay Hart was absent from classes on April 5, 1922 due to illness. Color: BK,WH 1991.18.2 (Statement, absence) image
48 1991.18.4 Clipping, newspaper From The College Eye, August, 1922. Titled "Alpha Still Leads", the article duscusses the Alpha Literary Society and includes a poem written by the conor, then Society President, for Society Day, Spring, 1922. Color: CR,BK
49 1993.5.10 Booklet "Our Dorm" (Bartlett Hall). Paper & construction paper. 1932-1933. 14 pp. Color: BK,BL 1993.5.10 (Booklet) image
50 1993.5.11 Coupon ISTC. Booklet; for meals in Bartlett Hall. Valid only for Bartlett Hall. Signed "E. Vaughn", #700.There are still 4 1 cent lunch coupons left. The pink and yellow have been used up. 1993.5.11 (Coupon) image