Children's Textile Box 20

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1973.43.116 Dress Girl's; red and black plaid wool. Lined with flannel. Long sleeves, buttoned down back with four buttons. Gathered skirt. Color: RD,BK 1973.43.116 (Dress) image
2 1973.43.117 Dress Girl's. Lined. Two ruffles on skirt. Blue round neck. Button down back with six buttons covered in blue material. Flared skirt. Long sleeves. Color: PR-BR,BL 1973.43.117 (Dress) image
3 1978.32.7 Dress Child's. Baby dress, white silk material, lace collar and hem, puff sleeves, off-white color. Color: WH 1978.32.7 (Dress) image
4 1991.11.117 Stocking a-b. White cotton children's stockings. Mid-length. Complete pair. WHITE
5 1991.11.118 Stocking a-b. White children's stockings. Mid-length. Complete pair. White
6 1991.11.119 Stocking a-b. Cream children's stockings. Mid-length. Complete pair. Cream
7 1991.11.120 Stocking a-b. White children's stockings. Tall. Complete pair. White
8 1991.11.121 Stocking a-b. Cream children's stockings. Complete pair. Tall. CREAM
9 1991.11.122 Sock Yellow children's sock. Single sock. Yellow
10 1991.11.123 Sock Single children's sock. White. Ribbing up the length of the sock. White
11 1991.11.124 Sock Single children's sock. Pink with white detail at the top of the sock. Pink, white.
12 1991.11.125 Bonnet Long wool children's bonnet. White wool, looks almost like fur. Trapezoid shaped with two pieces of same material coming down from the ends, presumably to tie hat on. Linen insides. WHITE
13 1991.11.126 Hat Navy blue hat with bill. Appears to be knit. Blue wool outside and cream linen inside. Blue
14 UNIM1986.14.1982.5.46 Dress Girl's special-occasion dress of net cotton gauze. Round neckline with three rows of self-fabric 3/4'' wide. Three snap closures at left shoulder seam and underarm and down 8 1/2'' on skirt. Skirt 36'' long, five rows of 2'' wide ruffles starting 24'' below waist. Ruffles made of dress fabric. Puff sleeves with three horixzontal tucks. Cathered with 3/4'' ruffle of dress fabric. Short sleeve. 1/4'' ruffle around waist of dress fabric. Color: WH
15 UNIM1988.11.308 Bonnet Child's faux fur bonnet. Bonnet has box pleat ruffle 3/4" wide all around bonnet. Braid is around edges of bonnet and lining. 18" long ties of same satin as ruffle. 3" diameter at back of head with bonnet pleated around it for fullness for head. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
16 UNIM1989.9.42 Shoe Toddler's; boot-style. Top is 5" high; sewn to leather sole. Rayon bow for decoration only. Could be worn on either foot, but only one shoe. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
17 UNIM1994.14.153 Sock Toddler athletic style socks (a & b), white with blue stripes on ribbed top. Elastic in ribbing. Color: WH, BL