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1 1979.0053 Booklet "Homecoming-Reunion", pamphlet, gold folded paper, purple lettering, "Fall into Fantasy, Homecoming-Reunion Weekend 1979, Honoring the classes of 1919, 1929, 1939, and 1954 UNI, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Celebrating the 100th Birthday of the UNI Alumni association 1879-1979"; pamphlet lists the Homecoming activities for the weekend of October 5-7, 1979. Color: GD,PR
2 1980.20.0045 Handbill Large sheet folded to form pages. Front of folded brochure has written in green on left-hand side "Re-Elect President Jimmy Carter." There is a black and white photo 2 15/16" x 1 5/8" tall of Jimmy Carter shaking hands with a crowd in front of a banner stating "Welcome Back to Iowa President Carter." On right-hand side of photo is written in green "Vote in your local precinct caucus Jan. 21." Brochure opens to 4 statements in bold green caps along with 4 pictures of Jimmy Carter and the American people. Fully opened brochure states reasons to re-elect Carter along with 5 quotes from various sources, on right side of brochure. Contains a mail-in stub to send with contributions to Carter/Mondale Presidential Committe, Inc. 424 10th Street, Suite 311, Des Moines, IA 50309. Inside there are 3 photos of the Carter Administration. Color: WH,BK,GR 1980.20.0045 (Handbill) image
3 1980.20.0046 Handbill Tri-fold. Front contains photo of Jimmy Carter 2 3/4" x 2". Below, in green ink, states "Re-elect President Carter: It's a Matter of Values." Inside brochure has 5 headings and 3 pictures. When fully opened top of paper reads in green ink "Not since the New Deal has any President compiled in so short a time, so comprehensive and enduring a record in both foreign and domestic policy." Bottom left corner holds picture of Walter Mondale. Bottom right corner contains stub asking for election donations. Back of booklet holds a picture 3 1/16" by 3 11/16" long of Jimmy Carter. Below picture is written propaganda on values. Written in green is "Re-elect President Carter. It's a matter of values." Color: WH,BK,GR 1980.20.0046 (Handbill) image
4 1980.20.0048 Postcard "I Support the President". Nov. 20, 1972. Appeal for campaign support for Pres. Jimmy Carter for re-election. Color: WH,GR 1980.20.0048 (Postcard) image
5 1980.25.0015 Program ISNS. Folded single paper; cover stamped, "Iowa State Normal School, Cedar Falls, Iowa, COMMENCEMENT CLASS OF 1901, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1901"; program lists courses completed, degrees conferred and certificates granted. Color: BK,WH 1980.25.0015 (Program) image
6 1980.45.0125 Pamphlet Iowa Democratic Party solicitation for voter registration; white paper, blue printed inscription, "1976 PEOPLE vs. PROFITEERS", star pattern design, inside printed "Register, educate, Vote; REV IT UP THIS YEAR"; supporting Congressman Ed Mezvinsky and Carter/Mondale; additional information on reverse. Color: WH,BL 1980.45.0125 (Pamphlet) image
7 1980.45.0166 Pamphlet Democratic Party Presidential Campaign; gray paper cover, photograph of Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale, captioned, "Vote Democratic--VOTE FOR JIMMY CARTER/WALTER MONDALE, Leaders, for a change."; information concerning elderly. Color: GY 1980.45.0166 (Pamphlet) image
8 1980.45.0168 Pamphlet Democratic Party Presidential campaign; white paper, black print; cover entitled, "VOTE FOR JIMMY CARTER DEMOCRAT FOR PRESIDENT.", photograph of Jimmy Carter; discusses various issues of campaign. Color: BK,WH 1980.45.0168 (Pamphlet) image
9 1980.45.0170 Pamphlet Democratic Party Presidential campaign; green and white paper cover entitled, "JIMMY CARTER & WALTER MONDALE, LEADERS, FOR A CHANGE.", "VOTE DEMOCRATIC NOVEMBER 2ND"; describes both candidates' background, and discusses various campaign issues; contains several photographs. Color: GR,WH 1980.45.0170 (Pamphlet) image
10 1980.45.0173 Pamphlet Democratic Party Presidential Campaign; green paper cover entitled "JIMMY CARTER, WHY THIS DEMOCRAT SHOULD BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.", photograph of Jimmy Carter; discusses issues, several photographs. Color: GR,BK,WH 1980.45.0173 (Pamphlet) image
11 1986.4.0402 Examination For final in Arithmetic. Color: BK,WH
12 1986.4.0541 Card, Valentine Three-D construction on front with woman, house, flower on paper lace; from Sarah. Color: ML 1986.4.0541 (Card, Valentine) image
13 1988.33.0095 Leaflet "Certificate of Award" for "Punctuality and Regularity of Attendance", dated the 19th day of March. Awarded to Julius Funnemark. Color: YL,BK,GD
14 1992.4.0017 Receipt State of Iowa tax receipt. Color: BK,WH 1992.4.0017 (Receipt) image
15 1992.4.0018 Receipt For taxes. Color: BK,WH 1992.4.0018 (Receipt) image
16 1993.24.220.0001 Envelope Used as a container for 1993.24.220.002 and 1993.24.220.003. Color: BK,WH
17 1993.24.221.0001 Envelope Used as a container for 1993.24.221.001-.006. Color: BK,WH
18 1993.5.0008 Program ISTC. "Bel Canto Glee Club Concert". April 26. Color: Bk,WH 1993.5.0008 (Program) image
19 1998.5.0004 Program Single sheet of paper folded in half. The outside cover has a blue flower design forming a border. Inside the border is written "Iowa State Normal School" in blue. Below the title is a landscape picture of the Iowa State Normal School campus. Below the picture is written "Cedar Falls, Iowa" in blue. There are three wavy blue lines underneath the city's name. "Baccalaureate Services" is written in blue and has a triangular shape on each side. Written in all capital letters is "CHAPEL HALL". Under Chapel Hall is written in small blue letters "Sunday, June 29th 1888 at 4 o'clock P. M." At the bottom are three wavy lines. The inside cover has two thin blue lines forming a border. Written all in blue is "Order of Exercise". Below is a list of the Order of Exercises for the Baccalaureate Services. The inside back cover has the same blue stripes as the inside front cover. In the middle is a poem entitled "If On A Quiet Sea". The back cover has two stripes of blue the same as the front cover. In the center is a small bird sitting in a bush. Color: CR,BL