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1 Booklet The Preacher's Assistant. Volume one, No. II, November, 1889. Advertisment for Miller Organ's on the back. (Booklet) image
2 1970.70.1 Newspaper ''The Christian Herald.'' No. 5; Feb. 3, 1852. Color: BK,WH
3 1970.70.3 Newspaper ''The Christian Herald.'' Vol. 15, No 19, May 11, 1892. Pages 289-302. Color: BK,TN
4 1970.70.4 Newspaper ''The Christian Herald'', Vol. 15, No 37, Sept. 14, 1935. pages 577-592. Color: BK,TN
5 2001.11.24 Booklet "Wonderful Story: A Christmas Service for Sunday Schools," by Haldor Lillenas and others. Contains songs and poems. 15 pp. "Julia Rosendaal" written on front cover. Color: BK,WH 2001.11.24 (Booklet) image
6 2001.11.26 Leaflet "Picture Story paper" Vol. LXX, No. 12 December, 1939, Part 4, December 29. Contains the short stories "Once in a Stable", "How Molly Felt Christmas Coming," "Day Before Christmas" and the song, "Silent Night, Holy Night". Editor Lucius H. Bugbee. Color: BK,WH 2001.11.26 (Leaflet) image
7 2004.17.100 Program Cover has drawing of Jesus in brown and yellow with "EASTER" written above in yellow. Inside ink is purple. Schedule of sermon on left page, "Announcements" on right. Back is blank. Color: WH,PR,YL.BK 2004.17.100 (Program) image
8 2016-24-7 Pamphlet "Concordia Lessons for Beginners" Pamphlet. Text and hymn printed on inside cover. Prayer with religious artwork on back cover. 2016-24-7 (Pamphlet) image