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1 1971.11.50 Decal Local - State - NEA. Color: BK,WH,RD 1971.11.50 (Decal) image
2 1975.4.127 Booklet "Yell book for Dows High School, 1917-1918''. Consists of cheers for athletic events. Put out by Boys Athletic Association. 1975.4.127 (Booklet) image
3 1975.4.128 Booklet "Dows High School yell book for 1921-1922''. Consists of cheers for athletic contests. Put out by Student Acitivity Club. 1975.4.128 (Booklet) image
4 1975.4.189 Announcement Meservey High School, Tuesday Evening, May 23, 1922. Baccalaureate Sermon May 21, 1922. Announcement for Esther Reeverts. 1975.4.189 (Announcement) image
5 1986.4.338 Program Freshman program "My 8th Grade May 11 - 1921" written on by hand. Color: WH,BK 1986.4.338 (Program) image
6 1986.4.339 Program Kallonian-Alethean Program, March 7, 1922, Dows High School. 1986.4.339 (Program) image
7 1986.4.340 Patch Triangle, "Alethean March 30, 1922.", has green string tied through punched hole on shortest side. 1986.4.340 (Patch) image
8 1986.4.522 Leaflet Orange High School Song, circa 1916. Typed in three verses on a 11" x 8.5" sheet. 1986.4.522 (Leaflet) image
9 1988.32.21 Card, flash Each card has a word printed on the front and a different word on the back. In the upper left hand corner of each card is a number and in the upper right hand corner is the word that appears on the reverse side. These cards have been arranged in sequential order. The first card in the group is "Mamma" and there are 24 cards. 1988.32.21 (Card, flash) image
10 1990.44.33 Magazine "Pitt Panther". Student published at the University of Pittsburg, Vol. XII, No. 2, November, 1926. Color: ML
11 1992.4.11 Card, greeting Picture card, "Reward of Merit" presented to Clarence Rhum by Hall. Color: ML 1992.4.11 (Card, greeting) image
12 1996.22.26 Stencil "Glass Wax Christmas Stencils - for decorating windows and mirrors". In the upper right hand corner it says "34 all new designs! 59c." a. Front cover. Shows a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes looking at a stencil Santa design. She is holding a Santa stencil in her right hand and a pink and yellow sponge in her left hand. The stencil design is on the window and a Christmas tree can be seen in the background and to the left. b. - k. Stencil sheets with 34 designs total on the 10 stencil sheets. Color: GR,WH,RD
13 1996.22.27 Stencil "Tree 24 holiday stencil designs". a. cover of package. Shows a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes next to a girl with brown hair and blue eyes looking at the stencil designs on the windows. The stencil designs on the window are all from Christmas. The sponge is missing from the front cover, but was on the left side of the front of the package. The back cover shows all the small designs that are included in the package. b. Stencil with designs. Folds open. 39 c written in black crayon. Color: RD,BL,TN,YL 1996.22.27 (Stencil) image
14 1997.8.18 Announcement Announcemnt of summer session in penmanship "For Supervisors and Teachers of Writing, Grade, High School and Commercial Teachers". Palmer Method School of Penmanship. Color: WH,BK
15 2001.11.32 Manuscript "The Story of the Shepards". Single typed sheet. Three holes punched along the side. "Earl" written in pencil in the left upper corner. Has handwritten (red) editing. Staple. Color: WH,BK
16 2004.17.162 Program Cover has drawing of woman dancing and playing flute at left. "THE/WATERLOO DRAMA LEAGUE/ Presents/ THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE/ By W. S. GILBERT and/ARTHUR SULLIVAN." Below is something crossed out in black marker. (2 lines.) Bottom: "EAST HIGH AUDITORIUM March 21, 1921." Black ink on brown paper. Color: GY,WH,BK 2004.17.162 (Program) image
17 2016-24-15 Booklet "Our Home" handmade booklet held together by 2 metal clasps. Pages have cut out pictures attached with adhesive. 2016-24-15 (Booklet) image
18 2016-24-16 Booklet "Birds" handmade booklet with two metal clasps. Cover had a drawing of a bird. Inside pages have sketches of birds and simple descriptions. 2016-24-16 (Booklet) image
19 2016-24-19C Drawing Paper with drawing of two geese on one side and random drawings on back. Found in pencil case 2016-24-19A; stored separately. 2016-24-19C (Drawing) image
20 2016-24-19T Drawing Drawing of a protractor on lined paper in crayon. Outline of pencil sharpener on back. Found in pencil case 2016-24-19A; stored separately. 2016-24-19T (Drawing) image
21 2016-24-19U Drawing Drawing of an apple on lined paper in crayon. Found in pencil case 2016-24-19A; stored separately. 2016-24-19U (Drawing) image
22 2016-24-21 Drawing Drawing depicting Mary and Jesus in a manger. Outline in pencil and colored with crayon. 2016-24-21 (Drawing) image
23 2016-24-26B Card Cut out story card from a Shredded Wheat Package. Description and picture depicting two boys from England. Picture is colored in with Crayon. 2016-24-26B (Card) image
24 2018-20-18 Card A folded card titled "A Remembrance at Close of School," with an image of several school children leaving a schoolhouse in an idyllic setting. A red ribbon is glued on the cover. Printed for Tucker School / District No. 4 in Greene Township, Iowa. Contains a list of students and school officials, several poems, and an unlabeled black and white photo of a class group. A note taped to the back reads, "This given to my students at Tucker School, 2nd & 3rd year of teaching, 1944-1946." 2018-20-18 (Card) image
25 2018-28-8 Booklet Fairview School District No. 2, Washington Township, Ringgold Co., Iowa, Sept 8-April 30, 1920, booklet of pupils' names.
26 2019-FIC-49 Souvenir Public School Souvenir given from Bennington Township, Black Hawk County, Iowa District Number 4 in 1914. Kathryn Burk is listed as the teacher.    2019-FIC-49 (Souvenir) image
27 2019-FIC-50 Certificate State of Iowa, Black Hawk County Certificate of Admission to High School. This document certifies that Ramona Kramer passed her examinations to enter high school and lists her grades in each section. This was issued on September 2, 1919.    2019-FIC-50 (Certificate) image
28 2019-FIC-51 Invitation Invitation to the East High School in Waterloo, Iowa to attend the 57 annual commencement. The event was held on June 5, 1923.   2019-FIC-51 (Invitation ) image
29 2020-2-1 Souvenir Paper souvenir from Waterman Township, Iowa - School District #2 in O'Brien County. This document is dated Aug 30, 1909-June 3, 1910 and lists the teacher as Isabel Shirk. Inside the list of 27 students are grouped in three and the back is signed by Johnie Thiessen.  2020-2-1 (Souvenir) image
30 2020-2-2 Souvenir Paper souvenir from Highland Towsnship, Iowa in O'Brien County, School District Number 8. The document is dated September 10, 1900-March 15, 1901 and lists Cora Gardner as the teacher with her photograph in the center.  2020-2-2 (Souvenir) image
31 2020-2-3 Souvenir Paper souvenir from dated 1907 from Omega Township, O'Brien County, School District #3. The document lists Miss Idad Brown as the teacher. Inside the document are 6  pages of images and limericks to aid the students for the upcoming year. The back cover shows a winder scene of a red barn.  2020-2-3 (Souvenir) image
32 2020-2-4 Card Paper card from Margaret Mann, County Superintendent of Schools for O'Brien County wishing the students a successful year.  2020-2-4 (Card) image
33 2020-FIC-119A Exam Examination of Central Grammer School, February 2d, 3d and 4th, 1880. Page 1 of 2
34 2020-FIC-119B Exam Examination of Central Grammer School, February 2d, 3d and 4th, 1880. Page 2 of 2
35 2021-1-114 Booklet The Weekly Reader for May 12-16, 1941, No. 34, Vol. XVIII. This Weekly Reader specifically was about "Animal Friends." Weekly Readers are children's newspapers sent to schools that include information about the world, while also providing instructional and learning opprotunities for children after they have read the main articles to help build reading comprehension. 
36 2021-1-232 Memory Book A blue 1941 memory book of Walford High School from the Junior-Senior Reception that belonged to Sylvia Brockschink. The book contains a list of faculty, seniors, and juniors, as well as autographs. It is held together with white string.
37 2021-1-233 Invitation "The Junior class of Walford High school requests the pleasure of your company at a reception in honor of the class of 1941 May tenth Five-thirty P.M. at the Commonwealth Tea Room." Written on blank piece of foldable paper. 
38 2021-1-234 Memory Book A red 1940 memory book of Walford High School from the Junior-Senior Reception that belonged to Sylvia Brockschink. The book contains a list of faculty, seniors, and juniors, as well as autographs. It is held together with yellow string.
39 2021-1-235 Invitation "The Junior Class of Walford High School requests the pleasure of your compnay at a Banquet and Theater Party in honor of the class of 1939. April twentieth Six P.M. at the Roosevelt Hotel. Came with a white envelope that had "Miss Brockschink" 
40 2021-1-236 Invitation An invitation in the shape of a boat wheel to the Junior-Senior Banquet on April 20, 1939. The inside has one side that has the menu and another with the program. 
41 2021-1-237 Invitation A note addressed from Beytan Waychoff: "Dear Miss Brochschink, You are the one who helped me through eighth grade and so therefore I have you to thank for being where I am. I would like very much if you could come to graduation. Betyan." 
42 2021-1-238 Invitation An invitation to the Class of 1940 Walford High School Commencement Exercises on May 22. The second page of the invitation includes the names of the class as well as the class motto: "Effort Brings Success" the class colors: "Maroon and Gold" and the class flower: "Sunkist Rose." This object came with an envelope to Miss Sylvia Brochschink"
43 2021-1-239 Envelope White envelope addressed to Miss Sylvia Brockschink in Norway, Iowa. In blue pen it is written: Graduation June R. Harrington May 22- 1940 7th + 8th grade pupil at Mound School. A stamp in black ink reads Norway Iowa May 10 3 PM 1940. 
44 2021-1-240 Program This program is black with a red border and white lettering. The program itself featured Toastmaster Howard Carry; School Bell by Vernon Dubishar; Readin', 'Ritin,' 'Rithmetic by Robert Erusha; Recess" by Bernice Probet; "teachers by June Lee; Pupils by Mrs. Donald; and Schools by Mr. Wilimek. The other side of this program contained a menu with the foods: fruit cocktail, black cherry mold, swiss steak, mashed potatoes, green peas, clover leaf rolls, jam, Seniors Delight, and coffee.
45 2021-1-241 Program Cover is white with embossed SENIORS 1940. Inside cover has 1940 in cut out slits which hold a card that reads June R. Harrington. Other side of card reads: This Graduating Class of Norway High School announces its Commencment Exercises Wednesday evening, May twenty=second Nineteen Hundred Forty eight o'clock High School Auditorium = Gymnasium.  There was an inserted card which reads: Class Motto Be the Best of Whatever You are. Class Colors Purple and Gold, Class Flower Lilac. Class Officers Howard John Stenbeck-President, Mary Jane Farrell-Vice President, Ivan Charles Bys-Secretary, Marvin Francis Brecht-Treasurer. Class Roll: Bernard Charles Brecht, Rose Burlton, Maxine Carroll, Everette John Frese, June Rosalyn Harrington, Aloise Bernice Holland, Evelyn Mary Holland, Jessie Arlene Holland, Rose Mary Houser, Norma Pearl Kepler, Kermit Edward Nolte, James Richard Pickart, Marilyn Jeanne Russel, Arthur William Schinker, Esther Catherine Schrader, Genevieve Eleanor Schulte, Marie E. Schulte, Walter Henry Uthoff, Paul Francis Wack. 
46 2021-1-26 Program Eldrige Christmas Entertainments Star in the East, A Christmas Pageant in Two Episodes, By Karin Sundelof-Asbrand.Copyright 1935. Cover is red and black with illustration of holly and a couple infront of a church and northern star wearing winter clothes. 
47 2021-1-30 Report Card School Report Card for Iowa County. Pupil is Sylvia Brockschink, District number 3. Township of Lenox. Year beginning August 29th 1927, ending April 27th 1928. Includes a flag pledge and colored illustration of flag on cover. 
48 2021-1-42A Paper A paper titled, "Loose-Leaf Lessons in Safety Education," which would have been accompanied by the poster "Watch for Turning Cars". Poster shows girl and boy holding hands on edge on street where a car is turning close to them. From the "facing and avoiding danger series" "Accidents Are Avoidable Alertness Avoids Accidents", Copyirght 1940. American Automobile Association Safety and Traffic Engineering Dept. The paper contained lesson ideas for teachers to give their students after showing them the poster about road safety.
49 2021-1-51A Paper "Loose-Leaf Lessons in Safety Education," paper sent out with "Practice your safety rules" poster, "Cumpla el reglamento de trafico, Cross only at corners, wait until way is clear, watch for turning cars, walk briskly across street.. not run, play away from traffic, skate in safe places, keep from between parked cars, walk facing traffic on rural roads" from the "Safety 'round the world series Cuba" Copyright 1940 American Automobile Assocation. Illustration is of mother in long yellow dress waving to girl and boy in yellow attire with background in Cuba. This instructional paper would have accompanied the poster so that teachers in rural schools could have information to teach students alongside the poster about safety on the road and with cars. 
50 2021-1-52A Paper "Loose-Leaf Lessons in Safety Education," paper sent out alongside the poster "Bicycle drivers- OBEY motor traffic rules" "Cyclistes conformez-vous au cod de la route" "Keep to right - Signal All Turns" poster from Safety 'round the world series France. Illustration of boy in striped red shirt riding a bicycle in front of policeman and Eiffel Tower. Copyright 1940 American Automobile Association. This paper contained lessons that a rural school teacher could have used alongside the poster to teach students about road safety.