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Catalog # Name Description
1 1972.30.12 Diploma Teaching diploma; July 2, 1900. Color: WH,BK
2 1980.25.6 Certificate, teaching "STATE OF IOWA CERTIFICATE"; presented to "Hilma Peterson"; dated, "July 1, 1901"; signed by "State Board of Educational Examiners"; State logo embossed gold foil seal in lower left corner. Certificate contained within brown cardboard and paper mailing tube; labeled, "State of Iowa Department of Public Instruction"; addressed to "Hilma Peterson, Dayton, Iowa, Webster County", postmarked, "Des Moines, Sept. 8".
3 1989.42.4 Certificate "Diploma of Honor" for "a perfect record of attendance and punctuality for Sixteen School Months". Color: WH,BK
4 1996.13.46 Booklet "Our ARMY ABC". Cover has U. S. soldier holding rifle & U.S. flag with bass drum in background. This is a book that teaches the alphabet. Each letter has a word and explanation associated with it, all associated with a military explanation. 11 pages, several in color. Color: ML
5 2020-FIC-119 Record Vinyl record of "The National Education Assocation presents "Education, Top Priority" This is a two sided large vinyl record of the interview with Dr. Wm. G Carr, NEA and Mrs. Newton P Leonard, National Congress of Parents and Teachers on one side and "Search for A Citizen" on the other. This record is still in the original carboard shipping material and was listed to be used during American Education Week, Novemeber 9-15.
6 2021-FIC-64 Certificate Certificate of Membership. "Be it known that the Board of Trustees have this Day Elected Mrs. Otto Steinkopff to a Life Membership in The National Body of FIRESIDE INDUSTRIES with all the rights and privleges appertaining thereto. In Witness Whereof, This tenth day of November A.D. 1924, we do affix our signatures, Gabirel Andre Petir-director, E.C. Pogart-Trustee." 
7 2021-FIC-65 Diploma Diploma. "This is to certify that Mrs. O. Steinkopff has Successfully Completed the Course of Fireside Industries, INC. and is therefore Entitled to this Diploma as Master Craftsman in the Applied Arts." Signed by Gabriel Andre Petir, Art Director.