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51 1978.3.0006 Agate Keswick agate.
52 1981.13.1.0001 Mortar Two parts. a. Mano. Many small holes on surface; one end flat, other end tapers and is curved. b. Metate. Three legs, curved surface on top. Speckled, with many small holes on the surface. Color: GY
53 1986.16.0005 Wood Uncut.
54 1986.16.0006 Septarian None
55 1986.16.0042 Calcite Nodule.
56 1989.36.0003 Quartz var.Chert Chert covered with druzy quartz.
57 1990.53.0137 Quartz var. Agate (Silica group) Water level agate.
58 1997.17.0011 Stretcher, back Curved framework composing 1/4 of a circle. A rubber-covered platform makes up front base. An elongated oval for a headboard. Frame work made up of 2 sets of diagonal cross-pieces extending from bottom foot to top near head, reinforced with two additonal pieces extending to curved portion of structure. Screws & stapes used to hold pieces together as well as jointed carpentry. Color: BR,BK
59 1997.17.0012 Scale, balance Rectangular standing pad. Iron inset with wood. Iron has in relief "BUFFALO SCALE CO." Iron base below has in relief "BUFFALO SCALE CO. BUFFALO N.Y." Wooden upright with iron and brass. Triple beam scale works mounted on top. Iron is painted black throughout. On tripe beam "BUFFALO SCALE CO./ Patented July 14th 1874/ Feb. 10. 80/ U.S.A." Scale is in kilos. Color: TN,BK
60 1998.25.0002 Rule, slide A giant slide rule. Made of 3 2x4s fastened together with wood and screws; center portion can be removed. U. S. Patent numbers 2,168,056, 2,170,144 2,285,722, 2,422,649, 2,500,460 and 2,534,695 are listed at the top, to the right, of the copyright date and company. 3 functions are listed in the top and bottom sections, and 4 functions in center section. Ruler marks are black. Most numbers are black, with some in top and center sections in red. Number of functions per section, ruler marks, and number colors are identical for the other side. Clear piece of platic with a black line down center is the slide - works for both sides. Metal hooks in topand bottom sections - hung from wall. Color: WH,BK,RD
61 1999.10.1A Dial Recorder International Dial Recorder time clock (model # 6300-2, serial # 643552AD).. When lever is depressed it presses a time stamp against the time sheet, an ink ribbon is between the two. Device was last patented in 1916.Donor removed item from ISTC business office (Old Administration Building)
62 1999.10.1B Dial Recorder Base International Dial Recorder time clock (model # 6300-2, serial # 643552AD) oak base with legs, matches rectangular dimensions of clock unit. Door in front with lock securing empty storage compartment.
63 1999.10.1C Dial Recorder Chuck International Dial Recorder time clock (model # 6300-2, serial # 643552AD) chuck for rewinding moving mechanical clock mechanism to beginning of week.
64 1999.10.1F Dial Recorder Service Report Receipt dated 8/27/43 for servicing equipment 1999.10.1A
65 1999.10.1G Dial Recorder Service Report Receipt dated 1/27/44 for servicing equipment 1999.10.1A
66 1999.10.1H Dial Recorder Service Report Receipt dated 1/8/1945 for servicing equipment 1999.10.1A
67 1999.10.1I Dial Recorder Service Report Receipt dated 3/19/1946 for servicing equipment 1999.10.1A
68 2010.12.0001 Desk, school School desk with attached bench seat (for next desk). Hole for ink well on right end of wooden top. Pencil groove on top back edge. Lip across back edge. Slot front for storage shelf. Light colored wood. Simple cast iron frame with no decoration. On the iron under seat - 1&2L 08 on one side, 1&2R 07 on other side. Adjustable height mechanism for desk top. Small rectangular slot on each side of iron just under top. Color: BK, BR
69 2014.2.0002 Booklet Public School Souvenir. U.S. flag at the top with image of George Washington. Printed on center front "Scott Public School, District No. 5, Scott Twp., Fayette Co., Iowa. Miss Teresa Collins, Teacher. Belle Thorpe, Co. Supt." Lower front has image of Independence Hall on drawing of Liberty Bell. Contains note to "My Dear Pupil" and poem titled "School Days." Color: CR, RD, BL, BR