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1 00.31.38 Letter Discusses shingle, #00.31.039. Color: BK,WH 00.31.38 (Letter) image
2 Document Older copy of the Declaration of Independence.
3 Document Marriage certificate dated Sept. 13, 1855; Mr. Wm. Rivenburg & Miss Eliza J. Crossbey at Oswego Cy. N.Y. All handwritten in ink on an ordinary piece of paper. (Document) image
4 Map Black Hawk County; bicentennial historical information.
5 1970.17.24 Booklet "Automobile Owner's Guide and Chauffeur's Manual''; John J. McKenna, 1919. 25 cents. Color: BK,WH 1970.17.24 (Booklet) image
6 1970.17.5 Book Accounting book with wage table for 1879-1880. Cover is mottled green and black. Inside pages are missing 1970.17.5 (Book) image
7 1970. Handbill For John Deere 2 cylinder tractors. Color: BK,WH,RD
8 1971.11.45 Handbill "The Buffalo Restaurant". Color: BK,WH 1971.11.45 (Handbill) image
9 1971.27.1 Handbill "B. T. Rabbit's Best Soap". On back: "Home Game for the Family Circle". Color: YL,BK
10 1972.34.3 Ticket Ticket for World's Columbian Exposition Expressly for Chicago Day, October 9, 1893. The ticket number is 16065. A picture of Fort Dearborn, Chicago, 1833 is on the reverse side. Color: GR-GY 1972.34.3 (Ticket) image
11 1972.34.4 Ticket For World's Columbian Exposition Chicago 1st of May to 30th of October 1893. Has a human profile and is number 878883. Reverse side says "Good for one admission at pay gates." Reverse side is rust in color. Color: TN,GY-BK 1972.34.4 (Ticket) image
12 1972.4.4 Program "Iowa Centennial Celebration. Celebrating One Hundred Years of Iowa Statehood - From Fertile Prairie to Productive farmland - From Log Cabin Settlements to Teeming Cities. June 27-July 4, 1946." Color: BK,WH 1972.4.4 (Program) image
13 1972.44.1 Decal U. S. flag. Color: RD,WH,BL 1972.44.1 (Decal) image
14 1974.23.18 Photograph Illustration of first engine employed on a public railway. Printing on back. Color: BK,WH 1974.23.18 (Photograph) image
15 1975.16.24 Menu Flight from Los Angels to Hilo, Hawaii, 6/27/75. a. Menu. b. Card. Color: ML 1975.16.24 (Menu) image
16 1975.16.25 Menu Menu and menu card from San Francisco to Chicago. a. Menu. b. Card. c. Paper napkin from flight. Color: ML 1975.16.25 (Menu) image
17 1975.24 Bag Bicentennial. Color: TN,ML
18 1976.101 Envelope First National Bank. Cedar Falls, IA; Bicentennial. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.101 (Envelope) image
19 1976.102.3 Ticket "Admit one, Second Annual Opening of the Ritz-Carlton Tea Garden Thursday afternoon, February 5, 1925, 2:30-5:30. Under the Auditorium 15 cents." Dark brown type. Color: RD,GD 1976.102.3 (Ticket) image
20 1976.35.1 Sticker, bumper "Happy Birthday, U. S. " Bicentennial. Color: RD,WH,BL
21 1976.40.1 Bag "Shot heard round the world." Bicentennial. Color: TN,BL,WH
22 1976.40.2 Bag Black Hills. Bicentennial. Color: TN,RD,WH,BL
23 1976.40.3 Bag Paul Revere's ride. Bicentennial. Color: TN,RD,WH,BL
24 1976.40.4 Bag Bicentennial. Color: TN,RD,WH,BL
25 1976.40.5 Bag Liberty Bell. Bicentennial. Color: TN,RD,WH,BL
26 1976.40.6 Wrapper Bicentennial. Color: ML
27 1976.69.3 Ticket Twenty-Seventh Series of Regent Theatre Coupon Tickets. Color: PR,BK 1976.69.3 (Ticket) image
28 1976.78.2.2 Bag "Liberty" brand. Bicentennial. Color: RD,WH,BL
29 1976.98.11 Program "Branson DeCou and his Dream Pictures of Alpine wonderlands (Glorious Switzerland), A Musical Travelog Illustrated with Masterpieces of Art and Photography". This item is a four page program and advertisement for this presentation and other series by the Kendall Bureau, Inc. Chicago, Illinois. On the back page is and advertisment for ocean travel by Thos. Cook and Son of New York. Color: BK,WH 1976.98.11 (Program) image
30 1976.98.16 Handbill "Jean Gros' French marionettes present an Unparalleled Touring Repertoire of Huckleberry Finn, a play based on "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain" and two other plays "Uncle Wiggily by Howard R. Garis" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare". This is a two page program of these presentations. Color: WH,BK 1976.98.16 (Handbill) image
31 1976.99 Advertisement Coast to Coast (hardware store chain); "We're Celebrating America Coast to Coast"; 16 pages. Bicentennial. Color: ML
32 1977.17.1 Booklet Twenty-four pages. Bicentennial. Color: YL.BK,RD,GR Your Souvenir Guide Book to the American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration in Black Hawk County, Iowa. 1977.17.1 (Booklet) image
33 1977.17.3 Form, order Black Hawk County Bicentennial Medallion. Color: WH,BK,BL
34 1977.33.1 Envelope The Iowan. Bicentennial. Color: YL,BK,RD
35 1977.33.2 Envelope "Happy Birthday, America". Bicentennial. Nortwestern Bell Telephone Company. Mailing envelope for phone bill payment. Color: YL,BL 1977.33.2 (Envelope) image
36 1977.33.3 Envelope Bicentennial commemorative envelope of the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company with the inscription "The Telephone 1876-1976 - A Century of Service". Mailing envelope for payment of phone bill. Color: YL 1977.33.3 (Envelope) image
37 1977.60.14.29 Newspaper ''Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph'', July 4, 1976. Color: WH,BK
38 1977.60.6.2 Booklet "National Calendar of Bicentennial Events". Published by the "American Revolution Bicentennial Administration". Color: ML,BK,WH 1977.60.6.2 (Booklet) image
39 1977.71 Envelope "Let Freedom ring". Bicentennial. Color: WH,RD,BL 1977.71 (Envelope) image
40 1978.13.19 Coaster Sambo's Restaurant. Bicentennial. "American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976" paper coaster. Color: RD,WH,BL 1978.13.19 (Coaster) image
41 1978.51.10.4 Ticket Civil War period.
42 1979.26.0034 Newspaper ''The Stars and Stripes'', May 16, 1963. "The Stars and Stripes, Army, Navy, Air Force, Volume 22, Number 29, Thursday, May 16, 1963", headline, "To Cooper It's 'Super' As Orbit Follows Book", concerning the orbital space flight of Astronaut Gordon Cooper (575,000 miles around the earth in 22 orbits and 34 hours); black & white photograph of space lauch on first page; 24 pages. Color: BK,WH
43 1979.26.0035 Newspaper "The Stars and Stripes, Army, Navy, Air Force, Volume 22, Number 30, Friday, May 17, 1963", headline, "Capsule comment: 22.9 And Skidoo!", concerning the landing-splash down of Astronaut Gordon Cooper after a 22.9 orbit voyage around earth; black & white photographs of Mrs. Gordon Cooper, Sr. & Astronauts Walter M. Schirra and Donald K. Slayton on first page; 24 pages. Color: BK,WH
44 1979.26.0036 Newspaper ''The Stars and Stripes'', May 18, 1963. Color: BK,WH
45 1979.26.0037 Newspaper "The Stars and Stripes, Army, Navy, Air Force, Volume 22, Number 32, Sunday, May 19, 1963", headline, "Cooper to Get Hero's Welcome After Joining Family in Hawaii", concerning tribute to Astronaut Gordon Cooper; black & white photograph of Mrs. Cooper on first page; 24 pages. Color: BK,WH
46 1979.26.0039 Newspaper ''The NACom Chronicle'', Vol. XVIII, No. 18, Nov. 29, 1963, Northern Area Command; headline, "In Memory", black & white photograph of President John F. Kennedy on front cover; 8 pages. Color: BK,WH
47 1979.26.2 Envelope Commemorating the flight of Apollo 11; lettered, "One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind", in upper left corner. Colored drawing of "Apollo 11" insignia--eagle landing on moon; names of crewmen printed at bottom "Commander Neil A. Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, Lunar Module Pilot Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.". Color: ml 1979.26.2 (Envelope) image
48 1979.26.4 Booklet Booklet and pin. a. Booklet, "A Symbol of Pride", c. 1970, concerning the history of the Untied States flag. 12 pp, illus. b. Pin, plastic, with metal straight pin on back. Back stamped "Lewtan--U. S. A." Pin is on inside page of booklet. Color: RD,WH,BL 1979.26.4 (Booklet) image
49 1979.26.7 Booklet "Our Flag", cencerning history of the United States flag, published by the Government Prinint Office authorized by the committee on House Administration; 32 pages, illustrated; colored drawing of United States flag against blue-green sky on paper cover, back cover has drawing of servicemen; front & back cover of pamphlet stamped "Presented by VFW Post 9604". Color: ML 1979.26.7 (Booklet) image
50 1979.36.04 Ticket Stub; From coronation of Queen Elizabeth. 1979.36.04 (Ticket) image