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Catalog # Name Description
1 Carnotite Yellow coating.
2 Autunite Yellow flat crystals scattered on matrix.
3 Turquoise Massive; pale blue.
4 Apatite group (Fluor) Single, terminated yellow crystal.
5 Apatite group Pale green in matrix.
6 Apatite group None
7 Apatite group Massive.
8 Wavellite Two dissimilar specimens: 1 green, broken hemispheres on crystals; 1 white hemispheres coated with bright blue/green(?)
9 Apatite group None
10 Vanadinite In roscolite, canary yellow uranium.
11 1970.74.0044M Apatite group (Fluor) Yellow-green crystal pieces.
12 1970.74.0300M Apatite group Small dark green crystals scattered in matrix.
13 1970.74.0383M Carnotite Yellow coating.
14 1970.74.0391M Vanadinite Dark red brown crystals to 1/8" on matrix.
15 1970.74.0392M Erythrite On smalite.
16 1970.74.0669M Wavellite Shows radiated structure; white.
17 1970.74.0778M Turquoise Pale blue small veins in trychite tuff.
18 1970.74.0847M Apatite group Small dark green patch in matrix in matrix. (fluores. orange) (manganapatite)
19 1970.74.0909M Turquoise Veins and coatings of pale blue.
20 1970.74.0941M Pyromorphite Green crystals to 1/4" intertwined with matrix.
21 1970.74.0947M Mimetite White is calcite. Color: BR,WH
22 1970.74.1024M Apatite group Dark green blebs in feldspar.
23 1970.74.1158M Apatite group Dark green in feldspar matrix, fluorexcent (manganapatite)
24 1970.74.1426M Apatite group Massive dark green, manganapatire (?).
25 1970.74.1472M Apatite group Green apatite with red garnet, muscovite & quartz.
26 1970.74.1673M Apatite group Dark green apatite in orange calcite.
27 1987.3.0030 Turquoise Miniature; solid bright blue slice.
28 1990.53.0021 Apatite group None
29 1990.53.0046 Descloizite None
30 1990.53.0066 Mimetite Dark green drusy crystals on quartz.
31 1990.53.0099 Descloizite Brown crystal cluster coated with white smithsonite.
32 1990.53.0100 Vanadinite (endlichite) Dark brown, spiky crystals to 1/4" on matrix.
33 1990.53.0166 Turquoise Blue turquoise in matrix; soft, non gem grade.
34 1990.53.0168 Turquoise Tumbled, polished turquoise and quartz.
35 1990.53.0170 Turquoise Tumbled and polished; massive.
36 1990.53.0171 Turquoise None
37 1990.53.0181 Variscite Pale green coating.
38 1990.53.0184 Autunite Yellow, green crystal.
39 1990.53.0188 Vivianite Small crystal stellate group.
40 1990.53.0192 Vivianite Cluster of blue crystals. Color: BL, BR Vivianite image
41 1990.53.0245 Mimetite Pale green crystals to 1/8" on matrix; cuprite crystals on mimetite.
42 1990.53.0261 Pyromorphite Green drusy crystals on matrix.
43 1990.53.0280 Adamite Color: TN, YL, OR Adamite image
44 1990.53.0345 Autunite Yellow green crystals.
45 1990.53.0346 Autunite Greenish yellow crystals, crumbling.
46 1990.53.0375 Wavellite Dark green hemispheres on matrix.
47 1990.53.146.0008 Wavellite Green radiated structure, hemispheres in limestone matrix.
48 1994.33.0002 Wavellite Pale green on matrix of a grey siltstone. Proximal terminal crystal ends show a yellow-brown oxidation surface.
49 1995.36.0016 Pyromorphite Nice barrel-shaped crystals to 1/4" on matrix. Color: GR
50 1995.36.0030 Pyromorphite Coating of crystals on matrix. Color: GR