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Catalog # Name Description
1 Columbite (Tantalite group) This number has not been assigned a location in the catalog (number not found in catalog).
2 Goethite Color: BK
3 Goethite Dull, stalactitic. Color: BK
4 Hematite Crystals, 1/2" - 1/4", on matrix (after magnetite). Color: BK
5 Limonite One-half large concretion. Color: BR
6 Hematite Variety martite; shows octahedrons clearly. Color: BR
7 Hematite Botryoidal. Color: RD-BR
8 Limonite Fibrous.
9 Columbite (Tantalite group) Massive. Color: BK
10 Corundum var. Sapphire Broken crystals. Color: BL
11 Corundum Rounded (stream worn) rock. Color: TN
12 Corundum Massive, with magnetite known as emery. Color: GY
13 Corundum Massive with magnetite known as emery. Color: BK
14 Cuprite Massive, heavy; some malachite. Color: RD-BR
15 Franklinite Granules to 3/8" in matrix. Color: BK
16 Hematite Massive, specular. Color: GY
17 Cuprite Massive with thin malachite veins. Color: BR
18 Cuprite Massive, also known as Tile Ore (Dana); probably contains iron. Color: RD-BR
19 Cuprite Massive with malachite veins; earthy. Color: BR
20 Franklinite Franklinte and zincite granules with willemite. Color: BK
21 Franklinite Color: BK
22 Corundum None
23 Corundum Missing.
24 Corundum var. Ruby Opaque. Color: RD
25 Franklinite Blebs of franklinite, zincite and willemite to 1/4". Color: BK
26 Corundum var. Sapphire Broken crystals. Color: BL
27 Corundum Crystals.
28 Corundum None
29 Goethite Botryoidal. Color: BK
30 Hematite Oolitic. Color: RD
31 Hematite Massive. Color: GK
32 Hematite A well-known locality. Color: BK
33 Hematite Massive. Color: RD-BR
34 Hematite Crystals, 3/8" - 1/4", on matrix. Color: BK
35 Hematite Pasted on paper label (Wards or Foote) indicates Wlba as locale. Ia. State Teachers college label indicates Essex Co. NY. Color: BK
36 Hematite Earthy, greasy feel. Color: RD
37 Romanechite Botryoidal, broken balls show banding. Color: BK
38 Columbite (Tantalite group) Massive, heavy; small bit of feldspar and mica. Color: BK
39 Bixbyite Ferro-manganese bixleyite?
40 Corundum var. Ruby Rounded, to 1/4". Color: RD
41 Hematite Micaceous hematite showing banding. Color: GY
42 Magnetite Crystals.
43 Hematite Red massive with stalaglitic black columns. Color: RD-BK
44 Hematite Fossiliferous.
45 Hematite Dull, massive. Color: BR
46 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
47 Hematite Finely granular.
48 Hematite Massive with quartz. Color: RD-BR
49 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
50 Hematite Massive. Color: BK