Silicates (Tectosilicates)

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Catalog # Name Description
1 Quartz Granitoid quartz and mica.
2 Quartz Quartz porphyry, var. Microgranite.
3 Perthite (Feldspar group) Pethite, a microcline - albite - perthite. Also monoclinic.
4 Feldspar None
5 Quartz, amethyst None
6 Quartz, geode Fragment.
7 Quartz None
8 Quartz None
9 Feldspar Oligoclase.
10 Feldspar Oligoclase.
11 Quartz, geode Quartz geode lined with botryoidal chaldedony.
12 Quartz, geode Bitumen, bearing geode.
13 Quartz Quartz, geode. Peculiarly encrusted crystals.
14 Quartz Illustrative materials.
15 Quartz Geodes.
16 Heulandite None
17 Quartz Crystals.
18 Quartz Quartz, rock crystals.
19 Quartz Botryoidal. Inside of geode.
20 Quartz Iron, stained quartz crystals.
21 Quartz Geode.
22 Quartz, amethyst None
23 Orthoclase (Feldspar group) None
24 Quartz Quartz, pyrite, galenite?
25 Quartz var. Chert Translucent, known as "oriental topaz". Color: GD
26 Sodalite None
27 Feldspar Crystals.
28 Feldspar Orthoclase common feldspar.
29 Feldspar Albite feldspar.
30 Orthoclase, var. moonstone (Feldspar group) Cligoclase moonstone.
31 Orthoclase (Feldspar group) None
32 Stilbite None
33 Microcline (Feldspar Group) Var. Amazonite. Color: GR, TN Microcline (Feldspar Group) image
34 Microcline (Feldspar group) Var. Amazonite. Microcline (Feldspar group) image
35 Scapolite (Wernerite) Wernerite was the most common alternate name for the scapolite series, but now it has mostly disappeared from use. A few other names such as mizzonite and dipyre as well as marialite and meionite have been used as names for the entire scapolite series. Now scapolite is a name recognized by most every mineralogist and rock hound the world over.
36 Microcline (Feldspar group) Var. Amazonite.
37 Labradorite (Feldspar group) None
38 Stilbite None
39 Analcime (Feldspathoid group) None
40 Anorthite (Feldspar group) None
41 Natrolite None
42 Thomsonite None
43 Chabazite None
44 Quartz Quartz crystals on limestone.
45 Quartz Cellular--crystalline quartz.
46 Quartz Chalcedonic quartz with mammillated and botryoidal lining.
47 Quartz, geode Papillated surface.
48 Quartz Chalcedonic and crystal.
49 Quartz, geode None
50 Quartz Crystal on chalcedonic base.