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Catalog # Name Description
151 1970.74.0841M Gypsum Selenite crystal clusters.n.
152 1970.74.0844M Gypsum Var. selenite, clear, flat crystal.
153 1970.74.0850M Scheelite White granules and powder in baby food jar; fl. blue.
154 1970.74.0857M Gypsum Clear, massive; weathered translucent "rose".
155 1970.74.0861M Celestite Pale blue-gray massive.
156 1970.74.0891M Glauberite Crystal cluster.
157 1970.74.0928M Barite "Desert rose".
158 1970.74.0929M Gypsum Var. selenite; flat, clear crystal groups.
159 1970.74.0932M Gypsum Gray, weathered, translucent.
160 1970.74.0933M Celestite White, massive, celestite filling center of geode section, fl. rose.
161 1970.74.0935M Gypsum Selenite "roses".
162 1970.74.0937M Gypsum Var. selenite, crystal clusters, reddish brown, sand incorporated.
163 1970.74.0938M Gypsum Var. selenite, single "hour-glass" crystals.
164 1970.74.0951M Gypsum Var. selenite; clear "sheet".
165 1970.74.0981M Gypsum Polished pebble - "rattlesnake egg".
166 1970.74.0985M Barite "Barite walnuts".
167 1970.74.0986M Barite "Desert roses".
168 1970.74.0991M Gypsum Cluster of green crystals.
169 1970.74.1004M Hanksite Gray, botriodal.
170 1970.74.1060M Celestite Blue, crystalline mass.
171 1970.74.1064M Gypsum Var. selenite; clear cleavage fragments.
172 1970.74.1091M Gypsum var. Selenite Selenite crystal.
173 1970.74.1092M Gypsum var. Selenite Clear crystal.
174 1970.74.1134M Gypsum Var. alabaster, partially worked white & pink banded
175 1970.74.1142M Anhydrite Gray, massive. Pair of tabular crystals on matrix.
176 1970.74.1179M Gypsum Intertwined clear tabular crystals.
177 1970.74.1211M Barite Broken pieces.
178 1970.74.1214M Linarite Blue coating on quartz.
179 1970.74.1254M Gypsum var. Selenite Var. selenite; clear tannish cleavage fragments.
180 1970.74.1322M Gypsum Var. selenite, rough crystal clusters.
181 1970.74.1333M Gypsum var. Selenite Gray translucent crystals.
182 1970.74.1334M Gypsum var. Selenite Clear, gray crystals - selenite.
183 1970.74.1337M Gypsum var. Selenite Clear selenite crystal pieces.
184 1970.74.1363M Gypsum Gray, showing cleavage faces.
185 1970.74.1365M Glauberite Altering, single crystal.
186 1970.74.1382M Gypsum Gray-brown, striated seam filling.
187 1970.74.1388M Gypsum Selenite crystals, clear with gray inclusions.
188 1970.74.1389M Gypsum Blocky gray selenite crystals.
189 1970.74.1413M Gypsum var. Selenite Bum nodule.
190 1970.74.1419M Scheelite Massive, gray, fl. blue. Color: GY,BL
191 1970.74.1433M Gypsum Var. selenite, gray crystal clusters.
192 1970.74.1489M Gypsum Clear, cleavage fragments.
193 1970.74.1503M Gypsum Crystals on matrix with halite.
194 1970.74.1504M Gypsum White, rough, crystal cluster; pseudomorph after glauberite - Na2Ca(SO4)2
195 1970.74.1559M Gypsum Tannish clear cleavage fragment.
196 1970.74.1598M Scheelite White, massive.
197 1970.74.1601M Gypsum White, massive.
198 1970.74.1623M Gypsum Selenite cleavage fragment.
199 1970.74.1653M Gypsum var. Selenite None
200 1978.61.2.0001 Gypsum Var. selenite, crystal group.